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We buy junk cars for cash in North Carolina.  We buy junk cars in North Carolina that are wrecked, no longer on the road, beyond repair, or simply needs to be taken to a salvage yard.  Getting cash for junk cars in North Carolina is the act of getting paid to junk a car that is unwanted. Junk cars in North Carolina have functioning car parts to be resold to those who are looking for replacements for such parts. On the other side, any components that aren't usable, be melted down into metal scrap, and then sold to businesses that recycle metal.

North Carolina junk car removal process is the removal of a vehicle by tow truck or flatbed, and then taken to the junkyard to be stripped down and recycled. North Carolina junk car removal deals in the salvaging and removal of junk cars, which are typically called scrapyards, has recycling components within the junkyard itself. Scrapyards in North Carolina are capable of dismantling all types of metals and recycling them into useful components such as Byron, steel, brass, copper, element, zinc, and so on. Junk car removal in North Carolina pays cash for cars, whether they are used or junk. They have competitive offers, and pick up and tow the vehicle away without extra charge. Some of the major cities using this service include Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, and Winston-Salem.

Car theft and selling cars as junk cars has been an issue in North Carolina. Therefore, laws like N.C.G.S. § 20-62.1 regulate the buying and selling of some of the most stolen parts and most valuable aspects of junk cars, including catalytic converters and precious metals.
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What is the North Carolina cash for junk cars program?

In the humid climate typical of much of North Carolina, it's important for junk cars to be disposed of quickly. Metals quickly rust and break down, resulting in a bigger mess and a negative impact on the environment.

Therefore, the North Carolina cash for junk cars program focuses on keeping junk cars from accumulating on public or private property. It works to prevent vehicles or parts from being stolen and sold to junkyards, and encourages junkyards to process cars efficiently.

Practices such as allowing pick-your-part junkyards make it much easier for junkyards in North Carolina. Allowing junkyards to sell parts directly to the public cuts out the middleman, reduces work for the junkyard, and enables greater returns.

Why choose Junk Car Medics for your cash for junk car?

Junk Car Medics services are prompt and easy. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll give you more for your junk car than our competition.

We have a huge network of buyers in North Carolina who are ready to pay cash for your junk car. Get an offer in only a couple of minutes with Junk Car Medics, schedule the pickup, get paid a fair price for your junk car, and sell your car within 2 to 48 hours from getting your offer.

What to know about the junk car industry in North Carolina?

There were about 3.5 million vehicles registered in North Carolina in 2016. While it is possible to keep a junk car on your property in North Carolina if it's properly shielded from view in a building or under a vehicle tarp, most people choose to sell their vehicles to recycling companies once they are no longer operable.

It's reasonable to assume that the vast majority of vehicles registered in North Carolina end up as junk vehicles. It's essential to choose a junk car buyer who is able to get the car off of your property quickly since you only have 30 days to get rid of a junk vehicle on your property in North Carolina.  Junk Car Medics can do that. We operate in North Carolina and buy Junk Cars in the USA.

How does North Carolina define a junk vehicle?

North Carolina defines a junk, or salvaged, vehicle as a motor vehicle that has been damaged either in a collision or for some other reason such that the repairs to be required to operate the vehicle safely on the road are more than 75% of the fair market value for the vehicle.

Junk vehicles are vehicles that are incapable of operation and don't have resale value except for parts and scrap. These vehicles are not necessarily titled or registered. A salvage rebuilt vehicle has been rebuilt and has a title and registration. A reconstructed vehicle has been significantly changed from its original construction, possibly with parts from junk vehicles, and requires an updated registration.

According to Chapter 90. Junked Or Abandoned Motor Vehicles, junk vehicles are partially wrecked or dismantled, can't be self-propelled in the intended way, and are more than five years old and less than $500 in value.

How to sell your junk car in North Carolina?

Listed below are the five main steps on how to sell your junk car in North Carolina.

1. Find a junk car buyer in North Carolina in your area or online

2. Get free quotes to determine the value of your junk car in North Carolina

3. Accept one offer and schedule free removal of junk cars in North Carolina

4. Complete the paperwork, including N.C. Gen. Stat. § 66-424 if you intend to sell a catalytic converter in North Carolina.

5. Get paid cash for junking your car in North Carolina.

That is the process of how to sell your junk car for cash in North Carolina.
Junk a Car in North Carolina

What are the factors that affect the value of a junk car in North Carolina?

