A salvage yard can be called different names, depending on what it does.

What do salvage yards do exactly?

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The reason that auto salvage yards have several different names is because they do a few different things (although don't make the mistake of thinking they're the same as junkyards), all of which can be useful to a car owner. Here are some of the things that happen to junk cars once they get sold to salvage yards:

  • Remove parts from junk cars. When auto salvage yards receive an end-of-life vehicle, they’ll first strip the car of all its useful parts. Most junk cars have at least some components that could still be used for something.
  • Salvage scrap metal from junk cars. Next, wrecking yards will crush the rest of the car and sell it for the weight of the scrap metal.
  • Resell car parts to consumers. Most salvage yards also sell these salvaged parts to other car owners. You can get usable car parts for a good bargain at salvage yards.