Sell My Junk Ford Focus

You Can Get Cash For Your Ford Focus—How Much?
If you own a Ford Focus that has sustained damage, is worn out through years of use or otherwise worth considering for scrap, you can get cash today by selling it to us. We’ve seen Ford Focus vehicles go for anywhere from $150 to $750 in cash, with the car’s 3,000 pounds in curb weight being affected by local scrap metal prices. If the car has functional components and accessories, it could earn more.
We Buy Ford Focuses

When selling a funk Ford Focus, junk car buyers like us are going to look at some of the following factors when appraising the car to offer a deal:

• The car’s mileage;
• The car’s location;
• Local scrap metal prices;
• The vehicle’s age;
• The car’s general condition.

With Junk Car Medics, you can get up to $10,000 for a used car in decent condition, so be sure to call us and ask for a quote on yours. If the car runs and has useful parts and components, you might be able to yield a sizable payout from selling it for cash to auto recyclers like ourselves.

More About the Ford Focus and Why We Buy Them

Ford began production of the Focus in 1998, and became the world’s best selling automobile nameplate 14 years later in 2012. This makes it very valuable from a junk car buyer’s perspective, since its massive popularity means there is a demand for parts and components even if the car itself won’t run.

In the year 2004, Ford updated and adapted the Focus, making it larger and heavier than earlier models. Later Ford Focus vehicles offer significantly more on the auto recycling market than earlier ones due to this fact.

We Buy All Ford Focus Years:
• 1998 Ford Focus
• 1999 Ford Focus
• 2000 Ford Focus
• 2001 Ford Focus
• 2002 Ford Focus
• 2003 Ford Focus
• 2004 Ford Focus
• 2005 Ford Focus
• 2006 Ford Focus
• 2007 Ford Focus
• 2008 Ford Focus
• 2009 Ford Focus
• 2010 Ford Focus
• 2011 Ford Focus
• 2012 Ford Focus
• 2013 Ford Focus
• 2014 Ford Focus
• 2015 Ford Focus
• 2016 Ford Focus

Should I Sell My Junk Ford Focus for Cash?

To find out whether selling your junk Ford Focus for cash is a good idea, take a look at your vehicle’s wear and tear. If there is significant damage to the vehicle’s frame and components, then scrap metal might be the best option for it. If the car doesn’t run but has functional parts and accessories, we might be able to scrap it and offer a much more attractive price for it.

Generally, if the damage to the vehicle costs more to repair than what the vehicle could yield on the used car market, then it’s worth selling to an auto recycler like Junk Car Medics. You should call us and ask one of our appraisal experts to give you a quote on your car and see how much you can get.

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