How to Check Scrap Metal Prices in Jacksonville, FL

Scrap metal prices can vary because of different factors. The current offer and demand can affect prices, and the price of new metals can cause scrap prices to go up and down.

There are some seasonal variations to account for. For instance, the construction industry is usually more active in the spring and summer and can drive scrap metal prices up. You should also know that location is another critical factor.

Scrap metal prices in Jacksonville, FL, can vary depending on the local market. For businesses that don’t process scrap metal on-site, prices might be lower since they have higher costs tied to transporting scrap metal to a processing plant.

Here’s how you can check scrap metal prices in Jacksonville, FL.

Step One: Check Regional Prices

You can start your research by looking up regional scrap metal prices. There are two websites where you can find data about current prices in the Southeastern United States.

You can see the going rate for different regions, metals, and types of items on ScrapRegister. Prices aren’t specific to different states or cities, but the data for the East Coast region should give you an idea of the price ranges to expect in Jacksonville.

You can also use ScrapMonster to research regional pricing. This website is less precise because it breaks down the entire country into three regions, but you can find pricing data for a broader range of categories.

Step Two: Contact Local Scrap Processing Plants

Because offer and demand can cause scrap metal prices to fluctuate, it’s best to contact local businesses in Jacksonville as well as around Duval County and ask what they can give you for your scrap metal. Don’t hesitate to contact more than one Jacksonville scrap processing plant to compare offers.

Here are a few businesses you can contact:

  • Scrap Aluminum Processors Two on Beach Boulevard. You can call this business at (904) 997-7096 and ask what they would be willing to pay for copper, brass, aluminum, or steel.
  • Berman Brothers is a major local metal processing plant on Evergreen Ave. This business recycles metal on-site and manufacturers different alloy products, which means there are no costs associated with transporting scrap metal elsewhere. You can give them a call at (904) 356-5635.
  • Trademark Metals Recycling on W Beaver St is an interesting option because this scrap metal processing plant accepts a wide range of items and can recycle industrial scraps.
  • You can use CMC Recycling Jacksonville on Lane Ave N to sell scraps or recycle different items. This business has a rewards program for those who recycle items regularly.
  • Jacksonville Metal Recycling on Philips Hwy is another yard that buys and processes scrap metal on-site.
  • If you’re in South Jacksonville, you can contact S&S Salvage in Orange Park, FL. This scrap metal yard accepts non-ferrous metals and auto parts.

Step Three: Figure Out What Your Junk Car Is Worth

Selling your old car for scrap metal is your best option if the vehicle doesn’t work and is beyond repairs. However, you should know that scrap metal prices in Jacksonville, FL, can vary greatly depending on the weight, year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Start by figuring out the weight of your vehicle. Open the driver’s door and look for a sticker on the doorframe. This sticker should list the curb weight and the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the vehicle. The curb weight is the weight of the empty vehicle, and the GVWR is the combined weight of the vehicle, passengers, and cargo.

If you can’t find a sticker, look up the year, make, and model of your vehicle online to find the curb weight.

On average, vehicles contain 65% of steel and iron. In 2017, automakers used a little over 400 lbs of aluminum for each vehicle on average.

Here’s how you can get an idea of what your junk car is worth:

  • Multiply the curb weight in pounds by .50. Multiply the result by the current steel price per pound. This is the low-end estimate, assuming that your vehicle only contains 50% of scrap metal.
  • Multiply the curb weight in pounds by .70. Take the result and multiply it by the current steel price per pound. This is your high-end estimate for a vehicle with a curb weight composed of 70% of metal.
  • You can multiply 400 by the current price of aluminum per pound to get an idea of what a scrap metal processing plant would pay for the aluminum in your vehicle.
  • Keep in mind that older vehicles tend to contain more metal. A recent or high-end car should have more aluminum.
  • If your junk car still has its catalytic converter, this part could add to the overall value of the junk car because it contains palladium.

Final Thoughts

The amount you can get for a junk car varies significantly depending on the car itself and current scrap metal prices in Jacksonville, FL. Your best option is to contact local scrap yards and tell them about your vehicle to get an estimate. If you want to be sure of the best offers without having to call into multiple yards though, contact us: Junk Car Medics buys junk cars for cash in Jacksonville at very competitive offers.

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