Listed below are the seven main factors that affect the value of a junk car in North Carolina.

  1. The vehicle year, make, and model affect the value of a junk car in North Carolina.
  2. The condition of the vehicle and if it is driveable affects the value.
  3. Whether or not the vehicle’s valuable parts are still intact and in demand in North Carolina.
  4. The vehicle’s weight in scrap metal affects the value.
  5. North Carolina scrap metal prices affects the value.
  6. North Carolina requires a title but there are other ways to verify ownership of a vehicle. However, the value greatly decreases without a title in North Carolina.
  7. The location of your vehicle affects the value in North Carolina.

Those 7 factors impact scrap car prices.

Is it legal in North Carolina to destroy an automobile without a title?

According to the 2012 North Carolina General Statutes. Chapter 20 - Motor Vehicles. Article 3 - Motor Vehicle Act of 1937. Section 20-62.1 a junkyard purchases a vehicle without having a certificate of title if the vehicle is a decade or older and the junkyard complies with a number of requirements.

The junkyard needs to maintain a significant amount of information, including the date, identification for the person entering the information, a description of the vehicle, a VIN number, a written statement certifying the seller has a right to sell the vehicle, and more.

Vehicles that are six years old or younger according to the model year must have an anti-theft inspection by NCDMV's License & Theft Bureau.

What are the laws for North Carolina Car Recycling Laws?

Listed below are the seven main laws for car recycling in North Carolina.

  • 2012 North Carolina General Statutes. Chapter 20 - Motor Vehicles. Article 3 - Motor Vehicle Act of 1937. Section 20-62.1 - Purchase of vehicles for purposes of scrap or parts only. Governs the sale of vehicles to be dismantled for parts and melted down for metal.
  • N.C.G.S. § 20-62.1. Requires salvage yards and metal recyclers to report the motor vehicles that they purchase. The goal is to reduce the incidence of stolen vehicles being scrapped.
  • N.C. Gen. Stat. § 66-424. Regulates the conditions under which metals and parts taken from vehicles, such as catalytic converters, can be bought and sold
  • General Assembly Of North Carolina, Session 2021, Session Law 2021-15. Regulates the sale and purchase of metals, parts, and catalytic converters and classifies the theft of catalytic converters as a Class 1 felony
  • N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles' License & Theft Bureau Salvaged & Abandoned Vehicles. Describes the definition of salvage vehicles according to North Carolina law and discusses regulations surrounding abandoned vehicles
  • Article 12. Junkyard Control Act. § 136-141. States that junkyards, known as automobile graveyards, must not be operated within 1,000 feet of an interstate or highway unless they meet particular conditions.
  • Chapter 90: Junked Or Abandoned Motor Vehicles. Can’t keep a junk vehicle on private property unless it is in a closed building or fitted with a car cover.

What are the myths about selling junk cars for cash in North Carolina?

Listed below are the three main myths about selling junk cars for cash in North Carolina.

  • Salvage yards don't have to report the motor vehicles they purchase, the income they make from the junkyard.
  • The theft of catalytic converters is a petty crime that is not problematic in North Carolina.
  • Junk cars can't be stored on private property under any circumstances in North Carolina, even if they are under a car cover.

When should you junk your car?

A car needs to be junked in North Carolina when it no longer runs or is too expensive to fix compared to its value. Junk cars are not to be left sitting around on the property. Fines are imposed in North Carolina as well as penalties from the local government.

For example, Chapter 90. Junked Or Abandoned Motor Vehicles in North Carolina states that junk vehicles can't be kept on private property unless they’re covered with a specially-designed car cover designed for that vehicle, or kept in an enclosed building.

How to apply for a replacement title in North Carolina?

Apply for a duplicate title in North Carolina if you have lost your original title or never received it. If you never received the title, the title fee is waived if you apply for the duplicate within 60 days.

There is a minimum 15-day wait before your request for a duplicate title to be processed. Your application for a duplicate title needs to be notarized, and you’ll need to submit a fee of $21.50.

How to know the value of your junk car in North Carolina?

Listed below are ways to know the value of a junk car in North Carolina.

