Your Choice of Auto Junkyards in Rockford, IL

rockford il auto junk yards
The Top Auto Junk Yards in The Rockford Area

At Junk Car Medics we want to make sure you get taken care of, whether that's by us or someone else.  We care about our customers so we've put together a list of other auto junkyards in Rockford, IL, ST that you can contact about selling your junk car for cash in Rockford.  Feel free to browse the list and contact them, or give us a call to get the best service and price in Illinois.

Auto Junkyards in Rockford, IL Near You Current Listings

B&H Auto Parts Salvage & Recycling Inc.

2929 8th St., Rockford, IL 61109


All Auto Parts Inc.

2235 Kishwaukee St., Rockford, IL 61104


Area Salvage and Recycling

207 Peoples Ave., Rockford, IL 61104


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