Top 10 Junk Cars in Texas

Top 10 Scrapped Cars in Texas in 2020

When you think of unpredictable weather patterns, you don't often think of Texas, but the truth is that this state has some of the worst weather. Weather plays a significant role in the wear and tear of a vehicle, especially older ones. You will find that scrapping cars in the state of Texas, or across the country, is nothing new. People do this daily, either cleaning up their driveways, garages, or for extra pocket change.

Weather isn't the only thing that can cause problems in a vehicle. Some vehicle makes, models, and years are prone to breaking down or overall mechanical errors. Using, we have researched every vehicle that made the top 10 junk cars in Texas, providing you with insight into why owners may have gotten rid of them.

As we work our way through the list, starting with the number one most scrapped vehicle in Texas, we will look at the state's average scrap price, as well as five cities within the state. Our goal is to give you the information you need to scrap your vehicle for the best rate.

1. 2002 Honda Accord

Average Price: $189.60

DALLAS $185.00
HOUSTON $204.69
GARLAND $197.14
FORT WORTH $178.00

The early 2000s models of the Honda Accord are no stranger to mechanical problems. lists this car as one that should be avoided like the plague. The 2002 Honda Accord had many expensive transmission problems, often more than $3,000 for a rebuild. A design flaw also caused a lot of subframe rust - also an expensive fix.

The scrap average in the Lone Star state for the 2002 Honda Accord is $189.60. Most of the cities within the state came in around the average pricing - three above and two below. Houston offered the most scrap value, $15.09 above, at $204.69. San Antonio was next at $201, keeping it $11.40 above average. To end the above-average totals was Garland at $197.14, $7.54 above average. Two cities were below the average line, Dallas ($185) at $4.60 and Fort Worth ($178) at $11.60 below the state average.

2. 2005 Nissan Altima

Average Price: $190.16

DALLAS $170.29
HOUSTON $223.33
FORT WORTH $206.11

The 2005 Nissan Altima has two significant problems that are high on the list of owner complaints. The first is the floor pan rusting through under the mats, costing over $1,000 to fix. The second problem is the motor mounts breaking around 75,000 miles. Although it is a cheaper fix, the motor mounts should not break.

Average scrap pricing in Texas for the 2005 Nissan Altima is $190.16. The highest price we could find on the city level was in Houston ($223.33), $33.17 above the state's average. Fort Worth also brought in $206.11, $15.95 above the average scrap pricing. Barely making it above the average pricing was San Antonio at $192.78, $2.62 above-average. Dallas ($170.29) was $19.87 below the state average scrap pricing, and Arlington provided the least in scrap value at $38.16.

3. 2006 Chevrolet Impala

Average Price: $174.17

HOUSTON $191.46
DALLAS $191.00
FORT WORTH $172.50
AUBREY $198.75
CEDAR HILL $316.25

The 2006 Chevrolet Impala is notorious for widespread transmission problems, including slips, fails, and clunks. has listed this car as a clunker as a result. The power steering is also known to knock and squeal. The bottom line is that the 2006 Chevrolet Impala will eventually turn into a noisy pile of metal.

The average Texas scrap price for the 2006 Chevrolet Impala is $174.17. The incredible scrap value for this car comes from Cedar Hill at $316.25. This amount is $142.08 above the state's average. Aubrey came in with $24.58 above the average at $198.75. Houston ($191.46) and Dallas ($191) were close in value with $17.29 and $16.83 above the state's scrapping price. The only city to come in below the average scrap price is Fort Worth at $172.50, $1.64 below.

4. 2000 Honda Accord

Average Price: $168.10

DALLAS $200.00
FORT WORTH $189.00
HOUSTON $175.63

Like the other early 2000s Honda models, the transmission problems were the company's biggest downfall. The widespread transmission failure that cost car owners thousands of dollars to fix. Subframe rust is also a significant problem that costs thousands to fix. The overall cost to fix these problems may be more expensive than what the junk car is worth.

The state saw an average scrap price of $168.10. Dallas was the overall winner producing $200 in scrap value, $31.90 above average. Fort Worth was very close to the top value at $189, coming in at $20.90 above the average. Houston ($175.63) and San Antonio ($172.14) were $7.53 and $4.04 above the state scrap average. The city to offer the least amount for scrap on our list is Arlington at $141.67, $26.43 below the state's average.

5. 2001 Honda Accord

Average Price: $168.43

HOUSTON $201.39
DALLAS $174.62
FORT WORTH $189.50
AUSTIN $208.00

The 2001 Honda Accord carries the same burden as its predecessor. Widespread transmission failure can cost thousands to rebuild or fix, and the subframe rust that is caused by a design flaw with the poor placement of the AC hose. The early 2000s Honda models brought so many transmission problems that it is not a surprise that the design years, makes, and models are featured on most of the top 10 junked car lists.

