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We buy junk cars for cash in Indiana.  We buy junk cars in Indiana that are wrecked, no longer on the road, beyond repair, or simply needs to be taken to a salvage yard.  Getting cash for junk cars in Indiana is the act of getting paid to junk a car that is unwanted. Junk cars in Indiana is a vehicle that doesn’t run or needs major mechanical work. Often such work is more expensive than the car is worth, making it pointless to do anything but get a new car. Junk salvaging and removal services in Indiana pay you cash for your junk cars.

Indiana junk car removal happens with a tow truck or flatbed and is arranged by local or national junk car buyers. Indiana junk car removal deals in the salvaging and removal of junk cars, which are typically called scrapyards, has recycling components within the junkyard itself. Scrapyards in Indiana are capable of dismantling all types of metals and recycling them into useful components. At Junk Car Medics we pay cash for junk cars that we remove.

Junk Car Medics provides junk car removal in Indiana in familiar metropolitan areas like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Fishers and beyond. We arrange for your junk car to be removed with a local tow company using a wrecker, flatbed, or tow truck, depending on the state and type of your vehicle. You’ll be paid cash for your junk car, and it goes to local scrappers and part salvagers.

Because we work with local salvagers, scrappers, and tow companies, getting your junk car removed in Indiana for cash with Junk Car Medics supports your local economy. We make it easy for you to get the best price for your junk car, without the headache of having to find someone to take it off your hands.

In addition, junk car salvaging in Indiana is an important endeavor for the environment. Junk cars that are left to sit adds pollution to the earth over time as they decay. Removing them, parting them out, and scrapping the remains reduces the environmental impact of nonfunctioning vehicles.

Meanwhile, if you have a junk car that could be fixed for an exorbitant cost, it's tempting to find someone to buy it from you that uses it as a project car. This has a much larger impact on the environment than junking your car, because old cars have worse gas mileage and higher emissions than newer models. By contacting Junk Car Medics for junk car removal in Indiana, you are helping your environment.

Both the state of Indiana and your local government have laws regarding junk car removal in Indiana. The state requires you to have a valid title or Certificate of Authority to have a junk car removed, whether or not it belongs to you. Meanwhile, municipalities have their own laws regarding open storage of junk cars, and penalties for not having them removed promptly.
Indiana Auto Facts

What is the Indiana Cash for Junk Cars Program?

Indiana has a cash for junk cars program called the Clean Yard Program. Administered by The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), it allows auto salvagers to remove and recycle junk cars in open areas, yards, and on the streets. Auto salvagers receive benefits and recognition from the state for junking these cars for cash.

Listed below are the three main ways to participate in the Clean Yard Program in Indiana.

  • Use the provided environmental workbook to conduct a self-audit of practices
  • Meet all environmental regulatory requirements set forth by the IDEM
  • Complete a Clean Yard Certification Statement

To encourage participation, IDEM provides top auto salvagers with “Gold Level” recognition, which comes with additional perks and benefits.

What are the laws for Indiana Car Recycling?

The codified and administrative laws for Indiana car recycling come from the IDEM, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and the Secretary of State. Indiana state code, Title 9, Article 32, Chapter 2 defines auto salvagers and states the need for licensure, while Title 75, Article 3 provides more information about what is required of auto recyclers in Indiana.

Listed below are the five main laws for car recycling in Indiana.

  • Meet all environmental regulations of the IDEM, which touches on
    • Fluids and oil management
    • Hazardous waste management
    • Tire and solid waste management
    • Disposal of mercury switches
  • Conduct annual self-audits to ensure compliance

The laws for recycling a car that you don’t own come from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles can be found in Indiana state code, Title 9, Article 22, Chapters 1 and 5, and includes,

  • IC9-22-1-15 Tagging abandoned vehicles with notice for 24 hours is required before taking action to remove a junk car in Indiana that doesn’t belong to you.
  • IC9-22-5-2 to IC9-22-5-11 Certification of Authority allows you to junk a car that you do not own if it was abandoned on your property. Section 5 details the requirements in addition to the application for Certificate of Authority, including publishing an ad in the appropriate county newspaper 30 days before the sale.
  • IC9-22-5-12 to IC9-22-5-17 Distribution of sale proceeds rules are strict, keeping those who scrap a vehicle not belonging to them from making an unreasonable profit. Keep compensation for storage and removal costs when you get cash for the junk car, but the rest goes to the county.

