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How to Prepare Your Old Car for Fall in Las Vegas, NV

Even Las Vegas, situated in the Mojave Desert, experiences changes in temperature and foliage during the fall.

Fall weather means cooler temperatures - often into the 40s - that can add stress to your vehicle’s tires and engine.

Make sure your old car is up to the job with these tips on how to prepare your old car for fall in Las Vegas, NV.

Ensure Your Heating Works

The Nevada climate is fairly warm all year round, but those desert nights can get chilly, especially in the fall. Especially after a scorching Las Vegas summer, you might not be prepared for the cold!

Before fall rolls around, make sure your heating system works so your hands and feet don’t freeze while driving.

Inspect Hoses and Belts

When you inspect hoses and belts in your old car’s engine, check for any signs of fraying, splitting, or glazing.  If you see signs of distress, take the car to your local mechanic to replace them before you run into real trouble with your older vehicle.

Top off Fluid Levels

It is essential to check on, replace, and top off all fluids as necessary throughout the year to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

You can lift up the hood and inspect the brake, transmission, power steering, and windshield washer fluid. Also, take a look at the coolant and oil. If anything looks worrisome, take your car to the mechanic to be on the safe side.

Keep the Gas Tank Full

You never know when trouble will happen on the road. Make sure you have plenty of gas in the tank. Older cars might not be 100% accurate in determining the fuel level, so to avoid running out of gas, top off the tank often.

Tire Check

Autumn season in Las Vegas is sometimes jokingly referred to as "extended summer," because the temperature hardly changes. But even so, on any vehicle, at any temperature, tires ensure you get where you are going safely. Whether the roads are icy, slippery, or dry, make sure your tires have sufficient tread and optimal air pressure.

A tire’s air pressure will drop about one pound per square inch when the temperature outside drops, in increments of 10 degrees, so don’t be surprised if your tires look a little flatter when the temperature falls.

A mechanic might inflate the tires slightly more during the cooler months because of the tires deflating 1 PSI per every 10 degrees the temperature drops.

Check the Fuel and Speed Gauges

Old vehicles are full of memories and good times, but they can falter in the way newer cars won’t. Check that all the gauges are working correctly, especially the speedometer, so you don’t go over or far under the speed limit.

A mechanic in Vegas can check out the gauges so you don’t run out of gas unexpectedly while speeding down the highway.

Check the Lights

Since the days become shorter in the Las Vegas fall, you may find yourself needing to turn on your headlights earlier. As such, make sure your lights are in proper working order so you can see clearly and aren’t pulled over.

Inspect all of them, not just your headlights and brake lights. Remember to look at your tail and reverse lights as well.

If your lights do not work and you are stuck on the side of the road, you will not be able to initiate your hazards to warn oncoming traffic of your plight. Make sure signal lights work to give oncoming traffic and those behind you a heads-up that you are making a turn.

Preparing for Colder Weather

There is more to preparing your vehicle for the fall in Las Vegas than topping off fluids and filling the tires. Be prepared for anything, especially in the colder months.

You might be caught behind a car accident or stuck in traffic, even experience your old car breaking down. Ensure you are ready to signal for help and have supplies in the event you are stuck overnight.

There are some items you should keep in your vehicle in the trunk or glove box, including:

  • Blanket
  • Water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Gloves
  • Flares
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Jumper cables
  • Carjack

Bottom Line

No matter the time of year or road conditions in the Sin City, keep your car in top working order. Preparing your old vehicle for autumn keeps you out of trouble while driving and your jalopy running smoothly.

Of course, if your old car is beyond repair and cannot get you from point A to B safely, it may be time to move on. If that’s the case, Junk Car Medics buys junk cars for cash in Las Vegas and we'll help you get rid of your old car.

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