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I'm recommending everyone I know that has a car they need gone this company is a big save and had an incident with an wrecker on price for my vehicle I called to make a complaint and was referred to the most professional case worker by the name on Jose Ruiz he helped me tremendously on my situation due too the wrecker low balling me Jose did his job and helped with my situation and very grateful may God bless you and your co workers for the next 10 seasons of success for making things right
4 months ago
Melv Mill
Junk car medics (PEDDLE) we're absolutely amazing and they compensate you more than ANYONE AROUND here. However they Contract the towing of your vehicle to our local tow companies/Scrap yards. When the tow driver arrived he tried finding reasons to pay WAY LESS than the quote I received. After it was said and done he wrote me a check for 250 less than price quoted. In the defense of JCM they did send me a check for $90 to compensate my troubles. I do recommend PEDDLE/Junk car medics.
5 months ago
Trallis Easom
This was a very smooth and through process I was impress. The moment I contacted them through their website with the information on my car withing 15 minutes I had an offer and a phone call explaining the process and who would be coming and what day to get the car. The offer was double what anyone else was offering. The day of the pick up it went without a hitch, truck pulled up, handed me a check and was gone in about 15 minutes. I recommend this company!!
2 years ago
They were great came out the next day and gave me the best quote out of everyone I've called, great results, thank you so much junkcarmedics.
4 years ago
Crystal Bethea

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