Different communities in Indiana have their own laws about junk cars on your residential property. If you have junk car that is violating such an ordinance, you need to contact Junk Car Medics right away to avoid penalties and fines.

What are the myths about selling a junk car for cash in Indiana?

Listed below are the three main myths about selling a junk car for cash in Indiana.

  1. You must own the vehicle for it to be scrapped. Abandoned junk cars are to be salvaged by getting a Certificate of Authority from the Sheriff’s Department, but you can’t seem to profit from the sale.
  2. You must have a title to junk a car for cash. A Certificate of Authority can be used to sell a junk car for cash in Indiana, but it takes over a month to obtain if you are not the vehicle’s owner.
  3. Junk a car that you haven’t titled since you bought it. This is called title jumping, and it is illegal in the state of Indiana. You must title your vehicle before you are able to sell it to a junk car buyer. A Certificate of Authority is not allowed in these cases.

When should you junk your car?

A car is to be junked in Indiana when it no longer runs or is too expensive to fix compared to its value. Junk cars are not to be left sitting around on the property. Fines can be imposed in Indiana as well as penalties from the local government.

For example, Article 13 in Fairfax municipal code states that junk cars are a public nuisance, and as such they can be towed by any Town officer. When on private property owners are first to be given a citation. If not remedied in the time noted on the citation, you are fined $50. If you still don’t get the junk car removed, you’ll pay $100. Eventually the town in Indiana tows it and bill you for that expense as well.

What are the most valuable parts on a junk car?

Listed below are the three most valuable parts on a junk car.

  1. Engine - The vehicle’s engine is the most valuable part on a junk car in Indiana. If your engine works, it is going to be in high demand for people who can’t afford a new one for their own junk car that they need to fix cheaply. Even if your engine is no good, the aluminum in the engine is valuable to scrappers in and of itself in Indiana.
  2. Transmission - The transmission is the next most valuable part on a junk car in Indiana. The transmission system is 85% aluminum and has value in scrap metal if it doesn’t work.
  3. Catalytic Converter - Catalytic converters are in high demand in Indiana because they contain very small amounts of platinum, palladium, and rhodium. They are a popular target for thieves.

The engine, transmission, and catalytic converter make up the most valuable scrap car parts.

How to Sell Your Junk Car in Indiana?

Listed below are the five steps on how to sell a junk car in Indiana.

  1. Find a junk car buyer in Indiana in your area or online.
  2. Get free quotes to determine the value of your junk car in Indiana.
  3. Accept one offer and schedule free removal of junk cars in Indiana.
  4. Complete the paperwork, including proof of ownership or Certificate of Authority in Indiana.
  5. Get paid cash for junking your car in Indiana.

Junk Car Medics is a great way to sell a junk car.
Junk a Car in Indiana

What are the factors that affect the value of Junk Car in Indiana?

Listed below are the seven main factors that affect the value of junk cars in Indiana.

  1. The vehicle year, make, and model affect the value of a junk car in Indiana.
  2. The condition of the vehicle and if it is drivable affects the value.
  3. Whether or not the vehicle’s valuable parts are still intact and in demand in Indiana.
  4. The vehicle’s weight in scrap metal affects the value in Indiana.
  5. Indiana scrap metal prices affects the value.
  6. Indiana requires a title but there are other ways to verify ownership of a vehicle. However, the value greatly decreases without a title in Indiana.
  7. The location of your vehicle in Indiana.

Those are the 7 factors that impact junk car prices.

How do you improve the value of your junk car in Indiana?

improve the value of your junk car in Indiana do these three things. First, check to see if you have a clear title. This means the title has you listed as the owner, and there are no liens on the title. Indiana does not require a vehicle title to junk a car.  You may be able to junk your car without the title. However, the value of your junk car greatly decreases if you do not have the vehicle title.

