Does Junk Car Medics Work With Junkyards Near Me?

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If you're searching for 'junkyards near me', it's probably because you've finally made a decision about your junk car. Sure, you've been talking about fixing it up for the past couple of years, but it's come to the point where you're just ready to have some extra space in your driveway or garage.

So how does Junk Car Medics work? Well, our business model and pricing strategy are based on making partnerships with the right people. But we couldn't do this unless we had the reputation and the clout to back us up. After years of working out the details, we've earned a reputation for spotting opportunities for customers when others can't.

So if you're looking at your junk car and thinking that no one will want this, you may want to think again. We negotiate the way others can't because we hold the power. We keep it that way by raising the bar for the industry.

How Does Junk Car Medics Get the Best Price?

Part of the way we do this is to open the door to as many options as possible. So instead of just working with junkyards, we're also dealing with car buyers in our network, online auto auctions, local auto auctions, etc. Exploring several avenues makes it possible to optimize your experience from start to finish. The more professionals we can work with, the more likely it is that someone is going to outbid the other.

So if you get an offer from elsewhere, it's our job to return the best possible price that we have.  A lot of times, our offers are better than your local junkyards, something we take a lot of pride in. And more than offering better cash for car offers, we also make the pick-up process as easy as pie. We can arrange for pick-up quickly (in most cases, the same day) to nearly anywhere your car happens to be.

Our business is built on making things easy and profitable for our customers. Many of them are shocked at just how much they can get for a car that looks entirely worthless on the face of it. Rather than paying someone to haul it off to the dump, they choose Junk Car Medics. We work with our extensive network to find value in what looks like garbage to other people.

Should I Take My Car to the Junkyard?

If there's a junkyard down your street, you might be tempted to just push it down to them and be done with it. After all, why make it harder on yourself? But working with your nearby junkyard isn't always the answer because the owners have too much to gain by taking advantage of you.

This industry can be cut-throat, and the fall-out can be significant. Junkyard dealers may quote you one price only to turn up and offer you a different one (or charge you for a towing fee that they never originally mentioned). Or they may try to get you to take an offer that's nowhere near what the car is actually worth. Most people have a car salesman horror story or two, and a junkyard isn't necessarily any better than that sketchy used car lot.

Junk Car Medics works with junkyards when it's a good fit. That means we've taken the time to vet different places near you, and we've already made the arrangements with them. We avoid the sketchy places so you can too. So if you're wondering how far you have to travel to get to the nearest one, you might want to think outside your neighborhood by contacting Junk Car Medics.

We know this industry inside and out, and it shows in everything from our pick-up process to   our online tools. If you're just shopping around for quotes, all you have to do is fill in a few questions before you get an instant offer. There are some great junkyard owners out there, but there are also some bad apples. We work with professionals who are fair, so we can turn around and do the same with our customers.