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How we determine your offer

Year Make Model

The age and type of the vehicle impact the price.

Current Scrap Prices

The scrap metal market impacts the price of end of life and older vehicles as they will be cleaned up and crushed for the metal.

Vehicle Weight

If a car is considered a scrap car and has reached the end of it's life it will mostly be bought for it's weight in scrap metal.

Vehicle Condition

The condition and mileage of your car matters if it's going to be bought for resale or it's parts.

Demand For Parts

If it's a popular car the offers will be higher because there will be a demand for the car parts.


Scrap metal prices and vehicles on the road vary by market so your location will impact the offer.

What do you need to sell your car to Junk Car Medics?

Vehicle Title

In most cases we'll need the vehicle's title.


In most cases we'll need the keys to the vehicle.

Vehicle Registration

In most cases you'll need the vehicles registration.

Valid ID

Valid ID to match the title and for verification.