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How to Convince My Parents to Junk Their Car

If you’re a teenager and your parents have an old car sitting around, you might be annoyed at just how long it’s taking them to do anything about it. If you’ve tried mentioning it before in the past without success, we’ll look at how you can go about it a little more strategically.

The good news is that selling a junk car for cash is far smarter than keeping it around, so you’ll at least have that on your side as you ready your arguments.

When persuading your parents to sell their old car, remember that they can be emotionally attached to it.

Your parents will get some extra cash

It’s in the title of the article, but still worth highlighting as a reason. Getting extra cash is always a good incentive for people to take action, particularly if they could use it to pay off a few outstanding bills. If your parents use a reputable service to scrap the car, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Buyers like Junk Car Medics are known for making the process as simple as possible, getting money into people’s hands faster than they ever imagined. Who knows? Maybe they’ll use it to help get you a car of your own (just maybe don’t hold your breath).

Everyone gets some extra space

Regardless of where the vehicle is located, junk cars take up way too much space. Maybe it’s in the garage, crowding all the tools into one corner. Maybe it’s on the yard, crushing the grass into oblivion. Maybe it’s even in a storage facility, costing your parents money every month. Turning a huge hunk of junk into clean, empty space is just a better option all around. This way, no one has to ask themselves when enough is enough.

It’s safer for everyone to scrap the car

Old cars are huge risks for everybody! If your parents are still using the car, it’s probably a roll of the dice every time they get it out on the road. Maybe it makes it to its destination, or maybe it breaks down in an area without cell phone service.

If your parents have it sitting on the lawn, fluids will eventually start to leak into the grass. The best thing to do is get the car off the property entirely where it can turn into someone else’s problem.

No one is getting around to fixing it

Maybe one of your parents thinks of themselves as an amateur mechanic who needs nothing more than YouTube videos to get the job done. They say that they’re going to dive into the project next weekend and get it all taken care of before the end of the month. The only problem is that they’ve been saying that for the past 100+ weekends!

You can’t keep a car forever just because someone may get motivated (eventually) to take the engine apart and try putting it back together again. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s not worth holding out hope for it. In addition, point out to your parents that the problems with the car definitely haven’t gotten better since they originally promised to fix it.

Junk cars are time-consuming

Old clunkers are unreliable and they’re only likely to become more unreliable as the years roll by. If your parents have been going back and forth about whether to get rid of it, they’re only wasting their time and everyone else’s. Sometimes it just makes more sense to cut everyone’s losses and move on. This way their attention goes towards problems or projects they can actually fix.

The Car Can Have a New Life

Scrap metal is all about turning old into new again. If your parents would like to think of their old car as a new airplane, then this would be a great selling point to get rid of it. As the climate heats up, it’s time for us all to look into how we can use what we already have rather than always going for new sources. Don’t let a perfectly good opportunity sit in a garage collecting dust!

Private Buyers Don’t Necessarily Pay More

Listing a car on a private website or in the paper can be a great way to get a little more extra money for it. The problem is that private buyers are also notoriously flaky. They might come when they say they’re going to come, or they might show up 3 hours later (or not at all). When they arrive, private junk car buyers may offer half of the asking price and then spend people’s precious time haggling.

Call Junk Car Medics and Help Them Get Cash For Their Junk Car

You can always give us a call or get a free quote online from Junk Car Medics top-rated cash for junk cars program so you can show them how much they can get.

Debating Your Strategies: How to Approach the ‘Rents

There are some parents who are stubborn enough to keep a car they’re no longer using, for whatever reason. Don’t feel bad if nothing you say can talk them around to getting rid of it! But more often than not, there are people who ‘sit’ on these old cars because they think they have a better solution than junking it.

Maybe they think they’re to strip it themselves and sell the car for parts. Maybe they think they’ll get more for it if they list it on their own. The truth is that Junk Car Medics has heard all of the excuses for not selling, and no matter what they are, it’s almost always easier to contact a service, get a quote, arrange a tow, and then spend the money.

How to Sell Junk Cars For Cash

Once you convice your parents to sell their junk car, you must show them how. If it is there first time then have them read up on how to sell junk cars.  It's a pretty straightforward process.

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