Sell My Junk Honda Odyssey

We Buy Honda Odyssey VansHow Much Cash Will My Junk Honda Odyssey Get Me If I Sell My Car?
Are you tired of driving around in your outdated car and would love to trade it in for something that is newer, with better features, less mileage, and more safety features? You might be wondering if you could even get enough out of your current car to purchase or pay down on a better vehicle.

Here’s the deal, it is possible to get a reasonable amount of cash for your vehicle no matter how old or damaged it may be. Your junk car could provide you with a significant amount of cash when it is sold to the auto recycling market.

You may think that this is crazy and no one in their right mind would want to buy the junk car that you have sitting in your garage right now. But it’s true. When you sell your Honda Odyssey to an auto recycler, you will get paid based on the curb weight of your vehicle. The average curb weight for a Honda Odyssey is between 4,396 and 4,613 lbs.

Our company will buy your car and pay you based on the curb weight and our current recycling rates. We offer free removal from your place of residence, which means even if the car is no longer running, we will take care of it all. No matter what condition your vehicle may be in, good, bad, running or not, we can help you sell your Honda Odyssey.

We want to get you the very best deal for your car. Even though there are different options out there when it comes to selling your old car, we strive to make the process as simple and as easy as possible. You can attempt to sell the car on your own, trade it in, or place it in the newspaper’s classified ads. But when it comes to the fastest and easiest way to make money off your junk car, we are the best choice in the industry.

Sell your Honda Odyssey no matter what model year you own.

Recent Offers Made for Honda Odyssey Vans:

2002 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 75061
Offer Price: $75
Offer Date: 09-13-2019

2006 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 34787
Offer Price: $570
Offer Date: 09-12-2019

1997 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 95842
Offer Price: $75
Offer Date: 09-11-2019

2005 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 95678
Offer Price: $805
Offer Date: 09-08-2019

2008 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 01074
Offer Price: $815
Offer Date: 09-08-2019

2001 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 94112
Offer Price: $65
Offer Date: 09-08-2019

2017 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 53705
Offer Price: $8215
Offer Date: 09-06-2019

1996 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 34983
Offer Price: $80
Offer Date: 09-05-2019

2003 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 95045
Offer Price: $90
Offer Date: 09-04-2019

2005 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 32309
Offer Price: $655
Offer Date: 09-03-2019

1996 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 98312
Offer Price: $80
Offer Date: 09-02-2019

2006 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 75098
Offer Price: $870
Offer Date: 09-02-2019

2007 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 23692
Offer Price: $645
Offer Date: 09-02-2019

2006 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 60118
Offer Price: $820
Offer Date: 08-31-2019

2009 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 73139
Offer Price: $695
Offer Date: 08-31-2019

At Junk Car Medics® we will take care of your needs as quickly as possible so that you can get paid for your junk car and be on your way. Use that money to help purchase a brand new car, or for other financial needs. Don’t let that damaged, broken down car or truck take up space in your garage or backyard when it could be providing you with the cash you need. Get in touch with the best Auto Recycling Center today for more details.

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