Sell My Junk Toyota Camry

How Much Cash Can I Get For Selling my Junk Toyota Camry?
Junk prices for Toyota Camry vehicles can vary widely. We’ve seen these cars sell for anything from $175 to $800, depending on the factors junk car buyers are interested in. One of these is the curb weight of the car: 2690 pounds. If the car is running and has some useful accessories that can be parted out further, you’ll see that reflected in the sale price when you’re working with a reputable junk car buyer.
We Buy Toyota Camry's

If you have a worn-out or damaged junk Toyota Camry you want to sell, you’re in luck. Junk car buyers like us will be very interested in what you have to offer. Typically, we look at a few factors when making quotes on junk cars for cash:

• The vehicle’s condition;
• Its age;
• Its mileage;
• Local scrap metal prices;
• Its curb weight

At Junk Car Medics, you can earn up to $10,000 for a used car that is in decent running condition. We’re prepared to offer more than anyone else in the business because we can both recycle individual parts and sell off the Camry’s 2690 pounds of scrap metal at the same time. Call us for a quote on your Camry.

This model is one of Toyota’s sturdiest sedans. However, they can and will wear out over time, and that’s where Junk Car Medics steps in.

Why The Toyota Camry? History and Popularity

The Camry is Toyota’s second world-class car, coming close behind the Corolla in terms of worldwide sales. As one of the best-selling cars in the world, there is a constant demand for parts and accessories of all kinds, especially on older models. You may not know whether you have a hard-to-find part in your junk Toyota Camry, but we do, and we’re willing to pay for it.

The Toyota Camry Has Been in Production For Three and a Half Decades:
• 1983 Toyota Camry
• 1984 Toyota Camry
• 1985 Toyota Camry
• 1986 Toyota Camry
• 1987 Toyota Camry
• 1988 Toyota Camry
• 1989 Toyota Camry
• 1990 Toyota Camry
• 1991 Toyota Camry
• 1992 Toyota Camry
• 1993 Toyota Camry
• 1994 Toyota Camry
• 1995 Toyota Camry
• 1996 Toyota Camry
• 1997 Toyota Camry
• 1998 Toyota Camry
• 1999 Toyota Camry
• 2000 Toyota Camry
• 2001 Toyota Camry
• 2002 Toyota Camry
• 2003 Toyota Camry
• 2004 Toyota Camry
• 2005 Toyota Camry
• 2006 Toyota Camry
• 2007 Toyota Camry
• 2008 Toyota Camry
• 2009 Toyota Camry
• 2010 Toyota Camry
• 2011 Toyota Camry
• 2012 Toyota Camry
• 2013 Toyota Camry
• 2014 Toyota Camry
• 2015 Toyota Camry

Should I Junk My Toyota Camry?

If your old Camry needs repairs, consider whether those repairs cost more than the value of the vehicle. If the answer is yes, your interests are best served by selling it to us for immediate cash. Camry’s are known to develop transmission and emissions issues at high mileage according to RepairPal, which may mean you’ll get the best deal out of junking yours.

We’re happy to take damaged Toyota Camry’s as well as rusted or corroded ones. Any junk Toyota Camry that won’t turn a profit on the used car market is a perfect addition to our collection of junk cars.

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