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How to Prepare Your Old Car for Summer in Chicago, IL

The summer season is here. I'm sure you've planned a few road trips, if not weekend trips, to Millennium Park. Maybe you're planning to take the kids to the Lincoln Zoo Park.

Amidst all the excitement of visiting different places, one thing you must do is prepare your old car for the looming summer months. However, no good car, no fun!

To ensure your car is running in tip-top condition all summer, here are some tips on how to prepare your old vehicle for summer in Chicago, IL.

1. Do a Visual Inspection of Your Car

The first thing you need to do is carefully examine your old car. Start with its exterior, all the way under the hood up, and then inside the cabin. If there are any safety concerns, note them.

It's been a long winter, and the tires may have cracked. Check them out one after the other, and if any needs replacement, have it done. Also, measure tire pressure using a tire gauge.

Next, inflate all the wheels because under-inflated tires are dangerous, especially in extreme temperatures, and you wouldn't want your old Mercedes Benz failing you on your way to North Avenue Beach.

In addition, check your battery and clean up. It's also a good idea to put it on a charger in preparation for the long drives ahead.

2. Check the A/C System

A working AC is critical during the summer season. That's because, with temperatures that can go as high as 90 degrees, a functional air conditioning system makes the heat bearable.

Can you imagine being stranded on your way to the Art Institute of Chicago or stuck in traffic, with all the congestion Chicago is notorious for, with no way to cool your car until help arrives? To avoid such occurrences, thoroughly check your AC to identify any shortcomings and have them rectified.

In addition, clean your AC vents using a vacuum cleaner which will help you reach the innermost parts of the vent.

3. Check and Change All the Fluids

Check the oils and, if necessary, change them. Note that we're approaching the warmer months, and even if you had the oils changed before storing your old car for the winter, changing them again in preparation for the summer won't hurt.

In addition, check your brake fluid. You don't want the irreversible to happen when your car brakes fail because you ignored changing the brake fluid.

It's worth checking out the coolant fluids too. Make sure the antifreeze is enough. And if it needs replacing, do the necessary or visit a professional mechanic who can ensure all your old car's fluids are at an optimal level.

4. Check That All Lights Are Working Properly

Sometimes when you're having so much fun, you tend to stay longer, and it can get dark on your way home. That's why you need to check that all your lights are working correctly and bright.

Remember to check the headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. If any of the lights are not functioning, have them replaced.

5. Inspect the Windscreen, Wipers, and Washers.

Most people overlook replacing the windscreen washer fluid when preparing their old cars for summer, but it's essential to replenish it.

Are the wipers in the best condition? Unfortunately, the wiper blades must be as old as the car. Thus, you need to install new ones that won't fail you midway during your drives.

Don't forget to check that your old car's windscreen is free of nicks and cracks. If you detect any damage, have a new windscreen installed for safe travel over the summer holiday.

6. Give Your Car a Wash

Once your old car is mechanically fit for summer, it's time to wash and wax it. The vehicle must have been lying in your garage for quite some time, and you need to make it shine.

Wash your car from the top and work your way downwards to ensure no dirt drips on clean areas. After washing it thoroughly, rinse all the surfaces, leaving no leaks from the roof, window, or sunroof seals, then dry your car and coat it with wax. It will shine like a brand new one.

Prepare your old car for summer travel in Chicago, IL, by following our comprehensive guidelines.

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