How to Transfer a Car Title in South Carolina

To introduce a car title in the state of South Carolina, it’s a good idea to read these instructions, locate all the appropriate lines on the title, and read any instructions on the title before you start filling in the information.

Turn to the back of your South Carolina title and look near the top of the page.

  1. On the appropriate lines, write in the date the vehicle was sold. You must write in the month first, then the date, then the year.
  2. On the next line, write the buyer’s name and address on the appropriate lines.
  3. Skip the line asking for lienholder information. Under it, there is a small line where you should write in the vehicle’s current mileage.
  4. Look for a small box to the right of the mileage information. Enter the following information on the appropriate lines: the date the vehicle was sold, the sale price, the value of any trade-in vehicle, and the total you paid for the vehicle (which is the amount you’ll be taxed on).
  5. Look back on the left side of the page. Where it says “Signature(s) of the buyer(s),” the buyer(s) should sign their name(s). Note that if two people are purchasing the vehicle, they must fit their signatures on this line.
  6. The buyer(s) should print their name(s) on the next line.
  7. Look to the right of these lines. Where it says “Signature(s) of the seller(s),” the seller(s) should sign their name(s). On the next line, the seller(s) should print their name(s). On the next line, the seller should print their current address.

For more information about transferring a car title in South Carolina, visit the Department of Motor Vehicles website.