North Carolina Minimum Junk Car Price Maximum Junk Car Price
2004 Honda Civic $0.00 $795.00
2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee $0.00 $485.00
2004 Ford Explorer $295.00 $610.00
2006 Nissan Altima $200.00 $540.00
2006 Chevrolet Impala $225.00 $445.00
2003 Ford Explorer $215.00 $380.00
2003 Honda Accord $240.00 $675.00
1999 Nissan Maxima $135.00 $270.00
2007 Honda Odyssey $460.00 $615.00
2006 Honda Odyssey $435.00 $890.00
2002 Honda Accord $285.00 $735.00
2008 Chevrolet Impala $215.00 $465.00
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee $200.00 $380.00
2009 Dodge Journey $215.00 $1,095.00
2007 Toyota Camry $670.00 $965.00
2006 Chevrolet Cobalt $240.00 $465.00
2008 Honda Accord $0.00 $1,690.00
1998 Ford Explorer $330.00 $390.00
1999 Toyota Camry $280.00 $550.00
2005 Dodge Caravan $240.00 $360.00

Does North Carolina pay more for junk cars than other States?

No, North Carolina does not pay more for junk cars than other states. The average amount that junk buyers pay for junk cars in North Carolina is $544.57. Prices varies depending on year, make, and model. Comparatively, the national average for junk cars is $622.93. This means that junk cars in North Carolina are worth $78.36 less than in other states.

How many junk cars are wrecked a year in North Carolina?

386,039 junk cars are recycled a year in North Carolina.

Recycle Nation estimates over 12 million cars are recycled in the United States every year. There are 329.5 million people living in the United States and 10,600,000 of those people live in North Carolina according to the most recent census data. That makes up 3.22% of the United States population. Therefore, it is estimated that of the 12 million cars that are recycled annually in the United States, 386,039 occur in North Carolina.

Does Junk Car Medics buy junk cars in North Carolina?

Junk Car Medics buys junk cars throughout North Carolina. While many car recycling companies stick to only major cities, Junk Car Medics is more than happy to purchase vehicles in rural areas of North Carolina as well.

Junk Car Medics works in big cities like Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, and Winston-Salem as well as in and around lesser-known cities like Gastonia and Wilmington. In Asheville, cars are being sold at between $65 and nearly $1,000. In Cary, they're going for between $500 and nearly $1,000.

Prices depend on the age, make, and condition. We are more than happy to give you a quick quote so that you'll know exactly how much to get for your vehicle.

What are the best junkyards in North Carolina?

Listed below are the five best junkyards in North Carolina.

  • High Point Auto Salvage
  • Sam Auto Salvage
  • Big Dog Auto Salvage
  • Martin's Auto Salvage, Inc.
  • Cox Brothers Auto Salvage

What are the best junk car buyers in North Carolina?

Listed below are the five best junk car buyers in North Carolina.

  • Raleigh Cash For Junk Cars
  • Junk Cars North Carolina
  • Junk My Car for Cash Raleigh
  • Car Buyer NC
  • Cash 4 Junk Cars Charlotte

How to choose a junk car buyer in North Carolina?

Listed below are the four main ways on how to choose a junk car buyer in North Carolina.

  • Works fast. North Carolina has fairly strict laws about allowing junk vehicles to accumulate on your property, so you need a junk car buyer who works quickly to tow your vehicle away on your schedule.
  • Gives you a quote online or over the phone in North Carolina. You don't want a company that says they need to see the vehicle before they give you a quote. You need a quote over the phone or online so that you compare your options.
  • Doesn’t nickel and dime. Make sure that the company you choose isn't going to try to charge you for towing or start knocking down the price because of new information they learn about the vehicle.
  • Large network of junk car buyers in North Carolina. By choosing a company that works with a large network of dealers nationwide, be confident that your vehicle has the best possible value despite fluctuations in the market.

That is the best way to choose junk car buyers nearby.

Is junk car industry big in North Carolina?

The junk car industry is substantial in North Carolina. Most areas of North Carolina are quite spread out, with many acres of rural countryside.

Therefore, the vast majority of people in North Carolina have cars. Cars can last a long time in the mild climate of North Carolina, provided they’re protected from rain and humidity, so many people keep their vehicles until they are quite old.

When vehicles finally quit running and aren’t worth fixing, they are typically sold to a junkyard. North Carolina has strict laws to keep people from accumulating junk vehicles on their property, and to encourage the rapid sale of junk vehicles to appropriate facilities before the humid climate of North Carolina begins to rust the vehicles and rust seeps into the ground and water.

North Carolina encourages junkyards with laws that make success easier for them, such as not needing a title for junk vehicles that are more than ten years old and allowing pick-your-part  junkyards so that junkyards sell directly to consumers.

