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At Junk Car Medics, we try to make selling a car online as easy as buttering toast.

How to sell a car online is something our fathers never thought they'd be asking us. It's something that was unheard of years ago.

However, with the advancements in technology and the adaption to a more remote world, selling a car online is easier than selling a car on Craigslist or on your front yard or even to a dealership.

And I'll show you why that is and how to sell a car online to Junk Car Medics.

Technology, as well as the adaption of processes, has made selling a car online easy.  You can get an offer for how much your car is worth in a little more than a minute with Junk Car Medics.

Our network of junk car buyers and our process also make it simple.

With a very large network of auto recycling yards (think more than 500) and relationships with the largest auto auctions in the country, Junk Car Medics is not only able to help you sell your car online, on which we'll go into more detail below, but we can also get you the best price possible. With our network, you have access to competitive junk car prices... not one insultingly low offer after another.

Want to find out how much your car is worth?  Read that article then get your free offer here.

How to Sell Your Car Online

Selling a car online can be broken up into a 4-step process.

  1. Find a company that buys cars online;
  2. Get an offer to sell your car;
  3. If you like the offer, accept it and make arrangements for removal.
  4. Your car gets removed by a local tow truck provider and you get paid.

We'll cover each of these steps in more detail, following along with how Junk Car Medics makes it easy to sell your car online.

Find a Company That Buys Cars Online

The first step people usually take is to go to Google and search for something they think will help them find how to sell their old car on the Internet.  What did you search that got you to this article?

Finding this company isn't usually enough.  You're going to want to do some brief research on them.  Look for their reviews and see if they have a website.  Is their website helpful in making the process simple? Like this one?

Get an Offer to Sell Your Car

Once you find a company that buys cars online you are going to want to get an offer from that company.

Junk Car Medics makes this part as simple as possible and you can get an online offer in just over a minute's time.  You just have to enter some basic information on your vehicle, the year, make, and model and its current state of affairs that I'll highlight below. Those factors determine whether you'd be able to sell your junk car for $500 or more... or less.

Depending on how you feel about the offer, you may want to revert back to step one and find another junk car buyer or two to get an offer from as well.

What We Need to Give You an Instant Offer For Your Junk Car:

Select a Year

To find the year, look at the inside panel of the driver’s side door. You should find a white sticker with a bill date. If you can’t find it here, check your title, registration or proof of insurance. Still unsure? Send us your car’s VIN. To locate your VIN, look at the windshield and dashboard near the driver’s side and send us the 17-digit code.

Select a Make

Is your car Built Ford Tough? Is it an ultimate driving machine? Does it Zoom-Zoom? Whether it’s a Ford, BMW, Mazda or other brand, we need to know it. You can find the name or logo on the outside of the vehicle or check your registration, title or proof of insurance. Or send us your VIN. We can look it up for you.

Select a Model

The model of your car is like your car’s last name. For example, with a Honda Civic and a Ford Focus, Civic and Focus refers to the model. We can also find this information using your car’s VIN.

Where is the Vehicle Located?

We offer free pickup anywhere in the U.S. Thousands of people trust us to tow away their junk cars each month. Knowing if it’s at a residence or business helps us plan to make the process as easy as possible for you.

What Type of Title?

Has your car ever been in a major accident? If so and considered totaled by your insurance company, you may have a rebuilt or salvaged title. If your car hasn’t been badly damaged, you likely have a clean title. Don’t have a title? We can still help you out.

Does the Vehicle Have All Four Tires?

If you don’t have any tires or a few are missing, it’s not a problem. Indicate if your car has all four tires.

Are the Tires Flat?

If your car has been sitting for awhile, chances are some tires need air. It’s also not a problem if all tires are flat. This simply helps us know how much time it will take to tow the vehicle away.

Are All Wheels Mounted?

Are all four of your wheels mounted onto the car? Let us know so we can be prepared.

Does it Have Keys?