Texas' average scrap price for the 2001 Honda Accord is $168.43.  Austin was the big winner providing owners with $208 in scrap value, $39.57 above the state's average. Houston wasn't too far behind at $201.39, above the average by $32.96. Fort Worth ($189.50) and Dallas ($174.62), profiting owners $21.07 and $6.19. San Antonio came short at $131.50, $36.93 below the state average.

6. 2002 Ford Explorer

Average Price: $189.85

HOUSTON $236.47
DALLAS $196.00
FORT WORTH $212.00
LUBBOCK $228.33

Besides being given plague status by, the 2002 Ford Explorer has a record of expensive transmission problems that can cost owners $3,000 or more to fix, usually with a rebuilt transmission. Wheel bearing failure was also common around 90,000 miles, which can range from $500 to $1,000 to fix depending on the number that fails.

The average scrap value for the 2002 Ford Explorer is $189.85. All of the cities we looked at were above the state average for scrap pricing. Houston came in number one with $236.47, $46.62 above average. Lubbock was next with $38.48 above the state average at $228.33. Fort Worth offers $212 for a scrapped 2002 Ford Explorer, $22.15 above average. San Antonio ($200.56) and Dallas ($196) provided owners $10.71 and $6.15 above the average.


7. 2006 Nissan Altima

Average Price: $181.67

HOUSTON $215.63
DALLAS $200.56
FORT WORTH $188.00
MESQUITE $206.25

The 2006 Nissan Altima has the luxury of being deemed a clunker by The main problem reported by owners was excessive oil consumption. A recall issued in 2006 for bad piston rings didn't fix this situation either. This model year also experienced problems with the CVT transmission failing around the 100,000-mile mark. The CVT issue is an expensive repair costing over $2,000.

The average scrap price for a 2006 Nissan Altima in Texas is $181.67. Houston provided the highest scrap pricing at $215.63, $33.96 above the average state scrap price. Mesquite offered $24.58 above average at $206.25. Dallas ($200.56) and Fort Worth ($188) are $18.89 and $6.33 above the state's average. San Antonio was the only city on our list that offered below-average pricing for the 2006 Nissan Altima at $173.50, $8.17 below the state's average.


8. 2005 Chevrolet Impala

Average Price: $168.28

HOUSTON $186.18
FORT WORTH $173.50
DALLAS $200.63
AUSTIN $75.00

The 2005 Chevrolet Impala takes the clunker status on The top reported problems associated with this model year include rough shifting ($1,800 in potential repair costs), speedometer malfunctioning ($400 potential repair costs), and transmission failure ($1,700 in potential repair costs).

The average scrap price in Texas for the 2005 Chevrolet Impala is $168.28. Dallas came in number one at $200.63, $32.35 above the average scrap price. San Antonio brought in $194 for scrap, $25.72 above. Houston is $17.90 above average at $186.18. Fort Worth was the last to offer an amount above the state average at $173.50, $5.22 excess profit for the owner. Austin offered the lowest amount, $75, $93.28 below the average scrap price.


9. 1998 Honda Accord

Average Price: $156.83

HOUSTON $162.86
AUSTIN $148.57
DALLAS $183.57
FORT WORTH $210.00

Another Honda model to make the list that says to avoid like the plague - the 1998 Honda Accord. The 1998 Accord suffered from expensive transmission problems, peeling paint, and subframe rust. You could be looking at $3,000 or more in repairs between the subframe rust and the transmission.

The average scrapping price for the 1998 Honda Accord in Texas is $156.83. Only two cities fell short of meeting the average, San Antonio ($144.29) and Austin ($148.57), $12.54 and $8.26 under average. Houston came in the middle at $162.86, $6.03 above the average scrap pricing. Dallas offers $183.57, which is $26.74 above the Texas scrapping rate. The highest scrapping rate comes from Fort Worth at $210, at $53.17 above the average.


10. 2003 Ford Explorer

Average Price: $204.44

DALLAS $165.83
HOUSTON $240.83
MCKINNEY $246.25
FORT WORTH $186.25

The 2003 Ford Explorer is in the same category as the 2002 Ford Explorer. says to avoid the 2003 Ford Explorer like the plague. Expensive transmission problems come with this vehicle, as do the failure of wheel bearings on the vehicle. These can cause over $3,000 worth of repairs to be necessary.

The average scrap pricing for the 2003 Ford Explorer in Texas is $204.44. The highest amount we could find came out of McKinney for $246.25, $41.81 above the state's average. Houston was close behind at $36.39 above the scrap value at $240.83. San Antonio offers the owners of the 2003 Ford Explorer $195.50, $8.94 below the state's average. Fort Worth came in at $186.25, $18.19 below the average. In the last place for scrap pricing was Dallas, $38.61 below state average with $165.83.

Scrapping Cars in Texas

If you are looking to scrap a car in the Lone Star state, we recommend checking out some of the cities on our list to see what they can offer you for your junk vehicle. We do remind you to take into consideration the current metal pricing before scrapping your vehicle, as this will cause a fluctuation in the pricing that you can expect to get from your scrap vehicle. Each vehicle and the scrap yard will differ for pricing. Always call around for the best price before settling with one price.

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