Your Choice of Auto Junkyards in Miami, FL

List of Auto Salvage Yards in Miami, Florida
Auto Salvage Yards in Miami, Florida

At Junk Car Medics our goal is to get you the best offer of cash for your Miami junk cars feasible, whether it is from us or from an additional auto salvage yard in Miami, FL. Whether you believe us or not, we remain in this for the fulfillment of assisting others and also offering great customer support. For that reason whether you offer your junk car to the Junk Car Medics or not, we want to assist make your encounter the most effective ever.

In order to ensure you get the most cash for your junk car in Miami we went on and created a listing of the top auto junk yards in Miami, FL that you could call around to for a junk car quote. Possibilities are you could do away with the problem due to the fact that we just work with the trustworthy auto junk yards in Florida you can save the time and know it'll be the Medics, however if you wish to call around for a junk car quote here is an exact list for you.

Auto Junkyards in Miami, FL Near You Current Listings

Junk Cars for Cash

2902 SW 27th Ln, Miami, FL 33133


America Towing

1250 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33142


Junk Cars Buyer Miami

1717 N Bayshore Dr #1953, Miami, FL 33132


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Bud's Auto Parts

3550 NW S River Dr, Miami, FL 33142


Chavez Used Auto Parts

1480 NW 20th St, Miami, FL 33142


Junk Cars Miami

2744 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33142


We Buy Junk Cars Cash

7221 SW 14th St, Miami, FL 33144


Buggy Doctor

3400 NW 46th St, Miami, FL 33142


Samys Used Auto Parts

1736 Perimeter Rd, Miami, FL 33142



815 NW 57th Ave Suite 5480, Miami, FL 33126


My Junk Master
850 NW 71st St
Miami, FL 33150
(305) 693-4111

Barbara Used Auto Parts
4605 NW 37th Ave
Miami, FL 33142
(305) 633-1822

Ted & Stan's Towing Service
658 NW 30th St
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 636-4022

Max Used Auto Parts
2731 NW 19th St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
(305) 573-3510

ABC-Svinga Brothers Corporation
3511 NW North River Dr
Miami, FL 33142
(954) 523-9151

Brickell Honda Parts
690 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 856-3000

Ray's 72nd Street Auto Center
800 NW 72nd St
Miami, FL 33150
(305) 696-7130

Martinito Motors
3250 NW 43rd Terrace
Miami, FL 33142
(305) 633-9850

Towing Service Miami
1603 NW 28th St
Miami, FL 33142
(305) 635-2222

Downtown Used Auto Parts
1091 Perimeter Rd
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 324-0660