Do you have keys and more importantly know where they are? Select whether or not the car’s keys are currently in your ownership.

Does it Drive?

The car is drivable if when starting the ignition and putting the car into gear it runs on its own power. If the car frequently stalls or shuts off without warning, select no.

Does it Start?

If the car’s engine turns on when you start the ignition, select yes. If nothing happens when you turn the key, select no. 

Any Removed Exterior Body Panels?

Is your car missing a bumper? What about it’s hood or one of it’s doors? We need to know if your car is missing any exterior body panels.

Any Damaged or Removed Interior Parts?

If your car has missing parts inside the vehicle, such as a radio, let us know.

Does it Have Any Body Damage?

Has your vehicle been dented or scratched? Is there any rust on the vehicle? Indicate if there is any damage to the car that is the size of your palm or larger.

Any Flood or Fire Damage?

Your car may have been damaged as a result of a fire or flood. If there is wear and tear due to either, let us know. It could be on the interior, exterior or electrical part of the vehicle.

Any Damaged Mirrors, Glass or Lights?

Do you have a broken taillight, a smashed passenger side window or cracked mirror? Indicate if your car has suffered any shattered glass due to an accident. 

What’s the Mileage on the Odometer?

Locate how many miles your car has on the odometer. This number can usually be found behind the steering wheel on the car’s dashboard. 

Accept Your Offer

This is where we think Junk Car Medics shines.  Accepting your offer is simple and takes even less time if you have your VIN handy.

To accept your offer you simply need to tell us its exact location (tell us what zip code your car is in when getting an offer) so we know where we're coming to pick it up.

We also need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to verify the car you are selling is what you said it is.  It's not that we don't believe you; we just need to make sure before we put resources into picking it up and before we have any misunderstanding on the price.  If the VIN matches the car and the condition matches what you submitted, you will get paid what we said you would.

You Get Paid and Your Car Gets Taken

After accepting your offer to sell your car online to Junk Car Medics a representative will contact you to make arrangements to pick up your vehicle and get you your check.  We take pride in keeping this time frame between 2 and 48 hours in most cases. Yes, we make the whole junk car removal process that quick and easy.

If your vehicle is in a remote location, it may take a bit longer.  But our team will be upfront with you on all this when you make arrangements upon accepting your offer.  If at that point you aren't satisfied, you can cancel your offer at no charge and with no hassles.

When we arrive we'll verify that the condition of the vehicle is what you said it was and get you paid.  We'll then load it up with our free junk car removal service and you'll be left with a check that you can turn into cash the same day. No wasting time with haggling and test drives.

How simple is that?

(get case study here of customer explaining that process)

Selling a Car Online With Junk Car Medics Is Faster Than Other Options

Imagine if you had to sell your old car on Craigslist.  Have you ever used Craigslist?  If not, you need to create an account and learn the platform.  You also need to clean up your car and take pictures of it for your post.  That's followed by negotiating with blood suckers over dollars and cents.  All of that to only then have to meet up with a stranger and hope not to get scammed.

Or what if you were selling it to a dealer or hoping for an awesome trade-in deal.  They'll surely low-ball you and say you can just leave it where it's at and they'll handle it from there if you buy a car from them.

However you will not get what you should for that car.  Car dealerships don't deal with junk cars.  They'll simply call the business they have an agreement with to get it and they'll take a substantial amount of the actual payout for themselves.

Selling a car on your front yard? Don't even get me started.  Ever hear of the marketing saying "that's like getting a free billboard in the desert"?  You'll make the least amount possible with this option if you can even sell it.

At this point, I think you'll agree that selling your car online isn't that bad of an option.  It's probably even your best option.

Hell, you can do it all in your underwear if you want.

Sell your car safely, while practicing social distancing

COVID-19 Update: Junk Car Medics and our providers are taking all precautions and supporting social distancing efforts. You can sell your car from the comfort of your home.

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