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Starting with your VIN will get you the most accurate offer.

Helpful Tip:

Starting with your VIN will get you the most accurate offer.

Sell a Jeep Grand Cherokee for scrap with Junk Car Medics. Sell Jeep Grand Cherokee for the highest possible scrap value using our nationwide network of cash junk car buyers.  The current scrap value of the Jeep Grand Cherokee ranges from $105 to $6315.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the 9th most commonly junked car, according to Junk Car Medics.

Junk Car Medics network of car buyers purchases Jeep Grand Cherokee in all conditions. When the time to sell a Jeep Grand Cherokee, get a free offer online or by phone.

Sell a Jeep Grand Cherokee for scrap with Junk Car Medics. Sell Jeep Grand Cherokees for the highest possible scrap value using our nationwide network of cash car buyers. One can sell a Jeep Grand Cherokee for more money when it is drivable and in good condition.

Junk Car Medics’ network of car buyers purchases Jeep Grand Cherokees in all conditions. When selling a Jeep Grand Cherokee, get a free offer online or by phone.

The Grand Cherokee is a midsize SUV produced by Jeep whose parent company is Stellantis corporation. Since its debut in 1992, just a few years after Chrysler acquired the Jeep brand, it has gone through 5 generations. The 5-door SUV is available both as a rear-wheel-drive and front-engine four-wheel-drive.

Data from Kelly Blue Book showed that the Grand Cherokee was the second highest selling SUV in the United States last year. Also, 5.9 million units of the Jeep have been sold since production started in 1992, further proving the car is an American classic. Grand Cherokee’s parts are manufactured and assembled in Ohio, which makes the spare parts abundant in the market.

Jeep Grand Cherokee boasts a spacious cabin, massive cargo space, reliability, efficiency, impressive performance, and off-road capabilities. Therefore, it has been a top-selling SUV in the US because of these factors.

sell your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Explorer, and Toyota 4Runner are three similar models to the Grand Cherokee. All these SUVs are known for their huge space both in the cabin and the cargo, as well as spotting impressive performance ratings. They have all played a part in the SUV takeover of cars on American roads.

The final scrap value is further affected by factors such as the weight of the car and overall condition, especially if there is any significant damage severe enough to render the car inoperable.

Being made by a former military-grade manufacturer, the Grand Cherokee has historically enjoyed good safety scores. Recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the 2022 model year Cherokee the rating of Good in four safety tests.

Jeep Grand Cherokees are often sought after for scrap because they are widely available. Junk Car Medics has a nationwide network of car buyers who are interested in purchasing Jeep Grand Cherokees in any condition. You can receive a free estimate online or by phone to determine the value of your Grand Cherokee.

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What Is A Jeep Grand Cherokee's Current Scrap Value?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee's current scrap value is $749, with a range of $105 - $3595 for the last 30 days, on average. Comparably, the current scrap value for all vehicles over the same time period is $659, a difference of 14 %.

What Is A Jeep Grand Cherokee's Yearly Scrap Value?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee's yearly scrap value is $634, with a range of $105 - $6315, on average. Comparably, the current scrap value for all vehicles over the same time period is $622, a difference of 2 %.

Here are the current average junk car values of comparable models to a Jeep Grand Cherokee:

What Is The Jeep Grand Cherokee Used Car Value?

Used car value is a term used to describe the price another individual is willing to pay for a car after it has been driven off the lot. The value is under the influence of factors like total mileage, year of production, and overall condition of the car. According to some of the recent offers on, the years with the best used car values are the recent releases, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Vehicle Recent Offers ($)
2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee 28,490
2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee 11,490
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5,999
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2,800

How Much Does A Jeep Grand Cherokee Weigh In Tons?

Averagely, the Grand Cherokee weighs between 4,513 and 5,356 pounds. The final figure for each vehicle is affected by the year of production and trim-size.

Vehicle Vehicle Weight
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee X

Size and trim-level are two factors that have an impact on your car’s weight and by extension it’s scrap value. The heavier the car, the more scrap metal there is to reclaim.

How Much Are Jeep Grand Cherokee Worth In Scrap By Year?

New and used Grand Cherokee’s prices are affected by the year of production. However, the effect is not significant on the scrap value because the same metal will be extracted from all the model years.

Also, because Jeep is a domestic company who manufactures and assembles their parts in the US, the parts are not in high demand enough to raise the values.

Year-Vehicle Average Offer Price
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee $380
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee $375
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee $380
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee $412
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee $413
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee $524
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee $532
2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee $580
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee $601
2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee $620
2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee $827
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee $2055
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee $2276
2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee $2204
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee $3368
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee $3290

What Are Recent Junk Car Prices And Values Of Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Here are 15 recent junk car values for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 64755 04-10-2024 $385
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee 97232 04-08-2024 $235
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 29201 04-08-2024 $400
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 98294 04-08-2024 $415
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee 45001 04-08-2024 $580
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 12771 04-06-2024 $550
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 07660 04-05-2024 $610
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 92392 04-05-2024 $280
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 92392 04-05-2024 $275
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 55413 04-03-2024 $525
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 95070 04-02-2024 $240
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 48066 04-02-2024 $710
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 32504 04-01-2024 $410
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 10465 04-28-2024 $580
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 33764 04-28-2024 $490

What Are Common Problems Of Jeep Grand Cherokees?

Some of the common problems include:

  • Transmission Problems: Grand Cherokees are famous for having erratic electronic shifting. This problem is common in the 2006 model years, which necessitated the recall of more than 37,000 units.
  • Engine Stalling: A common problem across several Grand Cherokee model years (2011 - 2013).
  • Alternator Failure: Common in model years 2012-2014.
  • Ignition Switch Malfunction: A problem that plagued most owners of 2005-2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

A serious vehicle problem like transmission failure or stalling engine are often expensive to fix. You might be better off selling such a car as scrap.

What Are The Values Of Jeep Grand Cherokee Scrap Car Parts?

Parts of Jeep Grand Cherokee are not in high demand. This is because it is a domestic vehicle. Headquartered in Ohio, the state where a majority of the Cherokees are produced. Because of this, most junkyards have an excess of spare parts.

The value of your scrap Jeep Grand Cherokee can increase if it has valuable scrap car parts.

How Much Is A Scrap Catalytic Converter From A Jeep Grand Cherokee Worth?

These are key components that remove dangerous gas emitted from the combustion engine. Jeep Grand Cherokee uses the MagnaFlow California CARB Compliant Universal Catalytic Converter 2.5in.

According to CarAraC, the scrap price of a Jeep Grand Cherokee catalytic converter ranges between $90 to $250. The value of cat converters varies based on factors such as:

  • The concentration of precious metals such as palladium, rhodium, and platinum in the cat converter.
  • The current market price of precious metals.
  • The catalytic converter’s condition
  • The vehicle’s location

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Catalytic Converter On A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

To replace a cat converter in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can expect to spend an average of $700. Catalytic converters seen on newer models can go as high as $1300.

The complete engine of a Grand Cherokee has a scrap value of $500, similar to the engine of similar vehicles.

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