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We can agree that selling your junk car in Albany, NY can be annoying, no? Simply put, it doesn’t have to be this way. At Junk Car Medics, we will beat the price of other auto junkyards in Albany New York and get you the cash you deserve. Along with paying more, we make the entire process simple and straightforward, saving you time. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, contact us now to sell your junk car and get more cash then any other auto salvage yard in Albany will pay!

Junk Car Medics In The State Capital

Here’s the deal: having built a business out of helping car owners in need, we understand the unique problems facing Albany residents looking to sell their junk car. While selling your car may seem like a hassle, you put yourself in potential risk by having it on your property. Since many clunkers in New York State have their license removed and do not include insurance, you cannot legally drive your vehicle. In addition, you risk being fined for having a vehicle without proper information. Every day you wait carries the potential of more fines.

So how can we help? We help the greater Albany area, including Schenectady, along with towns all down the Mohawk and Hudson sell their junk cars. With you every step of the way, we will help you get the title and registration information you need, as well as how you can deal with the DMV. With Junk Car Medics, long lines and frustration will be a thing of the past. In a town ruled by bureaucracy, we help you get straight to the point.

So Where Does That Leave Us?

You might be wondering, what’s the bottom line? Here at Junk Car Medics, we believe in making selling your car simple. Being in the cash for cars business, don’t waste your time calling multiple auto junkyards only to get estimated quotes that are unreliable. Your automobile problem is a malady that needs to be fixed, and we here at Junk Car Medics have the cure. We understand that junk yards around Albany can be shady, and we are working to fix that through superior customer service, the best prices, and professionalism.

Whether your car finally goes while hanging out along the Hudson or while touring through the state capital, we will be here to provide the assistance you deserve.  If you want to donate your junk car to a local charity in Albany we can be of assistance also!

The best part is that right now Junk Car Medics can buy your junk vehicle and give you the best price around. With free removal/towing, it has never been easier for Albany, NY residents to get cash for cars.

Frequently Asked Questions When Selling a Junk Car in Albany, NY

What Zip Codes Do You Cover?

With year’s experience beating prices and providing the best service possible, Junk Car Medics can provide the best prices. We buy junk cars in Albany, and we will make the process simple and straightforward for you. We cover 12205, 12210, 12207, 12211, 12144, 12077, 12202, 12203, 12209, 12159, and 12054. If your zip code is not covered here, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we can work something out.

How Is The Value Of My Junk Car Determined in Albany?

The value of your vehicle is determined primarily by the weight of the car. As thevalue comes from the metal and components within, the heavier your vehicle, the greater the price it will fetch for. We also provide free towing and removal as part of our service.

Does Junk Car Medics Provide Any Guarantees or Promises?

Yes! We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As our success has come from serving the greater Albany area with superior service, our satisfaction guarantee is a testament to our continuing aim to be the very best option for selling junk cars in New York State’s capital.

Call us now: (855) 437-9728.

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Recent Junk Car Offers in Albany, NY

VehicleZipCodeOffer DateOffer Price
2009 Dodge Journey1308810-12-2020$570
2010 Dodge Grand Caravan1321910-12-2020$570
2010 Dodge Grand Caravan1321910-08-2020$585
2007 Toyota Yaris1282210-08-2020$710
2009 Honda Civic1272110-08-2020$745
2006 Ford F-2501284509-30-2020$620
1997 Honda Accord1202009-26-2020$95
2007 Honda Accord1218909-23-2020$770
2002 Gmc Sierra1306309-23-2020$670
2007 Ford F-1501313209-22-2020$945
2002 Gmc Sierra1306309-22-2020$670
2007 Ford F-1501206509-18-2020$530
2003 Ford F-1501254009-17-2020$900
2007 Dodge Durango1304409-14-2020$55
2006 Honda CR-V1320509-14-2020$935

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"They did exactly what they said, no questions asked." - Keatra G.

"This is an easy way to sell an unused car or truck." - Justin L E.

"Entire process went without a single problem, good communication throughout." - John D.

"Fast, easy, great customer service!" - Evelyn

"Superb, easy, forthright, convenient. All done online or electronically so very little effort on my part." - Tom

"I would recommend you to everyone. The driver was very nice. All of you were really nice. I couldn't believe how fast you came and got the van. Thank you." - Dorinda G.

"Quick and easy. Not sure what their connection is with Peddle because Peddle wouldn't buy my car. Junk Car Medics bought my car instantly but Peddle must have arranged the pickup. It's a bit confusing. Bottom line is that Junk Car Medics was the only website service to come through. I got what I wanted for the car and they picked it up without issue and I live out in Albany in the middle of nowhere." - Brad

"Prompt! They picked up next day, offer was appropriate. Would definitely use them again. They came to pick up my car and they came right in the morning, which was not bad at all. They told me to not worry about the car anymore and got it right away." - Priscilla

"Arrived on time. Very pleasant. Was able to get SUV out of yard even though it was in a difficult position in the yard. Would recommend the tow service they sent." - Hillary J S.

"The service was just as it is described on the website. The Peddle driver and I exchanged my notarized car title for cash on the spot and hooked up my car and towed it away into the sunset." - Jerry