Scrap Car Value Calculator

To make calculating the scrap value of your car easier than ever, Junk Car Medics has built a calculator to determine your vehicle's scrap value based on current scrap metal pricing of cars nationwide. Simply select your vehicle and we will calculate the value of your scrap car instantly. The value of your scrap car is calculated by multiplying the weight of your vehicle by current scrap metal prices for cars nationwide ($145-$195 per ton currently).

We calculate it like this:

Scrap Car Price Per Ton = Vehicle Weight X Per Ton Price Near Me.

Currently, we're displaying values for per ton prices ranging from $145 - $195/ton.

Scrap Car Price Per Ton Calculator

Our calculator estimates your car's scrap value based on year, make, model, and trim level. It provides a quick and accurate estimate using the current average price per ton for scrap cars and the weight of your vehicle.

Learn More About Scrap Car Prices

Learn more about how scrap car prices are determined and how buyers value your vehicle.