How to Check Scrap Metal Prices in Milwaukee, WI

Are you looking to sell an old car or other scrap metal? It can be a little overwhelming to think about the search for prices of various kinds of metals around Milwaukee. How do you know you’re getting a fair price? Is a local scrap yard the best option?

How to Find Scrap Metal Prices in Milwaukee

To get a fair price on your scrap metal, you’ll need to do some research first. It’s vital to know the average prices in Milwaukee for various types of metal are and what your scrap metal mostly is. If you are selling an old car, odds are you are looking for the price of steel or aluminum (cars mainly consist of these two metals).

Once you’ve researched who to sell to and the best prices in Milwaukee County, you can measure your scrap metal and bring it to the scrap yard. It’s essential to know the laws for selling any scrap metal in Wisconsin. The yard will have to photograph your license plate, see your ID, and receive a signature affirming that you own what you’re selling them.

Who To Sell Scrap Metal To in Milwaukee

When you’re selling scrap metal or a junk car, you want to sell it to someone close, honest, and who will give you a fair deal. Ensure that you’ve done research on your potential buyer, and call them before to find out their prices. Here are some of the best scrap metal dealers in Milwaukee:

  • Alter Metal Recycling Milwaukee on W Bruce St
  • Miller Compressing Company also on W Bruce St
  • Cimco Recycling on S Chase Ave
  • H&R Scrap Metals on W Fond Du Lac Ave
  • National Salvage on S 44 Ct
  • United Milwaukee Scrap LLC on W Concordia Ave
  • Kral Scrap Metal on Industrial Dr

If a scrap yard offers to tow your car, they might pay you less for it. Because they spent time and money to get to you, hook up your vehicle, and pull it away, they’ll knock some money off of the price. If you want the best deal for your car, you’ll have to get it to the junkyard yourself.

Average Scrap Metal Prices in Milwaukee

Although different scrap yards might offer different prices, most will probably stay within the same price range. In Milwaukee, metal sells for about the same price as most other places in the Midwest. If the scrap yard closest to your house offers prices near these, you don’t have to run all over town searching for a better deal.

This list includes the most commonly sold scrap metals to make your search easier. The average scrap prices for various metals are as follows:

  • Steel Scrap: $0.28 per pound
  • Steel Rebar: $0.40 per pound
  • Aluminum Alloy: $0.94 per pound
  • Lead: $1.05 per pound
  • Aluminum: $1.19 per pound
  • Zinc: $1.34 per pound
  • Brass: $3.23 per pound
  • Copper: $4.14 per pound
  • Nickel: $8.30 per pound
  • Tin: $14.95 per pound

How to Calculate the Weight of Your Car

To know how much your car is worth, you need to check how much it weighs. There are two main ways to do this, and both are relatively easy. Although cars are made mostly of steel or aluminum, they might have parts made of copper or lead. You can find this information in the manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

There should be an information sticker inside of the door on the driver’s side of the car. This sticker has information about the vehicle, including its weight. The curb weight (specific to your car) should be on the section of the plate labeled “tire and loading.”

If you can’t find the weight of your specific car, you can look in the manual for make and model information. Using this, look for the average weight of your vehicle on the manufacturer’s website. They will include the specific weight of your car’s year and model.

Final Thoughts

Checking scrap metal prices in the greater Milwaukee area is relatively easy. Once you’ve found the best prices from your local junkyards and how they compare to the regional average, you can calculate the weight of your vehicle (or the metal you’re selling). With these steps, you’ll be able to find the best price for your metal.

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