How to Get My Neighbor to Sell Their Old Junk Car For Cash

It’s unsightly, it drags down the property values, it’s rusting before your eyes: you probably have more than one reason to beg your neighbor to get rid of their junk car for cash. If you’ve hinted before about it (to little avail), it may be time for a different strategy. Junk Car Medics can help you figure out how to broach this topic so you’re actually successful.

Most municipalities have junk car ordinances prohibiting their storage in private property.

Before You Get Started

You likely already know that tact can go a long way. The problem is that this fragile tone can be quickly shoved aside when you’re irritated. If you’re starting to feel as though the junk car has been put on Earth just to annoy you, consider the fact that your neighbor is probably keeping it for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

When you approach this from a calm perspective, one that clearly frames the problem and the solution, you stand a better chance at actually getting your neighbor to do something about the problem. Remember, is someone that you share a neighborhood with, so it’s important to stay on good terms.

Extra Money

Who doesn’t like a little extra dough? If your neighbor has put off calling the scrapyard, remind them that there’s a financial incentive to trading in their car. Even the oldest cars will likely net them a few bucks, and it’s usually a nice feeling to consolidate assets. It’s a lot easier to store the bills in a wallet than it is to store a junk car in the garage.

Extra Space

Chances are the neighbor isn’t dying for extra space, otherwise they would have gotten rid of it by now. Still, cars can take up plenty of room, particularly when you start thinking of what could be done with the space. The garage or yard are both great places to take up a new hobby. And if it’s on the grass, the lawn will certainly thank the neighbor for having a chance to breathe.

Safety First

Old cars break down, they leak hazardous chemicals into the environment, and they collect all kinds of dangers onto its surface. (Just brushing up against it could mean that you’ll need a tetanus shot.) These are serious risks that might not seem like much until they actually manifest. Getting the car off the property means that all that liability is transferred to someone else. It’s nice to have that pressure off your back when you think about it, so getting rid of an old car is good.

It’s a Waste of Time

Fixing your own car can be undoubtedly satisfying. Plenty of people take pride in their work, and they’re happy to improve their skills week after week.

But the reality is that most people aren’t amateur mechanics, no matter how much they want to picture themselves rolling up their sleeves. Plus, fixing your own car is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. If the neighbor keeps saying they’re going to get around to it, it’s unlikely to happen at this point.

The Car Can Go Onto Help Someone Else

Some people will keep a car because of an emotional attachment. In this case, it’s going to be a difficult sell for anyone to convince them to let it go. The only thing that might work, beyond the temptation of the extra cash or space, might be to remind the neighbor that scrapped cars have a new life after they’re gone.

From airplanes to bridges, scrap metal can go on to help people all over the world. It’s a small consolation, but it may help the neighbor feel a bit better about letting go. Plus, recycling is a great way to fight climate change!

Finding the Right Strategy

If you don’t know the neighbor very well, it might be difficult to pick the right approach here. The best bet is to start with their reasoning before you dive into reasons of your own. Asking them the story of the car can be a good way to both start a neutral dialog and help you transition your spiel about how it might be better to get rid of it. If you already know the reason why they’re keeping it, try thinking of the issue from their perspective before diving into a speech.

Tell Them About Junk Car Medics

At Junk Car Medics we have been in this industry for many so we’ve heard all the excuses in the world (and then some). We know that it’s not always easy to get someone to take action, especially when they’re known for not taking action. Plus, there are some people who might keep a junk car on their lawn purely for spite. It happens!

What we can do is make it simple to actually trade in a car for cash. Our customers praise us as much for the extra money as they do for the service. Start to finish, it’s easy and painless to get rid of a car and pocket a check. We work with a network of partners all over the country, ensuring that everything goes like clockwork. If the neighbor does agree to ditch the car, point them to our website for the best results!

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