How to Convince your Family Member It’s Time to Scrap Their Car

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It’s funny how sometimes certain things seem like they’re common sense while others have to be convinced to take action. This can often be said for junk cars sitting in the driveway or in the side or back yard, and while these vehicles are usually eyesores for everyone in the family and neighborhood, they’re not quite viewed the same by the actual car owner.

Having the Important Discussion

Those who have been trying to convince someone to get rid of their car might have tried every trick in the book, but at Junk Car Medics, we have a few more ideas up our sleeves. Consider using these points the next time you’re discussing how to handle the car whose days of being in good condition are long behind it:

  1. For many, driving around a junk car just doesn’t make sense when looking at one’s overall lifestyle. Maybe you’re about to move and don’t want to have to coordinate bringing a subpar vehicle to your new home or you’re about to start a family and it doesn’t make sense to have this old car taking up driveway space. Whatever your lifestyle looks like, there’s an angle that you can take when talking with your family about getting rid of the vehicle and getting a new car.
  2. Often times, older cars are unreliable and break down frequently, potentially jeopardizing your ability to arrive at work on time and costing unreasonable amounts of money on recurring major repairs. More often than not, people who sell their scrap car do so because it would be more expensive to fix than it’s even worth. Additionally, these older vehicles don’t usually have the same level of safety features that a newer car would, so if your mother, brother, or significant other is firm on hanging on to this daily driver, you may want to mention that it’s downright dangerous on the road.
  3. Even if the car you’re dying to get rid of isn’t technically yours, there’s a chance that you still might have to drive it from time to time. Older vehicles that haven’t been well-maintained can often be embarrassing to ride around in and might be a source of anxiety and stress - again, it’s anyone’s guess when you’ll be stuck on the side of the road. Your family member may have even forgotten what it’s like to drive a better car, so take them to test drive a new vehicle at a nearby dealership to help drive home your point.

What’s Next?

Let’s say that you’re actually able to convince your family that it’s time to sell the old vehicle that’s been proverbially weighing you all down. What are you actually supposed to do next? Chances are, one of the reasons the car has been sitting around for so long is because the mere thought of car selling is perceived as a huge hassle. When you work with Junk Car Medics to sell your car online, it’s actually the farthest thing from that!

To get started, simply enter the details of the vehicle. It’s helpful if you know the year, make, and model number at a minimum, but having additional details will help to speed up the process. If you can, locate the vehicle’s title, make sure you have the keys, and see how many miles are on the odometer.

After providing Junk Car Medics with as much information as you can, you’ll receive a quote in just a matter of minutes. That’s right - there’s no negotiation process to go through and no meeting up with a long list of potential buyers to try to get the most money possible for your used car. Instead, we offer a fair price based on the scrap metal prices in your area. We buy cars in any condition, so even if the tires are flat and it’s missing a part or two, that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth much to us.

Making It Happen

Once you’ve locked in your offer, Junk Car Medics will send a local representative for the junk car removal. You won’t be left waiting around for someone to show up because in many cases, we can remove your car in the very same day! If that’s not enough incentive to get your family member to sell your old car, we don’t know what is.

You now have all of the tools needed to finally convince your family to remove the old car once and for all!

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