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The Top Auto Junk Yards in The Austin Area

Junkyards in Austin serve as valuable hubs for recycling automotive parts and materials. They provide a range of services, including buying junk cars, dismantling them for reusable parts, and properly recycling unusable materials. The benefits of using these facilities are twofold: they offer an eco-friendly way to dispose of old vehicles and provide a means for residents to earn some profit from an unwanted asset. Given Austin's commitment to sustainability and its growing population, junkyards play a crucial role in waste management within the community. If you're looking to sell your old or damaged vehicle, junkyards in Austin that buy junk cars could offer you a viable solution.

Let's take a look at a list of the best junkyards in Austin that buy junk cars.

Auto Junkyards in Austin, TX Near You Current Listings

Browning Auto Parts

3212 E Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702

Special Truck and Auto Salvage

10462 FM812, Austin, TX 78719

A1 PartSmart

9707 FM812, Austin, TX 78719

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Big 4 Auto Parts

220 Ralph Ablanedo Dr., Austin, TX 78748

Allied Auto Parts

8534 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78745

We Buy Junk Cars

4715 E Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702

Austin Pick-A-Part & Auto Salvage

15300 Farm to Market 969, Austin, TX 78724

Aaron's Auto Parts

8409 S Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78745

Austin Cash for Junk Cars

4410 E William Cannon Dr., Austin, TX 78744

Junk Car Buyer Austin

836 Neans Dr., Austin, TX 78758



11011 Bluff Bend Dr., Austin, TX 78753

Junkyard Alternative Offers Cash for Junk Cars in Austin

We've compiled a list of reliable junkyards in Austin that purchase cars. We considered factors like customer reviews, payment rates, and the services they offer to create this list. While these options are good to consider, there's another simple way to get cash for junk cars in Austin: Junk Car Medics. Selling your junk car to Junk Car Medics is quick, easy, and painless. Trust Junk Car Medics for a hassle-free experience and the cash you rightfully deserve.