Top 20 Junk Cars That Sell For The Most Cash

Have you ever wondered which junk cars bring the most cash when they are scrapped? If so, we have the answers! We have scrapped a very large number of vehicles of all types. We have also kept track of what we paid out for each and every one of them.

These cars come from just about every state in the country, and from every city and town, large or small, within those states. It all adds up to a huge volume of scrapped cars, way too many to list in just one article. We will focus here on the top 20 junk cars that we have bought in volume and have brought the most cash to their fortunate owners.

We will show you the average prices that these top-paying vehicles brought on a national basis. We’ll also let you know where in the US these highest paying individual cars, trucks, and SUVs came from.

This story is truly a testament to the importance of the automobile to the people of this great land. We depend on our vehicles to get us to work, to school, to shop, and to many fun activities!

This tale also perfectly illustrates how each individual auto in our nation’s massive vehicle fleet is at some point in the cycle of being purchased, used, junked for cash, and then recycled into new cars, over and over again. And wherever you happen to live, whenever your car is suitable for scrapping, Junk Car Medics will get you a great price for your junk car! 

Why does one junk car bring more money than another?

The answer to this question is complicated. It has to do with a lot of factors that will naturally vary from vehicle to vehicle, not just between different makes and models, but also between two examples of the same exact car. These factors include:

  • The vehicle’s condition (worth more if it is it drivable, complete, and in decent shape)
  • The vehicle’s size (there’s more metal and higher scrap value in larger vehicles)
  • The numbers sold (higher volume means more demand for reusable parts)
  • Value of its parts (premium and larger vehicles tend to have more valuable parts)
  • Local supply and demand (is there a need for parts from that vehicle or not?)
  • Are there any especially valuable parts on this particular vehicle (example: hybrid systems)
  • Regional variations in scrap pricing

The most extreme comparison would be between a nice-looking, older, higher-mileage vehicle that still runs reliably, and a beat-up, worn-out one that doesn’t run and has several major parts missing. Most of our top-paying cars are likely to be on the positive side of that comparison.

Please keep this in mind as you read about where the highest-paying junk cars came from. You won’t get a higher price just by taking your junk car to one of these locations – that’s not how it works! You are much better off simply contacting us at Junk Car Medics and having us pick it up right from your present address. We’ll take it off your hands and give you a check!

Which junk cars bring the most cash?

Here are our Top Twenty:

Top Paying Cars for Cash in 2020
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    Now let’s take them one by one, see where the highest prices were paid for each, and then learn a little about each vehicle.

    #1 – 2010 Toyota Corolla - Average Price: $1154.32

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Columbus OH - $2850.00

    Bronx NY - $2445.00

    La Puente CA - $2135.00

    The 2010 Toyota Corolla belongs to the tenth generation of this extremely popular compact front-wheel drive sedan. With a reputation for long-term reliability, the Corolla is a safe and solid choice, whether new or used. US Corolla sales were 266,082 in 2010.

    #2 – 2009 Toyota Corolla - Average Price $1069.38

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Austin TX - $2375.00

    Minneapolis MN - $2190.00

    Mission Viejo CA - $2025.00

    The 2009 Toyota Corolla is also a member of this car’s tenth generation. It shares all of its popularity and attributes with the very similar 2010 model mentioned above. A total of 296,874 Corollas were sold in the US in 2009.

    #3 – 2009 Honda Accord - Average Price $1038.62

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Stone Mountain GA - $3340.00

    Tulsa OK - $3185.00

    San Pedro CA - $2025.00

    The 2009 Honda Accord represents the eighth generation of Honda’s mid-size front wheel-drive car, available as a 4-door sedan and a 2-door coupe. The Accord is traditionally a top seller and was responsible for 290,056 US sales in 2009.

    #4 – 2005 Toyota Prius -  Average Price $1013.96

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Portland OR - $2270.00

    Houston TX - $2055.00

    Suisun City CA - $2015.00

    The 2005 Toyota Prius is a member of this ground-breaking vehicle’s second generation. Its distinctive aerodynamic shape, gasoline-electric hybrid drive system, and impressive fuel economy helped Prius drivers feel (and also told others) that they were helping the planet by driving one. In 2005, 107,900 examples were sold in the US.

    #5 – 2007 Toyota Prius - Average Price $940.90

    Top-Paying Locations:

    San Francisco CA - $1430.00

    Portland OR - $1418.33

    Tucson AZ - $1330.00

    The 2007 Toyota Prius is very similar to the 2005 model listed above. Demand for the fuel-efficient Prius rose to its highest level ever with the 2007 model, accounting for a never-to-be-repeated peak of 181,200 sales in that year.

    #6 – 2008 Toyota Camry - Average Price $925.20

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Delray Beach FL - $1975.00

    Milwaukee WI - $1935.00

    Converse TX - $1915.00

    The 2008 Toyota Camry is an example of the sixth generation of Toyota’s top-selling mid-size front-wheel drive sedan, which was also available in a hybrid version. A total of 436,617 2008 Camrys were sold in the US, making it the top-selling car that year.

    #7 – 2011 Chevrolet Cruze - Average Paid $855.52

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Leander TX - $2120.00

    Reno NV - $1605.00

    Cape May Court House NJ - $1600.00

    The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze is the first year of the first generation of Chevrolet’s front-wheel drive compact sedan. It was built in Lordstown, Ohio. Dealers sold 231,732 of them that year.

