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Are you in need of some fast cash but you don’t know where to turn? Have you ever considered getting rid of your junk car for cash? While most know about turning in old jewelry, cell phones, and electronics in to make a quick buck, not everyone is aware of junk car buyers like JunkCarMedics.com who will pay you the best possible rate for your junk car in Springfield, Missouri.

What’s a junk car? It can be a car that won’t start, a car with mechanical issues, transmission trouble, braking problems, water damage, high-mileage cars, and simply cars you no longer have a use for. You may have considered it to be nothing more than a piece of junk, but you can actually be sitting on a few hundred bucks that can go a long way when you’re in need of immediate cash.

Whether you need cash to pay an unexpected bill, get out of debt, pay for school, or simply as a means to take a vacation, JunkCarMedics.com will help you out. All we need are a few specifics about your car to give you an instant quote that will certainly help you out in a bind.

We Buy Junk Cars All Over Springfield

Your car doesn’t have to be running or brand spanking new to get you a few extra bucks in your pocket. If you’ve got an old car someone handed down to you that you no longer want… sell it to JunkCarMedics.com. If your car is racking up repair costs faster than you can afford to pay them, you can sell it to JunkCarMedics.com. If you’ve got a car with a salvage title, a ton of accident damage, or some serious denting from hail, you can still sell it to JunkCarMedics.com.

We buy cars of any condition and any type. Got a high-mileage truck, van, SUV, or station wagon you want to turn into cash? We’re the junk car buyers for you. Not only will we make you a cash offer, but we do our very best to make sure we’re offering you the best going rate in the industry. We want you to be satisfied with your sell and get as much cash as you can.

We service Springfield neighborhoods that including but not limited to University Heights, Roundtree, Rivercut, Iron Bridge, Midtown, Southern Hills, Highland Springs, and more. Let us know where you live or work in Springfield and we’ll gladly come and grab that junk car for cash.

Sell Your Junk Car in Springfield, MO in Four Easy Steps

How does our junk car buying process work? In just four simple steps you will be on your way to having a little extra cash in your pocket. First, you contact JunkCarMedics.com to receive your free instant quote. Next, you’ll need to provide us with information on your junk car including the make, model, and year. Third, using the information provide about your junk car and the market rate for recycled materials like scrap metal, we give you a quote. Lastly, you accept the quote and schedule an appointment for junk car removal in Springfield, MO.

No endless amounts of paperwork, no unnecessary documentation, no long waits for scheduled pickups, no waiting in line to cash your check. JunkCarMedics.com provides a hassle-free simplistic way to get your car sold in Springfield, MO and get cash in your hands. In as little as 24 hours from the time that you call, we can have an expert driver dispatched to your home to pick up the junk car.

Common Questions About Selling a Junk Car in Springfield, MO

If I still owe payments on my car will you still buy it?

You will need to finish paying off the loan on the car first. This is how you obtain your title. If you have a small amount to repay, you may be able to work something out with your bank to allow you to turn over the title once you’ve secured funds to pay the balance in full.

When can you pick up my junk car in Springfield, MO?

We can pick up your junk car in as little as 24 hours from the time that you call provided we have available drivers.

What do I do with my license plates?

Now that we have removed your junk car in Springfield, MO you can take your plates and turn them over to your local DMV office.

When you need cash and you need it now, consider selling your junk car for cash in Springfield, MO. JunkCarMedics.com would be happy to assist you.

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Recent Junk Car Offers in Springfield, MO

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price
2010 Chevrolet Traverse 65807 12-23-2020 $505
2010 Nissan Sentra 65802 11-17-2020 $645
2012 Chevrolet Cruze 65803 08-01-2020 $865
2005 Toyota Camry 65807 02-21-2019 $555
2008 Toyota Corolla 65809 02-03-2019 $875
2005 Toyota Camry 65807 01-08-2019 $505
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 65807 01-04-2019 $685
2007 Honda Civic si 65806 12-14-2018 $525
2008 Buick Enclave 65807 12-02-2018 $770
2003 Honda Civic 65803 11-06-2018 $70
2006 Volkswagen Touareg 65807 11-04-2018 $715
2005 Acura TL 65807 11-01-2018 $890
2008 Cadillac SRX 65810 10-29-2018 $815
2009 Saturn Vue 65807 10-14-2018 $560
2010 Kia Sedona 65804 10-07-2018 $920

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