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How to Prepare Your Old Car for Summer in Las Vegas, NV

With average summer temperatures of 90-100, you'll want not to be caught unaware. The extreme heat of summertime in Las Vegas is no joke--and you'll want to pay special attention to certain high-value items like your car.

Just like the average human will require more hydration and sunscreen during extreme temperatures, your car will perform much better with a few proactive tweaks, too.

Average Las Vegas summer temperatures are often in the triple digits. The never-ending sun can damage your vehicle if you don't prepare properly. Here's a rundown of what you can expect in the summer in the Mojave Desert and how to best prep your older car for those inevitable months of scorching heat.

Maintain Your Car Fluids, Such as Engine Coolant, Motor & Transmission Oil

If you do just one thing in this list, let it be this one. Check your engine's coolant system and fluid to make sure levels are where they should be and everything functions correctly.

The last thing you want to be is stranded and waiting for AAA with an overheated system because you neglected to get your coolant checked! In older cars, this can especially be an issue.

Save yourself expensive engine repairs and be proactive about this one, especially when living in desert climates. Motor oil and transmission oil are also essential to have checked at a local shop alongside your coolant levels.

Use Car Front Window Blackout Blinds/Sunshades

Not just a stylish look or statement piece, having sunshades on the inside front windshield of your car can quite literally save your interior from scorching sun damage. Of course, parking in the shade is ideal, but there's not always an opportunity for that.

Investing in sunshades is a triple threat. First, save the cosmetic trouble and give your car the equivalent of 50+ SPF sunscreen, not to mention saving the fumes from chemical bleed-off that can occur when leather and dyes in seats with sun exposure.

These shades also function to keep your car's interior a few degrees cooler so that your air conditioner has to work less to provide you with cool air when you get in your vehicle.

Check Your Battery Performance

It's a good rule of thumb to note that car batteries work twice as hard in heat or extremes, so you'll want to keep an eye out if you have an older one, especially as summer approaches.

Before you even hit the high heat days, it's a good idea to get your battery tested to see its performance levels. If they're not up to par, proactively replacing the battery or buying a spare battery you can keep for emergencies is recommended.

Inspect Your Tires

Tires expand in the heat, and older or lower-quality tires can easily over-expand the higher the thermometer climbs. So keep an eye on your tire pressure, either with your own air pressure gauge or at a gas station or shop.

Check Your Air Conditioning

If you plan on driving your old car in Vegas during the summer months instead of storing it, you will want to be sure that your air conditioning is up to par. With triple-digit heat records, you definitely don't want to be caught in a literal sweaty hot box.

Keep Your Windows Rolled Down When You Can

If you're able to do so without a security issue, keeping your windows rolled down (even just a crack!) will help keep air circulating in intense heat. Tinted window vent visors can assist, making it appear like your windows are rolled up.

However, to roll your windows down, they need to work! Before the temperatures become unbearable, make sure your windows work smoothly so you can let air into the car when needed.

Ensure Your Radio Is Working

When prepping your car, you'll want to also make sure you have tunes while driving, especially if you're planning on taking a summer road trip.

It's a major bummer to have everything running but then discover your old radio is on its last leg and doesn't work correctly.

Can't Afford Auto Repairs? Consider Selling

By checking some simple car maintenance things like coolant and motor oil, tire pressure, and remembering to leave a window cracked (if you can), you can prep your car as well as possible to withstand the Vegas heat.

However, there are people whose old cars might not be able to withstand another summer. Sound like you and your vehicle? Join thousands of people trading in their junk cars for cash in Las Vegas so you can enjoy some extra money for your clunker!

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