Second, shop around and get multiple offers from junk car buyers in Indiana. Different junk car buyers may offer different values in Indiana.  Lastly, sell when scrap metal prices are high in Indiana. Scrap metal prices are the biggest factor in the value of your junk car in Indiana. Therefore, junking your car when scrap car prices are high in Indiana gets you the best value for your junk car.

How to apply for a Replacement Title in Indiana?

Order a replacement title in Indiana through their website, a connect kiosk, a service provider, or by going to the branch yourself. You can mail in your application. You must have a clean title to get the most cash for junk cars in Indiana.

If you have bought a car that you didn’t title but you want to scrap it in Indiana, you’ll have to title the vehicle before you sell it to a junk car buyer. If you have a lost, damaged, or destroyed title, apply for a copy of the title with your local BMV, although this can take some time.

Listed below are the five main steps on how to apply for a replacement title in Indiana.

  1. Complete an Application for Certificate of Title form. Do this through their website, a connect kiosk, a service provider, or by going to the branch yourself. You can mail in your application. You must have a clean title to get the most cash for junk cars in Indiana.
  2. Provide a copy of your state ID card, military ID, passport, school ID, or work ID, as well as VIN or registration documentation showing ownership.
  3. Pay a replacement fee. The cost to get a replacement title in Indiana is $15
  4. Wait for your replacement title to arrive in the mail. The BMV mails you a copy of your title. You should receive it in about one week.
  5. If you want to sell the junk car faster but you have a lost or destroyed title, apply for a Certificate of Authority from the sheriff’s department to prove that you have the legal right to junk the car for cash in Indiana. Pay $25 for a “Speed Title” so that you are able to sell your car to junk buyers for cash more quickly.

How to know the value of your Junk Car in Indiana?

To know the value of your junk car, review this list of common models and price ranges for an estimated value of a junk car in Indiana.

Indiana Minimum Junk Car Price Maximum Junk Car Price
2007 Chevrolet Impala $210.00 $480.00
2006 Pontiac Grand Prix $185.00 $525.00
2005 Ford Escape $340.00 $670.00
2005 Chevrolet Uplander $315.00 $490.00
2005 Chevrolet Impala $210.00 $490.00
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee $0.00 $465.00
2003 Acura Mdx $0.00 $540.00
2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer $0.00 $545.00
2011 Ford Escape $605.00 $990.00
2009 Chevrolet Impala $205.00 $545.00
2002 Chevrolet Cavalier $190.00 $260.00
2005 Chevrolet Cobalt $0.00 $410.00
2010 Chevrolet Impala $230.00 $390.00
2006 Chevrolet Cobalt $0.00 $365.00
2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer $285.00 $580.00
2003 Ford Taurus $290.00 $415.00

Does Indiana pay more for junk cars than other states?

No, Indiana does not pay more for junk cars than other states. The average amount that junk buyers pay for junk cars in Indiana is $458.87, but it varies depending on year, make, and model. Comparatively, the national average for junk cars for cash is $622.93, which means that Indiana is $164.06 less than other states.

How many Junk Cars are wrecked a year in Indiana?

According to local news source WSBT 22, there were over 200,000 car wrecks in Indiana in 2021 alone. This is a dramatic increase of almost 15% over 2020. Since cars are becoming more and more expensive to fix after a wreck, a good portion of these are considered “totaled” and sent to junk car buyers, either by the owners or the insurance companies that pay for the wrecks.

Does Junk Car Medics buy junk cars in Indiana?

Yes, Junk Car Medics buys junk cars for cash in Indiana. We have six locations in Indiana. By going to our website and entering your vehicle and location information, we match you with the right facility so you are able to get most cash for your junk car in Indiana. Listed below are six suburbs that Junk Car Medics buys junk cars for cash.

