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Where to Get a Free Car Battery Test in Sacramento, CA

Your car battery needs to be tested if you are to ensure that it remains in good working shape at all times. A bad battery can die out on you at any moment, and will generally follow the Murphy’s Law tendency of doing so when you’re in the biggest possible rush and don’t have any jumper cables on hand. To keep your car battery healthy, we’ve collected some of the most reliable providers of free car battery tests in Sacramento, CA right here:

Battery Bill Inc

625 Sunbeam Ave, Sacramento, CA (916) 443-9018

Battery Bill is the first place you’ll want to head towards if you have battery issues. A veritable battery superstore, Battery Bill technicians will happily check your battery’s charge, verify your car’s alternator and clean any terminals or contacts that may be in need. If your battery needs to be changed, you can bet Battery Bill has the right battery for your car on sale at a convenient price.

Big Hog Battery Services

5615 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento, CA (916) 393-7273

Big Hog doesn’t just do car batteries, they do all major appliance batteries, including lawnmower batteries, tractor batteries and even power tool batteries. They excel at automobile battery tests, offering quick and easy solutions to challenging issues. It’s worth pointing out that they also operate in nearby North Highlands, California, so if South Sacramento is too far for you, you might be closer to their secondary shop.

Les Schwab Tire Center

2625 Fullton Ave, Sacramento, CA (916) 486-2222

You can get a free battery test from Les Schwab at any time. All you need to do is come in and ask—no appointment necessary. Here, they’ll check car batteries, truck batteries, RV batteries and even motorcycle batteries for defects and faults. If any are found, you can buy a replacement battery and have it installed on the spot.

North State High Performance Batteries

3340 Sunrise Blvd, Sacramento, CA (916) 859-0343

North State High Performance Batteries specializes in auto batteries. In addition to carrying all the conventional electrical equipment you need to keep your car in good shape, they also carry batteries for marine equipment as well. This store carries well-known brands such as Trojan, Deka, Optima and AC Delco.

Sacramento European Sales & Service

1800 Fullton Ave, Sacramento, CA (916) 486-2222

This shop specializes in European cars, and they’re happy to test, charge and replace batteries for your BMW, Volkswagen or Fiat without issue. If they discover a problem, you can rely on them to have a replacement battery on-hand and ready to install at an affordable price.

Don't Forget To Test Your Battery Frequently

Take care of your car’s electrical needs and you’ll guarantee quick ignition every time you want to get going. There are few things more frustrating than a perfectly operable car that simply won’t start because of a bad battery. Prevent that from happening by taking your car in today for free battery testing in Sacramento, CA.

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