How to Transfer a Car Title in Delaware

To introduce a car title in the state of Delaware, it’s a good idea to read these instructions, locate all the appropriate lines on the title, and read any instructions on the title before you start filling in the information.

Turn to the back of your Delaware car title and look near the top.

  1. Print the buyer’s name on the line that says “PURCHASER(S).” On the next line, print the buyer’s address, which says “ADDRESS.” To the right of that line, write in the date the car was sold.
  2. If you’re trading in a vehicle, you may need to fill in the next few lines. Otherwise, skip to the box that says “Odometer reading” and fill in the appropriate number.
  3. On the next line, sign your name where it says “Signature of seller.” The buyer must sign where it says “Signature of the buyer.”
  4. If a second person needs to sign as the seller and buyer, they can do so on the next line.
  5. On the next line, the seller should print their name where it says “Printed name of the seller.” The buyers should print their name where it says “Printed name of the buyer.”

The State of Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles has an excellent website that provides many details for people who have questions about where to sign their car title or how to transfer it. Visit its website by clicking here.

How to apply for a replacement title in Delaware?

Listed below are the five main steps on how to apply for a replacement title in Delaware.

  • Complete the application for Duplicate Title (MV213). Include information such as the vehicle identification number, your name and address, the license plate number, and more.
  • All vehicle owners sign the application and provide their driver’s license numbers.
  • If there is a lien, the lienholder must fill out a section in the application.
  • A $50 fee needs to accompany the application.
  • The duplicate title must be applied for before a new lien can be placed on it.