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Here's the deal...

And if you're thinking "I'm going to call one of the auto junkyards near me to sell my car" then be you are in the right spot.

If you are looking to sell your car to a company that pays cash for cars then keep reading because we are going to lay it all out for you.

The truth about companies that pay cash for junk cars is that most of them will try to take advantage of you. Whether it be using bait and switch tactics to get you to agree to one price, only to show up and offer a lower price. Or junk car buyers offering a low price and then showing up and charging an extra $100 for the tow (most auto junk yards pay tow drivers about $50 per vehicle). The fact of the matter is, they all have their tactics to try to milk you for every dollar.

The best part?

Most of you agree to the highest offer only to have to deal with this bullshit.

That's why we have put this resource together on selling your car for cash so continue on.

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Junk Cars for Cash: Here Are The Factors

Various factors determine how much money can be paid for your clunker of a vehicle from an auto junk yard. Some of the top ones are highlighted in the graph such as age of your car, whether or not it operates, the mileage on the engine and the condition.

Unfortunately whether or not your tires are new or you recently had the car waxed don't make a difference.

Age of Car
Does The Vehicle Operate?
Overall Condition of Vehicle
Mileage on Engine

Cash for Cars Near Me

cash for cars

Various companies are willing to back up the truck and drop off cash in exchange for your car. With most vehicles being junk cars, they all pretty much can pay about the same. The differences will be the customer service you receive as well as determining a good fit for your car.

Here is a short list of 3 of our top recommendations in case you prefer to call around and get the best rate:

  1. Junk Car Medics (of course) - Call (855)-437-9728.
  2. Peddle -Call (855)-437-9728.
  3. Do a Google search of "Cash for Cars" (like this) and call a local yard.

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