Sell My Junk Honda Civic

How Much Can You Expect to Make Selling Your Junk Honda Civic for Cash?
Honda Civics can sell for anywhere from $150 to $1000, depending on a few factors. Junk car buyers like us are usually happy to see Civics come in because of the car’s popularity. If yours has functioning parts and components, we can usually part them out offset the relatively light curb weight of 2,519 pounds. Even if your car is damaged, the value of these parts can yield a good price through reputable auto recyclers.
We Buy Honda Civics

If you own a junk, worn, or damaged Honda Civic, the price you can get for it depends on some of the factors junk car recyclers like us look for:

• The car’s mileage;
• The car’s age;
• The car’s condition;
• How much it weighs;
• Local scrap metal prices

The light curb weight of the Honda Civic means that you’re going to get most of the car’s value out of its parts and components. Here, the car’s mileage, age and condition matters, since parts will wear out over time and need to be appraised by an expert. If local scrap metal prices are high, however, you can get a good rate for even an old and damaged Honda Civic.

Why Do We Buy Junk Honda Civics? Their Value and History

The Honda Civic is one of the best-selling automobiles in history, with over 16.5 million units sold worldwide as of 2006, and 7.3 million of those in the United States alone. The first generation Honda Civic was produced in 1972, and the model underwent many changes, updates and redesigns since then. It was in 1991 when the Civic took on its modern form and became the bestseller it is today.

There are numerous types of Civics on the market, including the Honda Civic Hybrid, the Honda Civic GX, Type R and the Civic Si. Early variants were well known for being reliable, fuel-efficient cars, while Honda rebranded the model towards performance and sportiness later on.

We Buy Honda Civics in Any Condition, From Any Production Year:
• 1972 Honda Civic
• 1973 Honda Civic
• 1974 Honda Civic
• 1975 Honda Civic
• 1976 Honda Civic
• 1977 Honda Civic
• 1978 Honda Civic
• 1979 Honda Civic
• 1980 Honda Civic
• 1981 Honda Civic
• 1982 Honda Civic
• 1983 Honda Civic
• 1984 Honda Civic
• 1985 Honda Civic
• 1986 Honda Civic
• 1987 Honda Civic
• 1988 Honda Civic
• 1989 Honda Civic
• 1990 Honda Civic
• 1991 Honda Civic
• 1992 Honda Civic
• 1993 Honda Civic
• 1994 Honda Civic
• 1995 Honda Civic
• 1996 Honda Civic
• 1997 Honda Civic
• 1998 Honda Civic
• 1999 Honda Civic
• 2000 Honda Civic
• 2001 Honda Civic
• 2002 Honda Civic
• 2003 Honda Civic
• 2004 Honda Civic
• 2005 Honda Civic
• 2006 Honda Civic
• 2007 Honda Civic
• 2008 Honda Civic
• 2009 Honda Civic
• 2010 Honda Civic
• 2011 Honda Civic
• 2012 Honda Civic
• 2013 Honda Civic
• 2014 Honda Civic
• 2015 Honda Civic

Should I Sell My Junk Honda Civic for Cash?

The main thing to consider when deciding whether to sell your Honda Civic to an auto scrap dealer like us is whether the cost of repairs outweigh the value of the vehicle. If the car isn’t worth repairing from a financial point of view, you should get a quote from one of our expert appraisers.

Another consideration you should keep in mind is whether your junk Honda Civic has useful parts or components that can be resold. The car’s massive popularity means that you can get a good price for functional parts that are known to break easily or be defective. For instance, many Honda Civics are built with bad engine mounts, and many others have faulty exhaust manifolds. If yours has good parts, we can pay a better price for it.

Find out how much cash you can make selling your junk Honda Civic for cash by calling us today.

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