  • Evansville junk car removal and recycle for cash
  • Fort Wayne junk car salvaging and recycle for cash
  • South Bend junk car wrecking and removal for cash
  • Hammond junk car recycling for cash
  • Indianapolis cash for junk cars
  • Lafayette auto salvage for cash

Junk Car Medics pays between $40 and $6,295 for junk cars in Indiana.

What are the Best Junk Yards in Indiana?

Listed below are the three best three junk yards in Indiana.

  1. Wright’s Auto Salvage – This Columbus junk yard sells used auto parts across the nation, and is well known for having some of the hardest to find parts. They are among the oldest junk cars for cash operation in Indiana. The IDEM has awarded Wright’s Auto Salvage twice as the most environmentally friendly junk yard in Indiana.
  2. Car Recycler’s, Inc – Located in Manchester, this family owned and operated junk yard gives you the best of customer experience. Run by family means that you are treated like family, and you’ll always pay a fair price (or get a fair price) for junk cars and parts with this junk yard.
  3. Boyd’s Auto Recycling and Towing – Kendallville has their own star in Boyd’s Auto Recycling and Towing. They have fabulous reviews, and they’ve been in the junk yard and junk cars for cash business for decades.

These are the junk yards that have the best Google Reviews for both buying junk cars and selling their parts.

What are the Best Junk Car Buyers in Indiana?

Listed below are the three best junk car buyers in Indiana.

  • Junk Car Medics has multiple locations throughout Indiana including Evansville, South Bend, and Fishers. We make it easy for you to junk your car for cash with a completely online process, nearly instant offers, and free towing service. We have multiple locations in Indiana to serve you, regardless of your neighborhood. Go online, enter your vehicle and location information, get an offer, and schedule for pick up and removal of the junk car on your property.
  • GC’s Junk Cars – Located in Indianapolis, GC’s Junk Cars is one of the oldest junk car buyers in Indiana. They pay cash on the spot for your junk cars, and they’ll buy other vehicles as well. No matter what condition your car is in, GC’s Junk Cars is more than willing to give you cash for it and remove it from your property. They have 4.9 ratings on most review sites.
  • Benjamin’s Junk Cars – This junk car buyer boasts on their website that they offer the best prices for junk cars. However, you better make sure you have a clean signed title and that you have cancelled the registration with the BMV or they won’t take your car.

These junk car buyers in Indiana have the best reviews on Google, and they are most likely to give you the best price for your junk car.

What to know about Junk Car Industry in Indiana?

The total number of registered vehicles on the road in Indiana in 2016, the last available reported year from Statista, was over 2 million. Of course, many junk cars are not registered. That's the case in Indiana and for all Junk Cars in the USA.

The laws in Indiana about junk cars for cash are strict. You must title a vehicle you buy before you resell it. You must have a clear title, or a Certificate of Authority, in order to junk a vehicle. There are some unscrupulous junk car buyers that tell you that you can sell them your junk car for cash in Indiana without a title, but they give you the least amount of money for your vehicle because they cannot legally transfer ownership to their name.

How to Choose a Junk Car Buyer in Indiana?

Listed below are the seven main steps on how to choose a junk car buyer in Indiana.

  1. Look carefully for junk car buyers in your area. The further away a junk car buyer must travel to pick up your vehicle, the less they pay you for it. Many junk car buyers are dedicated to serving one small area of Indiana, but Junk Car Medics has locations throughout the state so that we can give you the best rates for your junk cars in Indiana.
  2. Consider how long the process takes. Every car buyer has a different process and turnaround time. How long does it take to get an offer? Is an inspection be needed first? How long after the offer has been accepted does it take for the junk car buyer to tow away the vehicle? Once they buy your car, how do you get paid and how long does it take? Even though these programs are called “junk cars for cash in Indiana” most actually pay by check.
  3. Review the junk car buyer’s website and check reviews on Google, Yelp, and other local review sites for your area. Compare their reputations and read a mixture of good and bad reviews to see how they measure up. Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for more information about the company, although not all junk car buyers in Indiana are graded or have data available.
  4. Look for a junk car buyer with experience in your area. Local junk car buyers are to be in business for a few years and have a good reputation in the community. Larger junk car buyers like Junk Car Medics that work with local junk yards have many years of experience and a wide network with local junk yards and scrap yards to get top dollar for your junk car in Indiana.
  5. Choose the most environmentally sound option by asking the junk car buyer in Indiana exactly what they do with the vehicles. What happens to the junk car once it is towed away? Junk Car Medics works hard to ensure that as much of a vehicle is recycled as possible.
  6. Get details about towing, such as if you need to be present, how long it takes to set up, and what scheduling window you are given. Verify that the towing is free. Some local junk car buyers in Indiana may give you less for your vehicle if they have to eat the cost of towing.
  7. Know how much your junk car is worth before contacting local junk car buyers in Indiana to make sure that you are getting fair prices.

