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Prepare Your Old Car for Fall in Los Angeles, CA

If you live in Los Angeles, California, you'll enjoy a mild climate in the fall; however, there are some things you need to do to prepare an old car for the season. If you want to learn how to prepare your car for fall in Los Angeles, keep reading for more details.

Los Angeles might be the city of angels, but a car ill-prepared for the cooler months could make fall feel like hell. Keep in mind that depending on the age of your vehicle, it may need additional attention with some features or may require more frequent inspections.

To be sure, check with your local mechanic and keep these tips in mind for the upcoming fall.

Check the Battery

Battery problems are most common when the weather cools down. Many old cars will have issues with the functionality of their battery in the fall months. Before fall arrives, you want to take your battery to a local auto parts store and let the employees check your battery.

Most auto parts stores will provide the service for free. They can tell you if the battery is functioning at full capacity and whether or not it has issues such as the following.

  • Unusual charge
  • Low water levels
  • Short circuit
  • Damage cells

If there's something wrong with your battery, you'll want to replace it right away or risk damaging your vehicle or becoming stranded.

Change the Oil

The needs of an old car change with the seasons and oil included. As the weather cools down, you want to change the type of oil you use in your old car. You want a thicker oil during the summer months, but in the cooler fall and winter months, you want a thinner oil that won't thicken in the cold.

In some instances, your mechanic may even advise you to use synthetic oil to extend the life of your engine. Regardless of the severity of the cold temperatures, you'll want to keep up with oil changes, especially when maintaining an old car. Cars that receive regular maintenance and oil changes last much longer than those that don't get the ideal level of care.

Check the Tire Pressure

Your car's tire pressure changes depending on the temperature of the air. When the weather cools down, the tire pressure will lower, leave tires at risk for blowouts, and reduce your gas mileage. Before the weather cools down, check your tire pressure and check it frequently to make sure it's not an ideal level.

You'll also want to inspect the tires thoroughly and change them if they look worn, slick, or damaged in any way. Be sure to keep all four tires at an even pressure which requires a handheld pressure gauge. All cars don't have automatic sensors that alert you when your tire pressure is too high or low or if it's uneven.

Make Sure the Heat Works

Los Angeles isn't known for harsh winters, but that doesn't mean you won't need your heater occasionally. Check to make sure it's working before fall and make the repairs early.

Make sure there are no fumes or odd odors, and check the floorboard for water leaks. Having a malfunctioning heater can also alert you to other problems you need to address.

Change the Air Filter

One important maintenance task for keeping old cars in good shape is to change the air filter frequently. Dust and dirt get sucked into the air filter and can clog it quickly.

Your old car needs adequate airflow to ensure it stays cool and operates as it should. You should change your air filter every season, especially in the fall. After months of running the roads with humidity, dirt, and smog, it will definitely be time to replace it.


Los Angeles has seen a steadily increasing population over the years, and this will likely only rise given the city’s appeal. If you own an old car and live in Los Angeles, CA, you'll want to do this easy maintenance before the weather cools down. You'll save time and money on repairs when you catch them early and help prevent breakdowns.

If your car does break down and can't be fixed, we can help you junk it.  Junk Car Medics buys junk cars for cash in Los Angeles and provide fast friendly service.

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