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We Buy Ford Explorer TrucksHow Much Cash Will My Junk Ford Explorer Get Me?
With a curb weight of 4,443 pounds, the Ford Explorer is a heavyweight that reliably commands a good price on the junk car market. We’ve seen these cars go for anywhere from $500 to $6000, depending on a number of factors. You can get up to $10,000 for selling a running Ford Explorer to us, so call today for a quote.

When buying a junk car, auto recyclers like us tend to look at these factors before making an offer:

• The condition of the car;
• The age of the vehicle;
• How many miles it has;
• The car’s curb weight;
• Local scrap metal prices.

While the age, condition and mileage of your car varies, the curb weight remains the same and offers a significant advantage when it comes to selling this junk car for cash. Scrap metal prices change frequently, but rarely in unpredictable ways. When prices are high, a Junk Ford Explorer can make a very lucrative sale.

Why Do We Buy Ford Explorers?

Ford’s flagship full-size SUV is the successor to the heavy Ford Bronco II. It began production in 1990 and consistently led the way in terms of features, accessories and value. In 2011, the model was named North American Truck of the Year, and remains a very popular choice among families and commercial buyers alike.

Between the years 1996 and 2003, the Ford ranger enjoyed consistent US sales of over 400,000 units per year. These sales tapered off during the last half of that decade before resurging in 2011 with the release of the fifth generation model.

Recent Offers Made for Ford Explorer Trucks:

2006 Ford Explorer

Zip: 23462
Offer Price: $590
Offer Date: 06-13-2021

1994 Ford Explorer

Zip: 24487
Offer Price: $95
Offer Date: 06-12-2021

1995 Ford Explorer

Zip: 44110
Offer Price: $630
Offer Date: 06-09-2021

2002 Ford Explorer

Zip: 23860
Offer Price: $535
Offer Date: 06-09-2021

2005 Ford Explorer

Zip: 08611
Offer Price: $695
Offer Date: 06-08-2021

2005 Ford Explorer

Zip: 45506
Offer Price: $515
Offer Date: 06-05-2021

2003 Ford Explorer

Zip: 85210
Offer Price: $590
Offer Date: 06-05-2021

2005 Ford Explorer

Zip: 44125
Offer Price: $635
Offer Date: 06-05-2021

2002 Ford Explorer

Zip: 10705
Offer Price: $510
Offer Date: 06-04-2021

1997 Ford Explorer

Zip: 80128
Offer Price: $780
Offer Date: 06-04-2021

2000 Ford Explorer

Zip: 06518
Offer Price: $530
Offer Date: 06-03-2021

2013 Ford Explorer

Zip: 30127
Offer Price: $5455
Offer Date: 06-02-2021

2002 Ford Explorer

Zip: 30168
Offer Price: $730
Offer Date: 06-01-2021

2002 Ford Explorer

Zip: 30168
Offer Price: $730
Offer Date: 06-01-2021

2002 Ford Explorer

Zip: 78634
Offer Price: $595
Offer Date: 06-01-2021

Should You Sell Your Junk Ford Explorer for Cash?

If you own a damaged Ford Explorer, you should consider how much repairing the vehicle costs. If the estimate for repairs is greater than the value of the vehicle on the used car market, you’re better off selling it to a competent and highly reputable scrap dealer for immediate cash.

You could earn more money if your Ford Explorer has working components that are in high demand. For example, many of these vehicles have a faulty intake manifold that requires frequent replacement. If yours has a working intake manifold, that will help boost its price. The same goes for timing chains and automatic transmissions for models built in the 1990s.

We are always happy to buy old, damaged and worn our Ford Explorer vehicles. Contact us today and get a quote on yours. The process is as easy as simply saying, "I want to sell my car!"

Call (855) 437-9728 or request a quote online to sell your Ford Explorer.