Is Junk Car Industry Big in Indiana?

The junk car industry in Indiana is very big, as evidenced by the many junk car buyers, junk yards, salvage yards, and scrap recycling centers in the state. The Indiana junk car industry is worth $660 million per year, compared to the national annual revenue of over $32 billion. Indiana’s roads are famously congested, and with the number of traffic accidents sharply rising the need for junk car buyers is increasing quarterly.

What are the necessities to open a Junk Car Facility in Indiana?

In addition to other requirements to open a business in Indiana, a junk car facility must apply for a special license to be an auto salvager and recycler. In addition to filling out a detailed application from the Secretary of State website, listed below are the seven main necessities to open a junk car facility in Indiana.

  • A background check no more than 60 days old.
  • Documentation for your business entity through the INBiz database and Retail Merchant Certificate from the Department of Revenue
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • An Indiana Vehicle Merchandising Certificate/Bond
  • Photo identification
  • Pictures of the location
  • Zoning Affadavit

Companies that want to recycle cars in Indiana must pay a licensing fee. In order to meet zoning requirements, junk car facilities must follow these five main steps.

  • Be a permanent property zoned for commercial or industrial use. Junk yards in Indiana cannot be located at a residence or temporary location.
  • Have a permanent sign in Indiana displaying the name of the company as on the license
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Customer parking
  • An office meeting minimum size requirements

How does Indiana define a Junk Vehicle?

According to Indiana state statutes, a junk vehicle is defined as “Any motor vehicle or the remains thereof which does not bear a currently valid license plate and is not housed in a garage or other building.”

According to this definition, any vehicle that you don’t want to pay to fix is a junk car, even if it still runs. Essentially any car in any condition could be recycled as a junk car as long as it is not registered and never again be registered.

What if your junk car in Indiana is in your garage? Even if the car is in a garage or other building, it's still to be considered a junk car if you need to reclaim that space for a new vehicle.

What if your junk car has tags on it? Your car still be defined as a junk car if you remove the plates with the intention of retiring them or transferring them to a new vehicle. Your car is still a junk car in Indiana if the plates are expired. Regardless, remove the license plates from your junk car before selling it.
Indiana Junk Car Definition

Are Motorcycles, Bicycles and Other Vehicles included for Junk Vehicle Removal in Indiana?

In Indiana, the removal of junk cars does not include motorcycles, bicycles, and other types of vehicles. Junk car removal companies in Indiana only buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs in areas including but not limited to Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, and Fishers.

Is it better to donate your junk car instead of selling in Indiana?

It is better to sell your junk cars instead of donating it in Indiana. If a junk car is donated in Indiana there are likely to be fees that come out of the vehicle’s value. Donating a junk car in Indiana may not get you a tax write-off if you do not itemize your income taxes.  If the preference is still to donate a junk car sell it, and the profits then are donated to the charity of choice in Indiana. This gets the highest donation value for your junk car in Indiana.  Learn about whether to junk my car or donate it.

How to Shield a Junk Vehicle from Public View in Indiana?

Here are some ways to shield your junk vehicle in Indiana if you aren’t able to junk the car right away. You might need to buy some time while you get a replacement title or Certificate of Authority.

Listed below are the four main ways to shield a junk vehicle from public view in Indiana.

