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Where to Get a Free Car Battery Test in Chicago, IL

No driver or car owner should go long without a free car battery test in Chicago, IL. The best kind of maintenance is preventative maintenance, and the offers these auto parts retailers and repair shops provide are a great step towards identifying and fixing any issues your car may have before they make you reach for the jumper cables.

A little preventative maintenance for your car before you start searching for a cash for cars company in Chicago.

Take your car into any one of these locations and ask for a battery test:

Interstate All Battery Center

10336 S. Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL (708) 424-2288

Interstate All Battery Center is a large battery outlet that has a full-service shop set up right in the center of the Lincolnwood neighborhood. They deal with all things related to portable power, from auto batteries to mobile phone batteries and more. Simply walk in the front door and ask the nearest sales associate for help testing your battery—in twenty minutes they’ll have a comprehensive report on the status of your battery.

Illinois Battery Specialists

4120 W. Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL (773) 478-8600

The Illinois Battery Specialists offer expert battery service in Chicago. You can get your car battery tested for free here, and if they find an issue with your battery, you can have it replaced on the spot. They carry batteries for most vehicles, including cars, trucks and motorcycles. You can even find RV batteries and more exotic items here. The battery test offered here includes a complete verification of your car’s alternator and starter system as well.

Service Battery Inc

2048 W. Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL, (312) 666-2874

At Service Battery Inc, you can not only get your battery tested for free, you can also recycle it on the spot and get some cash for your bad battery. Ask for Scott or John and they’ll sell you a refurbished battery at a fraction of the cost of a new one. They also recycle power supplies and any other electronic items you may have on-hand, so if you’re looking to recycle auto batteries, call them up.

Car-X Tire & Auto

2509 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL (773) 348-7912

Free car battery testing services are available from Monday to Saturday at Car-X, where you can benefit from a team that is qualified to perform repairs, parts replacements and more. With a full selection of new batteries on hand, you’re sure to find the right one to replace your old, failing battery.

Don't Wait To Get Your Battery Tested

The majority of the places listed above will accept walk-in battery testing appointments. There is no need to call ahead, but we’ve provided you with the phone number just in case. Feel free to take your car over to them and find out just how much life is left in your battery. Each one is qualified to repair and replace bad batteries so that you can be sure your car is in great shape for the journeys ahead.

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