How to Transfer a Car Title in Washington

To introduce a car title in the state of Washington, it’s a good idea to read these instructions, locate all the appropriate lines on the title, and read any instructions on the title before you start filling in the information.

Look for this information on the front of your Washington title near the bottom.

  1. Where it says, “I certify, to the best of my knowledge, the odometer reading is,” write in the current odometer reading.
  2. Have the buyer sign where it says “Signature of transferee/buyer.” Have them print their name on the line right under that. Have them write in their address on the line right under that.
  3. Look to the right-hand side of the page. Where it says “Signature of transferor/seller,” you sign your name. Print your name on the line right under that.

For more information about transferring a car title in Washington, visit the Department of Licensing website. They also have a helpful video that explains the requirements for private vehicle transactions.