Car Junk Yards

Auto junk yards can be veritable treasure troves for gearheads and car enthusiasts who are looking for a great deal nearby. If you haven’t ventured beyond those gates, you are missing out! Contrary to popular belief, they are not filled with junk. There are actually some very valuable things you can get from a car junk yard – and you can get them for a song.

Salvage yards are a greener option for buying car parts

Often, when a car is scrapped, it still has salvageable parts. These parts can be recycled so the entire vehicle does not have to be disposed of. If you are looking for parts for your car, checking out your local salvage yard is a greener option than purchasing the part new.

No part of the vehicle is off limits, as long as that part is in good shape. You might pull seats, bumpers, windows, or even the engine. Some scrap yards will refurb large components like engines and transmission then resell them. If you are handy with some tools you can do it yourself.

Table of Contents:

1. Get Car Parts at Junk Yards
2. Sell Your Car to an Auto Junk Yard
3. Auto Junk Yard Information
4. 10 Reasons to Visit Junkyards
5. Auto Salvage Yards Near Me

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Auto junk yards are a great place to find obscure parts

Classic and vintage collector cars can carry a very nice price tag when they have all original parts. There are sites that sell replicas of the original parts, but that still lowers the value of the vehicle. If you can manage to find original parts, they can be expensive. Picking through an auto salvage yard can be a cost-effective way to find the parts you need.

Even some more modern cars may have difficult to find parts. An older vehicle that is no longer in production may have some parts that are tough to find. Sure, the dealership may have a few lying around, but who wants to pay dealership price?

Taking a walk through an auto junk yard to find the parts you need can save you hundreds of dollars. In many cases, they are deeply discounted, 40% to even 75% off of retail price. If you do happen to find your year, make, and model of vehicle, it might be in your best interest to go ahead and pick up what parts you can to have them on hand should you need them, especially if the vehicle is rare or the parts are difficult to find.

Sure, you may have to take an afternoon stepping around junk cars and discarded parts. You might get a little dirty, especially if it is a U-Pull-It lot here you get the part yourself, but in the end, that extra labor on your part will save you money. And isn’t that the name of the game? Why spend the extra money if you don’t have to?

Pick and Pull Yards

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You can find great deals on car parts at a junkyard near you.

Junkyards near me that sell parts

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You can find end-of-life vehicles at junkyards.

What kind of cars do junkyards have?

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Junkyards That Buy Cars for Cash

Maybe you have an old car lying around, taking up space in your yard or garage. It doesn’t run and isn’t of much value to anyone, so what can you do with it? It might be tempting to sell it for scrap, but what if there was a better way? What if you could get more for your junk car than scrapping it?

There are auto salvage yards that want your car and are willing to pay cash for it. Many will even send a tow truck to pick up your junk car for you. All you have to do is be there to sign it over and collect your cash.

One word of caution. Steel prices fluctuate just like other materials do. One week you may get top dollar and the next week you might get next to nothing. If you are not in a hurry to get rid of the vehicle, watch the prices to see if there is an upswing, ensuring that you get a higher return.

There are other factors that could affect the amount you get to scrap your car. The year, make, and model can have a bearing. Also, if the car is selling nearby via the internet or paper, it can lower the price. A saturated market is rarely profitable.

Follow these steps to get the most for your junk car:

  • Have a clear title
  • Find out the market value of the car as well as what you may get for the steel if you scrapped it
  • Shop around for quotes; don’t settle on the first place you call until you’ve gotten quotes from at least three places.
  • If you can drive it to the yard, do it. “Free towing” is fine, but you are likely to get more if they don’t have to shell out any money to get your car to their yard.

Whether they put your car in the salvage yard to scrap it right away is completely up to the salvage company. You will still get your money. The cool thing about steel is that it can be recycled over and over while maintaining its strength. So, while your junk car may find its way to the scrap yard and be destroyed, it could be resurrected in some really cool way when the steel is recycled.

You get some cash and you get to help the planet. What more could you ask for?

You can find some junkyards that can offer you cash for your car, even without the registration.

