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Wrecking Yards – Everything You Need to Know

We tell you everything you need to know about wrecking yards.

Wrecking Yards – Everything You Need to KnowYou’ve heard about selling your junk car for cash to wrecking yards, but how does this process work? What use does a wrecking car have for your old beaten up car, truck, or SUV? The answer, recycled materials. Auto recycling companies like Junk Car Medics play a vital role in helping to minimize unnecessary materials in the landfills. Through the work they do, they properly get rid of and recycle materials found in automobiles.

What is a Wrecking Yard?

A wrecking yard is a facility where cars are salvaged. This is the process of stripping unwanted, unused, wrecked, and junk vehicles of any reusable parts for refurbishing or recycling.

Are There Regulations for Wrecking Yards?

Wrecking yards are responsible for handling very hazardous materials. As such, they must comply with a set of regulations set forth by the federal and local government. While regulations will vary by locality, wrecking yards are held to certain standards. They are essentially designed to ensure that the wrecking yards are helping to reduce harmful emissions and safely dispose of and recycle car parts, fluids, and equipment.

Who Should Use a Wrecking Yard?

Customers who have old cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs can benefit from doing business with a wrecking yard. Most junk car buyers like Junk Car Medics will accept any make, model, or year, regardless its condition. You can sell your junk car for cash while also doing your part to help the environment. Do you own an old car, wrecked car, car with transmission or mechanical issues, or even a car that doesn’t start? Try to find "junkyards near me" online and contact a nearby wrecking yard or junk car buyer for more information.

How Does the Wrecking Process Work?

There are several steps to the auto salvage or wrecking process. Below are the steps in more detail:

  • Drain Fluids – Dumping car fluids is hazardous. They must be safely removed from the car so that the fluids do not end up back into the environment. While certain fluids aren’t reusable, motor oil, Freon, and antifreeze are all reusable and are often recycled. In so doing, they’re cleaned of debris and repurposed for energy, refrigerant, and antifreeze.
  • Remove Parts – Yes, the bulk of your car may be a piece of junk. However, there is a real possibility that some of the parts can be refurbished and resold. The components that can be resold are removed from the car prior to it being crushed. These parts are then taken through a process which includes cleaning, reconditioning, and testing. Then, they are sold to consumers who are looking to save money on used car parts.
  • Recycle Parts – Some car parts must be removed from the car and processed prior to recycling. This would include parts like a dead car battery which contains a very harmful and toxic ingredient – lead. The lead is removed from the batteries and used to make new ones. The plastic from the car battery is repurposed to create cases for new batteries. Car tires are also recycled during the auto wrecking process.
  • Crush the Car – This step comes after the car has had all its fluids and parts removed and properly recycled. After that, a crusher flattens the vehicle. Once the car has been flattened, it’s shredded to to pieces while specialized magnets are used to separate the steel.

How Can You Sell a Junk Car to a Wrecking Yard?

Like the idea of saving the environment, getting rid of your junk car, and earning a little money while you do it? You’ll be pleased to know that if you sell your junk car to Junk Car Medics, the process is simple. Here are steps below for selling your junk car for cash:

  1. Remove your personal things

    Have a habit of living in your car? Don’t be ashamed - lots of us do it! However, if you’re selling your junk car to a wrecking yard, make sure you’ve removed everything that belongs to you. Check every nook and cranny. Once you sell the car, the car and its contents belong to the wrecking yard.

  2. Secure the car title

    To sell your junk car to a wrecking yard, ensure that you have a valid title for the vehicle. You’ll need to transfer ownership to the junkyard so make sure that you’re prepared to do so when the tow truck driver arrives. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to head over to your local DMV office to secure a duplicate.

  3. Remove Valuable Parts

    Prior to accepting any quotes from junk car buyers, look around the car. Remove any parts that you believe can be sold separately to get you more money. This may include windshield wiper arms, an audio system, car battery, tires, windows, doors, the cooling system, and the exhaust.

  4. Use up the gas

    Got a full tank of gas? Now is the time to get out there and drive your junk car for the last time.

  5. Take off the plates

    Lastly, remove the license plates.

  6. Contact a Junk Car Buyer

    Now, contact a junk car buyer near you and ask for a quote. If you like what they’ve quoted you, schedule an appointment for removal.

  7. Be there during the removal

    Be sure that you’re present during the junk car removal so that you can transfer ownership. Of course, you also need to be there to receive your cash payment on the spot.

Wrecking yards are beneficial not only to junk car owners but to the environment. The wrecking process, when done in compliance with government regulations, has helped the United States to recycle more than 90 percent of its junk cars. Got an old, wrecked, damaged, car you’d like to get rid of? Contact Junk Car Medics, a junk car buyer near you to get the process started.

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