Sell My Junk BMW 3-Series

How Much Will I Get For Selling my Junk BMW 3-Series?

The BMW 3-Series has an unladen curb weight of 3351 pounds. This makes it an attractive option for auto scrap dealers like us. We are prepared to offer anywhere from $300 to $5000 for junk BMW 3-Series vehicles, especially those that have useful components or other accessories that are in demand throughout the secondhand parts market.
We Buy BMW 3-Series

Most junk car buyers look at a few different indicators of value when deciding how much to pay out for these cars. We can usually get a good idea for what your car is worth by looking at these factors:

• The car’s age;
• The car’s mileage;
• The condition of the vehicle;
• Its curb weight;
• Local scrap metal prices in the area

We already know the curb weight of the BMW 3-Series and we have access to the most up-to-date scrap prices throughout our service area. We rely on you to let us know what condition the car is in and how many miles it has. If your junk BMW 3-Series runs and is relatively new, you could earn up to $10,000 in cash on-the-spot for it, so give us a call to find out how much it’s worth!

History of the BMW 3-Series

The 3-Series has been in production since 1975, succeeding the 02 Series as BMW’s most accessible small family car. It is also BMW’s best-selling model, accounting for about 30% of BMW’s total sales, and has won numerous awards throughout its lifetime on the market. It has been on Car and Driver’s yearly Ten Best list a total of 22 times!

The story of the modern BMW 3-Series begins in 1998, with the fourth generation vehicle being released with all-wheel drive and numerous updates to its look and engine performance. The 3-Series is largely considered the benchmark standard for performance in the small sedan class. It is the car against which all others are compared.

In 2006, BMW updated the model and gave it a turbocharged petrol engine and run-flat tires. In 2012 BMW added a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and starting using powerful 3-cylinder engines.

Sell Us Your Junk BMW 3-Series From Any Production Year:

  • 1995 BMW 3-Series
  • 1996 BMW 3-Series
  • 1997 BMW 3-Series
  • 1998 BMW 3-Series
  • 1999 BMW 3-Series
  • 2000 BMW 3-Series
  • 2001 BMW 3-Series
  • 2002 BMW 3-Series
  • 2003 BMW 3-Series
  • 2004 BMW 3-Series
  • 2005 BMW 3-Series
  • 2006 BMW 3-Series
  • 2007 BMW 3-Series
  • 2008 BMW 3-Series
  • 2009 BMW 3-Series
  • 2010 BMW 3-Series
  • 2011 BMW 3-Series
  • 2012 BMW 3-Series
  • 2013 BMW 3-Series
  • 2014 BMW 3-Series
  • 2015 BMW 3-Series

Should I Sell My Junk BMW 3-Series?

The the long history of this celebrated brand, you’re sure to earn a sizable return on your investment by selling to a junk car dealer like us. However, you might be considering selling the car on the used market. There is an easy way to determine whether this is a good idea or not: Compare the car’s current value with the cost of repairs. If repairs cost more than what the car’s worth, then you’re better off selling it as-is and getting the most out of it while you can.

To get a competitive quote on the value of your junk BMW 3-Series, call us and give us some information about your junk car!

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