How Much is Your Junk Car Worth?

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How Much is My Junk Car Worth?

Junk cars sell for $100 - $1,000 on average. Junk car buyers determine the value of a junk car based on the vehicle's weight, current scrap metal prices, and other factors such as the popularity of the vehicle and its condition.

How to Estimate a Junk Car's Worth

Go online to find local scrap metal prices for cars in your area and multiply that by the vehicle's weight to get a baseline value. From there if your vehicle has valuable parts and is in demand the value will go up. Get a quote from 3 or more buyers to get an idea of how much your junk car will sell for. Call local junkyards and online junk car buyers and compare the quotes they offer.

Often, first-time sellers overestimate the value of their junk cars. If your vehicle is damaged beyond repair and otherwise undriveable you'll have to settle for scrap car prices when selling your junker.

What Are Average Junk Car Prices?

Prices for junk cars vary from car to car based on many factors, but you can expect between $100 to $1,000 for junk cars that:

  • Are over 10 years old
  • Have high mileage
  • Have sever damage
  • Are inoperable

However, some junk cars can sell for more with a junk car buying service if they:

  • Are newer
  • Minimal damage
  • Have in-demand parts
  • Are heavier and contain more metal

Here are average prices for the most popular junk cars nationwide.

Average Prices For Most Popular Junk Cars

Honda Accord

Last updated 3/28/24 📈

Nissan Altima

Last updated 3/28/24 📈

Toyota Camry

Last updated 3/28/24 📈

Honda Civic

Last updated 3/28/24 📈

Ford Explorer

Last updated 3/28/24 📈

Chevrolet Impala

Last updated 3/28/24 📈

PT Cruiser

Last updated 3/28/24 📈

Junk Car Sales by Month

Honda Accord $399.86 $454.27 $432.21 $527.30 $551.32 $590.61 $503.21 $544.77 $398.64 $577.01
Nissan Altima $340.86 $384.50 $455.64 $470.80 $533.77 $553.12 $595.24 $488.32 $509.46 $504.17
Toyota Camry $471.13 $584.03 $640.46 $773.23 $745.69 $628.61 $651.58 $574.42 $577.32 $890.63
Honda Civic $378.04 $446.64 $539.77 $571.28 $582.46 $585.51 $636.15 $576.42 $442.69 $568.16
Ford Explorer $481.43 $493.68 $375.25 $450.60 $606.13 $517.31 $436.74 $501.01 $487.41 $500.24
Chevrolet Impala $287.64 $309.19 $345.95 $379.00 $373.48 $405.47 $412.24 $418.02 $404.73 $426.69
PT Cruiser $217.36 $289.22 $292.82 $302.61 $343.41 $307.87 $334.09 $294.17 $345.22 $365.66
Monthly Average: $385.14 $447.05 $468.21 $525.09 $557.12 $547.13 $545.42 $514.02 $459.18 $569.89

*The junk car prices on this page are averages based on a 30 day running total of offers made for these specific vehicle models, which are the most popular. Prices are only for reference and informational purposes and are based on national averages. Junk car buyers are NOT held to these averages. The condition of the vehicle can greatly impact the price. If your car is in good condition with a few reusable parts you can expect these to be in the ballpark of the value of your car. If your vehicle is in great condition and a newer model year you can expect more. Pure junk and you get less.

How Much is My Junk Car Worth as Scrap?

The scrap value of your car is determined by the vehicle's weight and the current scrap metal price for cars in your area. Currently scrap car prices range between $145 - $195 per ton. Take a look at current scrap car prices per ton and compare with how much junk cars are selling for. You'll see the value the reusable parts can add.

Junk Car value is determined by 7 factors

Factors That Affect the Value of a Junk Car

The value of a junk car is influenced by several factors, including:

  1. Vehicle Year, Make, and Model: Older vehicles generally have lower value, except for well-maintained vintage cars. The make (brand) and model also play a role, with newer models and luxury brands like Rolls Royce typically fetching higher prices due to their advanced technology and expensive parts.
  2. Vehicle Condition: Cars in better condition, requiring minimal repairs to be operable, are worth more. Factors like corrosion from weather exposure and missing or damaged parts like the steering rack, transmission system, and engine can significantly reduce a car's value.
  3. Vehicle Parts: The presence of valuable parts like airbag systems, doors, GPS systems, wheels, rims, catalytic converters, and bumpers can increase a junk car's value. These parts are sought after by second-hand dealers and contain materials like platinum and palladium.
  4. Vehicle Weight: Heavier vehicles, like trucks, contain more metal and are therefore more valuable to junkyards than smaller cars like Beetles.
  5. Local Scrap Metal Prices: The value of a junk car is heavily influenced by the current prices of scrap metals like steel and aluminum. These prices can fluctuate based on global economic conditions, energy costs, natural disasters, and market demand and supply.
  6. Valid Vehicle Title: A clear title indicating ownership and details like make, model, year, and gross weight is crucial. Salvage titles, indicating significant damage, can also impact a car's value.
  7. Vehicle Location: The proximity of the car to the junk buyer, regional popularity of certain vehicle models, and regional scrap metal prices all affect a junk car's value.

How to calculate how much a scrap car is worth

Use a scrap car value calculator to get an accurate value for your junker. A calculator will multiply your vehicle's weight by current scrap metal prices for cars. Junk Car Medics calculator displays prices for various scrap metal prices nationwide.

Tips For Accurately Assessing The Value of a Junk Car

To accurately assess the value of your junk car do the following three things.

  1. Locate the vehicle paperwork.
  2. Be honest about the vehicle's condition.
  3. Get multiple estimates for your junk car.

As long as you do those three things you will determine how much your junk car is worth.

Mistakes to Avoid When Assessing The Value of  a Junk Car

Avoid these mistakes when determining the value of your junk car.

  1. Overestimating it's value.
  2. Not considering all the above factors.
  3. Using unreliable junk car buyers.
  4. Only getting one junk car offer.