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How Much Is My Junk Dodge Avenger Worth?
Featuring a curb weight of between 3,400 and 3,607 pounds, the Dodge Avenger can make a great sale with a reputable junk car dealer on hand. We regularly buy Dodge Avengers of all types, in all conditions, and are willing to pay top-dollar for them. You can expect to get anywhere between $250 and $2800 for your Dodge Avenger.

If you own a damaged, worn or otherwise unwanted Dodge Avenger, you can make fast cash reliably by selling it to JunkCarMedics.com. We usually look at these factors when determining how much we are willing to pay for a new junk car:

• The car’s condition;
• The car’s age;
• Its mileage;
• Local scrap metal prices.

All of these factors contribute to the overall value of the car on the junk market, but another important consideration is whether the vehicle has salvageable parts and accessories. For instance, Dodge Avengers with automatic transmission tend to develop shifting problems that can make costly transmission replacement necessary. If your car has a working automatic transmission, however, you can have us salvage it and make a steady profit.

Information About The Dodge Avenger

The Dodge Avenger is a mid-size sedan that was produced during two periods of time. First, between the years 1995 and 2000, and then once again between 2008 and 2014. The earlier versions were two-door coupes that received generous upgrades with every production year up until their discontinuation.

In 2008, Dodge reintroduced the Avenger nameplate and applied it to a new four-door sedan. This car replaced the Charger as Dodge’s NASCAR vehicle and obtained a significant win, bringing national attention to the model. In 2011, Dodge upgraded the model inside and out, giving it a new look and a more powerful engine.

Recent Offers Made for Dodge Avenger Cars:

2012 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 14712
Offer Price: $725
Offer Date: 10-21-2021

2008 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 19144
Offer Price: $530
Offer Date: 10-17-2021

2009 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 32828
Offer Price: $560
Offer Date: 10-13-2021

2008 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 12203
Offer Price: $570
Offer Date: 10-07-2021

2011 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 30062
Offer Price: $525
Offer Date: 10-01-2021

2008 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 30120
Offer Price: $530
Offer Date: 09-17-2021

2013 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 89122
Offer Price: $670
Offer Date: 09-09-2021

2008 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 17111
Offer Price: $595
Offer Date: 09-04-2021

2010 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 21206
Offer Price: $665
Offer Date: 08-25-2021

2014 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 79605
Offer Price: $650
Offer Date: 08-23-2021

2008 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 80401
Offer Price: $550
Offer Date: 08-23-2021

2010 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 90015
Offer Price: $990
Offer Date: 08-06-2021

2012 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 14072
Offer Price: $715
Offer Date: 08-05-2021

2008 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 19148
Offer Price: $670
Offer Date: 07-26-2021

2008 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 76140
Offer Price: $710
Offer Date: 07-13-2021

Should I Sell My Junk Dodge Avenger?

Generally, finding out whether to sell your car for cash is a matter of simple arithmetic. First, you need to determine the cost of repairing your car to get it in good enough condition to sell on the used car market. Next, compare that price with the offer one of our appraisal experts provides you. Compare the two and determine whether selling the car today is better for your bankroll than investing in its repair. We’ll pay up to $10,000 for used cars in decent condition, so get in touch with us today and get an estimate!

Call (855) 587-0227 or request a quote online to sell your Dodge Avenger.

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