Junkyards that buy cars without registration

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Are there junkyards that can buy your car without a title?

Junkyards that buy cars without titles

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The amount of money a junkyard pays out depends on several factors.

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We tell you the things you can do with an old car.

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There are several common auto junkyards you should always watch out for.

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Before you junk your car for cash at an auto junk yard, do these five things first.

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auto junkyard

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Auto Junk Yards - One Man's Trash is Another's Treasure

You’ve probably seen at least one article about someone who was poking around in an auto salvage yard and found some super rare car or motorcycle. It happens from time to time. Most of the staff at an auto salvage yard can identify rare or high-value vehicles. Sometimes they just let it go on through because it’s only the body or the body and chassis.

Those are the fun projects. Of course, you will have to find the parts that actually make it go. But you can probably find them at a junk yard too.

Imagine finding some great old body and chassis, then building it from the ground up. It takes time, patience, and a lot of know-how, but it can be done. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be poking around in the auto salvage yard and stumble across this great find that you can resto and rebuild. How cool would that be?

Likewise, you might find junk yard gold by selling your car for scrap and getting top dollar.

Don’t ever discount the power of the junk yard. There are often some pretty incredible finds in there if you are willing to put in the time and dig a little.

Salvage yards are not only economical but eco-friendly as well.

Benefits of auto salvage yards to the environment

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Though “environmentally friendly” might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of junkyards, the truth is that car junk yards are incredibly helpful for the environment. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” is a slogan that salvage yards definitely live by! We all know how important it is to recycle to reduce …

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How do I choose the best out of all the junkyards near me?

Junkyards near me

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A junkyard can be called different names, depending on what it does.

What do junkyards do exactly?

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There are several reasons why you might want to visit a junkyard.

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We tell you everything you need to know about wrecking yards.

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Are Junkyards Open on Sundays?

Are Junkyards Open on Sundays?

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10 Reasons to Visit Your Nearby Auto Salvage Yard

Do you need a good reason to visit an auto salvage yard? We have ten of ‘em!

  1. You can find cheap car parts. This is the first and most obvious reason, but it’s true!
  2. You can save yourself some extensive body work by finding quarter panels, bumpers, doors, and hoods to replace the damaged areas.
  3. You can peek into other people’s lives by digging through the glove box and trunk. It is amazing what some people will leave in their cars when they send them to the salvage yard. Sometimes though, the person never had the chance to get their belongings because the car was taken to the yard via a third party.
  4. You can find replacement windows. Whether you are looking for a replacement window for your van or some glass for your car, you can probably find it at the junk yard. As long as you can retrieve it yourself, it will cost much less than going to a glass store.
  5. You can get refurbished engines and transmissions for cheap. It’s true. Many auto salvage yards will refurbish components like engines, transmissions, and alternators, then sell them for a profit (but they’re still far less than going to a dealership or even a mechanic’s shop).
  6. You can get cash for your junk car. Many junk yards are willing to pay cash for your car, especially if it is going to be scrapped. You need to shop around a bit to make sure you are getting the best price, but if you need cash fast, this is a great way to go, plus it gets you more space in your garage.
  7. You can enjoy the experience and you might find gold. You never know what you are going to find at an auto salvage yard. You might find your next resto project sitting among the forgotten carcasses of yesterday’s bright and shiny kings and queens of the road. A little paint, a little work, and a lot of TLC could get you the car of your dreams.
  8. You can help save the planet by recycling car parts instead of buying them new. Recycling is good for the environment and choosing to get your car parts second hand from a salvage yard is much cheaper, and a whole lot greener than getting them from a dealer or vendor who sells parts.
  9. You can find replacement parts rare or uncommon cars. If you have a rare car or are looking for obscure parts, you might have some luck at your local auto salvage yard. You can call to see if they have the car on the yard, or some places have their inventory online. Try to check ahead of time and save yourself from making a useless trip if it isn’t there.
  10. You can turn a wrench and get grease under your nails. Ah! This is the best part of going to a junk yard. You get to crawl around in cars and get dirty. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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