12 DIY Auto Repair Blogs to Bookmark Right Now

Do you enjoy tinkering with your car’s engine? Do you take great pride in the fact that you can change your own oil and automotive fluids? Are you rebuilding an old car or motorcycle to teach a young person important skills – or just for fun?

Sounds like you’re a DIY auto repair expert. Working on your own car can be fun, rewarding, save you money, and give you a way to engage with your kids.

No matter how much you know about auto repair, we’re willing to bet you still need advice every once in a while. That’s why we compiled this list of the internet’s 12 best DIY auto repair blogs. A few are intended for people with a deep knowledge of DIY car repair, but most will be helpful for anyone interested in repairing their vehicles themselves.

Are there any DIY auto repair blogs you’d add to this list? Let us know!

Car Talk

If you’re a car enthusiast, chances are you’re already familiar with Click and Clack, National Public Radio’s automotive experts. If you aren’t, you should be. These car geeks offer good advice and plenty of humor for dealing with car troubles. But they’re also serious about offering quality information to consumers. Their website has practical sections dedicated to everything car-related, from buying and selling a car to advice for DIYers.  

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No surprise, the website DoItYourself.com has great advice on all kinds of DIY topics. There’s a whole section devoted to car, truck and boat maintenance. The site is fairly easy to navigate. If you’re struggling to find the information you need, you can use the site’s search tool. If you need more information on a topic, another option is to use the automotive forum.

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DIY Garage from Advance Auto Parts

DIY Garage provides educational posts for people interested in working on their own cars and in-depth articles with fun facts about popular car models. It’s a good mix of practical and entertaining information. Fair warning: DIY Garage is sponsored by Advance Auto Parts. That means one of the aims of the site is to promote the company’s car parts. But you won’t find a hard sell in most of their posts.

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Pep Boys Car Care Corner

Pep Boys is another retailer that runs a helpful DIY auto repair blog. Rather than focusing on articles, the site is broken down into do-it-yourself guides on practical repair and maintenance topics. It’s one of the more straight-forward sites I found on my question for the DIY auto repair sites. One of my favorite parts in the glossary of automotive terms. It will come in very handy if you’re reading a repair manual and come across a word you don’t recognize.

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Retailer Eastwood offers advanced tips for DIY car mechanics. Their site has some pretty unusual posts, such as tips for welding panels back together and how to do sheet metal fabrication. This site is best for die-hard DIYers, not people looking for advice on changing their oil.

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National Tool Warehouse

If you don’t mind wading through posts designed just to get you to buy stuff, National Tool Warehouse’s blog can be a good resource. They have interesting articles and a decent search function. And if you do need a certain tool or resource to do your DIY repairs, it’s easy to find them. Just check the left column of the blog for a list of items by category.

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Eric the Car Guy

The thing I like about this site is that it’s easy to navigate, and it has lots of videos. If you have a particular problem you’re trying to fix, scroll down to the middle of the page and click on one of the large category buttons. It will take you to a section designed to help you fix leaks, noises, vibrations and other common issues. If words aren’t enough to help you problem-solve, you can turn to the videos for more detailed tutorials.

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DIY Auto School on YouTube

Speaking of videos: If you’re a visual person, you’ll definitely enjoy the DIY Auto School on YouTube. It’s a collection of videos on DIY car repair topics. Want to know how to remove rust from a vintage car using vinegar? There’s a video for that. Do you have a few minor dents you need to pound out? There’s a video for that. Most of the videos are focused around body work, which is also unusual for DIY car repair sites.

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Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics offers advice on many subjects, including home repair, electronics and tools. But cars remain a major area of focus for them. The site’s Car How To section is chock full of good information for DIYers. Not only do they have advice on how to fix your car or truck, they have advice on how to build tools to fix your car and truck. And how to build cool things for your rebuilt car or truck. It’s easy to get lost browsing the many interesting posts in the DIY auto section.

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What does 10W40 have going for it besides an easy-to-remember name? A wide variety of auto repair topics, from camshaft repair to brake light replacement; an Ask a Mechanic Q&A section; forums specific to different car brands; and a search function to find auto repair manuals. This is a great site for people of all experience levels.

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This blog shares practical advice from an auto mechanic. It’s divided into four sections: troubleshooting, simple repairs, major repairs and maintenance. That makes topics easy to find even without a search function. One of the nice things about this site is that it discusses when you should take your vehicle to a mechanic and when you can attempt a repair yourself.

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Auto-Facts.org has in-depth, fun to read articles about a variety of auto repair topics. The articles have links to plenty of other resources on DIY auto repair. The site has a nice explanation of why doing DIY auto repair makes sense – including that you’re less likely to get ripped off. The blog also has articles on unusual topics that aren’t covered on other sites, such as installing car audio and alarm systems.

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