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sell my ford taurusWhat to Expect When Selling Your Junk Ford Taurus for Cash?
Depending on a few factors, you can get anywhere between $100 to $750 for your junk Ford Taurus. If the car is in decent condition and runs, you may be able to get even more. The car’s weight of 3,316 pounds affects its price depending on the local scrap metal prices, which vary over time and in different locations throughout the United States.

If you’re looking to sell your Ford Taurus to an auto scrap buyer for cash, you can usually get a good idea for how much you’ll get for it by looking at the same factors junk car buyers look at:

• The vehicle’s age;
• The vehicle’s condition;
• How many miles it has;
• Where it’s located;
• How much it weighs

At Junk Car Medics, we pay up to $10,000 for running cars in decent condition. Assuming your Taurus isn’t corroded or missing important parts, you can get a good sum of cash for it from us. This also applies to damaged cars or cars with unresolveable mechanical issues.

Average Prices by Year:

Year Vehicle Average Offer Price
1990 Ford Taurus $46
1991 Ford Taurus $104
1992 Ford Taurus $89
1993 Ford Taurus $99
1994 Ford Taurus $108
1995 Ford Taurus $108
1996 Ford Taurus $103
1997 Ford Taurus $108
1998 Ford Taurus $98
1999 Ford Taurus $135
2000 Ford Taurus $137
2001 Ford Taurus $145
2002 Ford Taurus $138
2003 Ford Taurus $141
2004 Ford Taurus $146
2005 Ford Taurus $137
2006 Ford Taurus $152
2007 Ford Taurus $163
2008 Ford Taurus $240
2009 Ford Taurus $227
2010 Ford Taurus $687
2011 Ford Taurus $929
2012 Ford Taurus $672
2013 Ford Taurus $1117
2014 Ford Taurus $1055
2015 Ford Taurus $NAN

Recent Offers Made for Ford Taurus Vehicles:

1995 Ford Taurus
Zip: 68154
Offer Price: $170
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2001 Ford Taurus
Zip: 43228
Offer Price: $170
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2004 Ford Taurus
Zip: 97007
Offer Price: $125
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2003 Ford Taurus
Zip: 85306
Offer Price: $190
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2002 Ford Taurus
Zip: 70458
Offer Price: $110
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2007 Ford Taurus
Zip: 60805
Offer Price: $235
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2000 Ford Taurus
Zip: 72120
Offer Price: $105
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2000 Ford Taurus
Zip: 44904
Offer Price: $150
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2003 Ford Taurus
Zip: 53590
Offer Price: $220
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2005 Ford Taurus
Zip: 19152
Offer Price: $200
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

2001 Ford Taurus
Zip: 55104
Offer Price: $130
Offer Date: 01-17-2019

The Ford Taurus’s History: Why We Buy Them

Originally manufactured in 1985, the Taurus has remained in near-continuous production for its entire lifetime. The original Taurus was an influential model that brought a great deal of innovative features to market—features we now consider standard. The Taurus is responsible for modernizing the mid-size sedan as we know it.

The Taurus has always been a reliable vehicle, but older models are particularly susceptible to mechanical failure and have been known to develop issues that cost more to fix than the car is worth. When this happens, it’s usually a good idea to simply junk your Ford Taurus for as much as you can.

When to Sell Your Ford Taurus for Scrap

Some of the issues that commonly affect older Ford Taurus cars include engine overheating with white exhaust smoke, constant engine stalling and other problems, according to RepairPal. Any one of these can make junking the car an attractive option, since costly engine repairs can easily head north of the car’s total value.

Another instance when you may want to consider scrapping the car is when it is damaged or worn beyond repair. If you have a used Ford Taurus in that condition and are thinking "I'm ready to sell my car online," give us a call and get an immediate quote for selling it today!

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