  1. Park your junk car in a garage or other structure to quickly eliminate the problem. It might be worth it to park your daily driver in the driveway or on the street for a few weeks in Indiana.
  2. Cover the junk car with a tarp. Secure it well, and make sure it doesn’t look worse than the car itself or you could still be fined. Check your local laws about junk cars in Indiana to see if covering it with a tarp is an option.
  3. Park the vehicle in the back of your property so it can’t be seen from the street in Indiana. This doesn’t guarantee you won’t get in trouble. If an officer investigates the back yard to you could still be fined.
  4. Build a privacy fence or other temporary structure that hides the vehicle in until you are able to sell it to a junk car buyer in Indiana.

What is the penalty of Junk Vehicle Law in Indiana?

If you sell a junk car in Indiana without a title, Certificate of Authority, or other proof of ownership, you could be charged with a Class C Misdemeanor. Likewise, auto salvagers could face penalties for buying junk cars for cash without a title in Indiana.

According to the law, “knowingly sells, offers to sell, buys, possesses, or offers as genuine a certificate of registration for a vehicle that is required to be issued by the bureau and has not been issued by the (1) bureau under this article; or (2)appropriate governmental authority of another state.” Fines vary depending on the state of the vehicle, how many similar offenses you have had in the past, and how much you are fined to cover towing and storage fees if the junk car in Indiana is removed and sold for you.

Information about State of Indiana and Junk Vehicles

Indiana is in the Midwest, bordered by Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri. It has a population of 6.697 million as of the 2020 Census. It’s capital, Indianapolis, has a population of 869,387, and it’s governor is Eric Holcomb. There are 92 counties in Indiana, listed below are the three biggest counties in Indiana.

  1. Marion County, home to 957,337 people, has Indianapolis as its county seat.
  2. Lake County’s seat is in Crown Point and has a population of 485,983.
  3. Allen County has a population of 375,520 and it’s county seat is in Fort Wayne.

The two most common occupations in Indiana are important pieces of the supply chain. Drivers of various types, from delivery and cab drivers to semi-truck drivers, encompass 87,228 of employed individuals in Indiana. Laborers in warehouse and freight settings are the second most common occupations, employing about 72,196 people. Interestingly, the third most common occupation is registered nurses at 70,814 employed persons.

It is no wonder that Indiana has a lot of opportunities for junk cars for cash when you recognize that all of their primary exports are related to transportation equipment. Listed below are the top five exports in Indiana.

  1. Motor vehicle transmissions at $1.6 billion annually
  2. Small gas powered trucks at $1.27 billion annually
  3. Piston engines at $1.16 billion
  4. Large automobiles at $679 million
  5. Trailers and semis $605 million

Within this range falls aircraft, including their engines and parts.

There are hundreds of communities and neighborhoods throughout Indiana, but there are three that have made the list of US News & World Report’s Best Places to Live. In fact, these three neighborhoods have climbed their way up the list year after year. Listed below are the three main neighborhoods.

  • Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne came in at #48 as a best place to live in the US. It is a major metropolitan statistical area, and encompasses many neighborhoods.
  • Indianapolis. At #63, Indianapolis has climbed three spots since last year’s list.
  • Southbend. Southbend is Indiana’s fastest growing suburb, and even though it falls on the list at #70, that’s 18 spots up from last year.

There are an estimated 2.3 million vehicles registered in Indiana as of 2021, but this does not encompass the total number of vehicles in Indiana. The Indiana junk car industry is a big part of the total economic mass of the state.

How does the Covid-19 affect the Junk Car Salvage and Removal in Indiana?

Although the state of emergency was rescinded by Governor Holcomb in March 2022, there is still a mask advisory in the state of Indiana. This means that health officials recommend you where a mask, but the government is not requiring it. However, state run facilities, including hospitals, must still have mask requirements in place.

Even though the number of Covid-19 cases have decreased considerably over the last year, the trend toward handling things like selling junk cars for cash in Indiana have taken on a no-contact process. This process is not just healthier for everyone as we continue to social distance as possible, it makes the process of selling junk cars for cash much easier.

