It’s hard to keep the facts of keeping and selling a car straight especially when you learn that different states have different laws. You check one website and get an answer, only to find that six other sites have vastly conflicting information!
Here, you'll find answers to a variety of basic questions you might have, like why is my VIN so long and do I get to hang onto my plates after I get rid of my car?
And if you're concerned about how to tow a truck, how much in taxes you'll pay, or what to do if your car gets repossessed, there are plenty of helpful tips in this category.
It’s best to gather all the facts long before you even think of turning over the keys to your junk car. Not only will you know what to expect, but you can also get a sense of when it makes sense to put your car down.
Too many people hang on to a car that is not only laborious to keep around, it's also downright dangerous. Not only is the car unlikely to withstand anything out of the ordinary, like poor weather or a severe pothole, it's also a hazard to other drivers on the road.
You can find out whether you should buy another car at an auction or if salvage titles are worth the risk.
Or use our checklist to make sure that your car is well-equipped to get you through a natural or man-made disaster.
You can even read about the many things you can do with a wrecked car that don't include stowing it in a garage for the next decade.