    #8 – 2006 Ford F-150 - Average Paid $853.13

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Little Rock AR - $1965.00

    Austin TX - $1942.50

    Brooklyn NY - $1815.00

    The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the US every year since 1981. The 2006 F-150 represents the third model year of the eleventh generation of this perennially popular pickup truck. There were 796,039 examples sold in 2006.

    #9 – 2005 Toyota Sienna - Average Paid $851.67

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Mason OH - $1635.00

    Hillsborough CA - $1490.00

    Saint Cloud MN - $1465.00

    The 2005 Toyota Sienna belongs to this front-wheel drive minivan’s second generation. All-wheel drive was optional on some Sienna trim levels. All in all, 161,380 of the 2005 Sienna were sold.

    #10 – 2007 Ford F-150 - Average Paid $840.15

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Selma  AL - $2070.00

    Las Vegas NV - $1585.00

    Dracut MA -  $1510.00

    The 2007 Ford F-150 is an eleventh-generation sibling of the 2006 model listed above. This was the first year for the FX2 Sport package option. A total of 690,589 copies of the 2007 F-150 were sold.

    #11 – 2010 Honda Civic - Average Paid $775.55

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Stanton CA - $2010.00

    Little Elm TX - $1791.67

    Louisville KY - $1695.00

    The 2010 Honda Civic is a member of this top-selling front-wheel drive compact’s eighth generation. Both 4-door sedan and 2-door coupe body styles were offered. Sales of this model added up to 260,218.

    #12 – 2006 Toyota Corolla - Average Paid $741.83

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Hutto TX - $1330.00

    Lewisville TX - $1265.00

    South Grafton MA - $1265.00

    The 2006 Toyota Corolla marks the Corolla’s third appearance on this list. The 2006 Corolla belongs to the earlier ninth-generation of this compact front-wheel drive sedan, which was made from 2003 to 2008. The 2006 Corolla sold 387,388 units.

    #13 – 2007 Toyota Yaris - Average Paid $735.32

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Lafayette LA - $1480.00

    Oak Park IL - $1205.00

    Sugar Land TX - $1200.00

    The 2007 Toyota Yaris represents the second generation of Toyota’s subcompact car with front-wheel drive. It was available as either a 4-door sedan or a 3-door hatchback. For the 2007 model year, a total of 84,799 Yarises were sold.

    #14 – 2009 Honda Civic - Average Paid $700.41

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Utica NY - $1585.00

    Denton TX - $1550.00

    El Paso TX - $1520.00

    The 2009 Honda Civic is very similar to the eighth-generation 2010 model mentioned above. The 2009 model received a mid-cycle cosmetic facelift. Total sales of the 2009 Civic were 259,722.

    #15 – 2007 Toyota Camry - Average Paid $697.67

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Irving TX - $1221.00

    San Diego CA - $1098.33

    St. Louis MO -  $956.00

    The 2007 Toyota Camry was the first year of the sixth generation Camry, which boasted greatly increased interior space compared to its predecessor. It is very similar to the 2008 model listed above. The 2007 Camry was the best-selling car of 2007, with 473,108 sold.

    #16 – 2007 Honda Odyssey - Average Paid $687.48

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Bethlehem PA -  $1455.00

    Montgomery AL - $1290.00

    San Bernardino CA - $1270.00

    The 2007 Honda Odyssey belongs to the third generation of Honda’s front-wheel drive minivan. It placed a close second in minivan sales for the year, right behind the Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan, with 173,046 examples sold.

    #17 – 2012 Nissan Altima - Average Paid $667.96

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Austin, TX - $1590.00

    Oxnard, CA - $1580.00

    Tulsa, OK - $1575.00

    The 2012 Nissan Altima is a member of the fourth generation of Nissan’s mid-size front-wheel drive car, which was available as a 4-door sedan or a 2-door coupe. Total sales for the 2012 Altima came out to 302,934.

    #18 – 2007 BMW 328 - Average Paid $650.98

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Opa-Locka FL - $2105.00

    Divide CO - $1660.00

    Madera CA - $1460.00

    The 2007 BMW 328 is a member of BMW’s 3-Series family and is the only European vehicle to appear here. It belongs to the fifth generation of BMW’s compact rear-wheel drive car family, which includes a 4-door sedan, a 2-door coupe, a 2-door convertible, and a 5-door wagon. All-wheel drive was an option. Total 3-Series sales for 2007 numbered 142,490.

    #19 – 2005 Toyota Corolla - Average Paid $649.39

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Quincy MA -  $1235.00

    Sun Prairie WI - $1177.50

    Newark NJ - $1126.67

    This 2005 Toyota Corolla is the fourth Corolla to make our list. It is an example of this popular compact front-wheel drive 4-door sedan’s ninth-generation. A total of 341,290 units of the 2005 Corolla were sold in the US market.

    #20 – 2004 GMC Yukon - Average Paid $648.22

    Top-Paying Locations:

    Dallas TX - $1615.00

    Linden NJ - $1480.00

    Soledad CA - $1285.00

    The 2004 GMC Yukon is a full-size 5-door SUV made by the GMC division of General Motors. It represents the vehicle’s second generation, and was available with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Total sales of the GMC Yukon for the 2004 model year ended up at 86,571.

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