What is the importance of Junk Car Salvaging and Removal?

Junk car salvaging in Indiana is extremely important. Because there are so many vehicles on the road, and so many traffic accidents totaling vehicles, there is a great need for junk car buyers in Indiana. Not only do these junk cars need to be removed from streets, yards, and driveways for aesthetic purposes, they pollute the earth by sitting still. Old junk cars that shouldn’t be repaired due to their high-emissions will only be taken off the roads through effective auto salvaging.

Why chose Junk Car Medics for your Junk Car Salvage and Removal?

Junk Car Medics takes the effort out of selling your junk car for cash in Indiana. Junk Car Medics services are completely online, giving you the ease and convenience of arranging for your junk car to be towed at any time or place. All you need to do is enter your vehicle’s information into our site to get an offer at fair market value within minutes. Accept the offer, and we will schedule a local towing company to pick up your vehicle and take it to the junk yard in our network giving the most cash for your junk car in Indiana.

Does Indiana still have cash for clunkers?

The state of Indiana does not have its own cash for clunkers program. However, there are many junk yards, salvage yards, and auto recycling scrap yards in Indiana to handle the volume. And, with services like Junk Car Medics, easily sell your junk car for a better price.

Where to sign a car title in Indiana

It’s a good idea to read these instructions, locate all the appropriate lines on the title, and read any instructions on the title before you start filling in information.

You’ll need to write in this information on the front of your Indiana car title on the lower half of the page.

  1. In the large box on the left side of the page, write in the vehicle’s current odometer reading.
  2. On the line underneath this box, the seller should sign their name. If the vehicle belongs to a business, the person should print their title on the line next to the signature line.
  3. If a second person owns the vehicle, they should sign their name on the next line and write in their title (if applicable).
  4. On the next line, the first seller to sign should print their name.
  5. On the next line, the second seller to sign should print their name.
  6. Under these lines is a series of small boxes. Enter the following information in the appropriate places: date the vehicle was sold, sale price, the value of any vehicle that was traded in, and the total price the buyer paid for the vehicle.
  7. Look on the right-hand side of the page. Where it says “Name of purchaser,” enter the name(s) of the buyer. Note that if two people are buying the car, both of their names must fit on this line.
  8. On the next line, enter the buyer’s street address.
  9. On the next line, enter the buyer’s city, state and zip code in the appropriate places.
  10. Skip the next several lines. Where it says “Signature of purchaser,” the buyer(s) should sign their names. Again, if two people are buying the vehicle, both of them must fit their signatures on this line.
  11. On the next line, the buyer(s) should print their name(s).

For more information about transferring a car title in Indiana, visit the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website.

Indiana Junk Car Buyers

Junk Car Stats in Indiana

In Indiana, we buy used cars, but we specialize in buying junk cars. Over the years we have gathered substantial statistics across the state.

View common characteristics of junk and scrap cars in Indiana:

Average Vehicle Year: 2005
Average Age: 18 Years Old
Average Mileage: 170,000
Average Value: $451.90
Popular Models: Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Ford F-150

Indiana Coverage Area

Find a nearby location of our junk car buyers in Indiana.

We service the nation including Illinois and Iowa. It's time to get paid to get rid of your auto.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer top value for junk cars today, ensuring excellent service. It's a quick, easy, and highly rewarding experience.

The best way to junk a car in Indiana is by using a service that provides top dollar, free removal by a tow truck driver, and exceeds expectations. We offer all of these and more.

The place to sell your car online and get the most money will vary based on the vehicle and location. Different car buyers in Indiana target different vehicles. Junk Car Medics makes you our best offer every time, no matter the vehicle.

To get the most cash for a junk car in Indiana get offers from multiple buyers, have the vehicle title, and negotiate the best deal.

The five most commonly scrapped cars in Indiana in 2023 are:

  1. Chevrolet Equinox
  2. Chevrolet TrailBlazer
  3. Ford F-150
  4. Chevrolet Malibu
  5. Chevrolet Impala

These are generally old cars that we paid cash to buy.