How to Sell My Car to a Junkyard Near Me

Everything You Need to Know to Junk a car to a Nearby Junkyard

Here’s a look at the step-by-step process of selling a car to a junkyard nearby, from what you should be doing to prep your vehicle in advance to contacting the junkyard to arriving on site:


First things first, be sure to remove any valuables that your car might still be housing. You know how cars seem to stockpile personal belongings? That CD underneath the driver's seat that you forgot you had, the extra car charger you have in the glove compartment, emergency cash in the center console. Make sure you give it a thorough once over to make sure you have everything.


Like we mentioned above, be sure to locate the title to the vehicle. Ideally, this should be in a safe deposit box in an office or storage room in your home for easy access. If it's not, be sure to contact your local DMV and request a duplicate or report it as lost.

If you want to proceed without a title, follow the steps we outlined above of contacting various junkyards to see if they'll still take your car with nothing more than seeing your license and registration.


Can you sell other components? Are there any vehicle accessories that you don't want to part with when you send it off to the junkyard? Maybe there are some valuable components that are not scrap metal, like a stereo system, custom rims, high-end tires, a steering wheel cover, etc. Remove these components and sell them separately to a private party or auto shop.


Next, be sure to remove the license plates. If you plan to transfer the plates to a new vehicle, follow the appropriate steps to do so.


If your junk car still runs, make sure that it only has enough gas in it to get you to its final destination at the junkyard. If it doesn't still run and there's still some gas in the tank, make sure you're not giving away free resources with your vehicle and take the necessary steps to siphon it from the vehicle. Use whatever you extract to run your lawnmower, other vehicles, snowblower, etc.


Next, you'll want to contact various junkyards in your area and get an estimate on what the best price they could give you for the scrap metal value of your used vehicle. Like we noted above, you're likely to net a larger pay day if you drive a bigger vehicle than you would if you drive a smaller vehicle.

7.   Setup the Towing and Removal

Once you have accepted an offer from a nearby junkyard you will setup the removal.  They'll likely give you a window they will come to pick up the car.  If you aren't able to be with the car you should be able to sign over the title and leave it if you can send a picture of your drivers license.

8. Get Paid to Junk Your Car

When they remove the car you will get paid! Make sure you get the price you agreed to.

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