What are the necessities to open a junk car facility in North Carolina?

To open a junk car facility in North Carolina, you'll need to follow laws put in place to reduce theft, such as N.C.G.S. § 20-62.1, which requires that all motor vehicles purchased be reported to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. A lot of vehicles go through junk car facilities in North Carolina, so you'll have to have accurate record-keeping skills to be compliant with this law.

According to Article 12. Junkyard Control Act. § 136-141, you'll need to follow restrictions when opening a junkyard within 1,000 feet of a highway. Junkyards must be screened from view from the highway and in properly zoned areas. You’ll need an appropriate permit to open a junk car facility in North Carolina.
North Carolina Junk Car Definition

Are motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles included for junk vehicle removal in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, the removal of junk cars does not include motorcycles, bicycles, and other types of vehicles. Junk car removal companies in North Carolina only buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Is it better to donate your junk car instead of selling it in North Carolina?

It is better to sell your junk cars instead of donating it in North Carolina. If a junk car is donated in North Carolina there are likely to be fees that come out of the vehicle’s value. Donating a junk car in North Carolina may not get you a tax write-off if you do not itemize your income taxes. If the preference is still to donate a junk car, sell it, and then donate the profits to the charity of choice in North Carolina. This gets the highest donation value for your junk car in North Carolina.

How to shield a junk vehicle from public view in North Carolina?

Junk vehicles are not permitted to be kept on private property other than a junkyard unless they are part of a legitimate business or appropriately enclosed or covered. Keep a junk car in an enclosed building like a garage or shed, or the vehicle is appropriately covered with a fitted car cover that is designed for the vehicle. If the vehicle is covered with a car cover, it must not be visible from a public street or a neighboring property.

What is the penalty of junk vehicle law in North Carolina?

Attempting to sell junk vehicles or their parts without the appropriate ownership of the vehicle results in criminal prosecution. Failure to follow junk vehicle law in North Carolina results in the vehicle being removed from you. The vehicle may be towed, in which case, you'll be responsible for the cost of towing.

“Except as set forth in §90.08 below, an abandoned, nuisance or junked vehicle which is to be removed shall be towed only after notice to the registered owner or person entitled to possession of the vehicle.” -Chapter 90: Junked Or Abandoned Motor Vehicles.

Information about the state of North Carolina and junk vehicles

North Carolina rests along the southeastern shore of the United States, with South Carolina to the south, Virginia to the north, Tennessee to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The Governor is Roy Cooper, and the population is 10,551,162.

North Carolina's capital is Raleigh. It has 100 counties, the largest three of which are Wake County, Mecklenburg County, and Guilford County. The most common jobs in North Carolina are cashiers, retail salespeople, and registered nurses.

North Carolina had the 11th largest economy according to global domestic product in the US as of 2018. It recently added 81,000 new jobs, increasing job growth more than the country's average. Unemployment is falling in North Carolina. North Carolina produces a number of agricultural products, most notably tobacco, assorted plant products, and broiler meat.

As of 2016, there were about 3.5 million vehicles registered in North Carolina. While a few of these vehicles are bound to be kept by private hobbyists in designated buildings or under covers as designated by North Carolina law, the vast majority ends up as junk vehicles.

How does Covid-19 affect junk car salvage and removal in North Carolina?

Junk car recycling in North Carolina is considered an essential business in America, so junkyards remained open during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, the junk car recycling industry received a substantial boost during the pandemic as replacement parts for vehicles became harder to find. Junk cars became more valuable for their spare parts both to mechanics and private individuals trying to fix up their own vehicles.

What is the importance of junk car salvaging and removal?

Junk car salvaging and removal in North Carolina is extremely important. Important enough where some of these major cities continue to use this service including Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, and Winston-Salem. Every vehicle reaches the end of its life at some point in time. Junk car buyers and removal services in North Carolina properly dispose of vehicles in an environmentally friendly way. Car parts are recycled when possible in North Carolina. The fluids and chemicals are properly drained so they do not leak into the earth in North Carolina. The remaining scrap metal is then crushed and recycled at a metal recycling facility in or near North Carolina.

Does North Carolina still have Cash for Clunkers?

North Carolina still has Cash for Clunkers, and they even provide helpful details for people to get a North Carolina duplicate title before they sell their junk vehicle.

Where to sign a car title in North Carolina

It’s a good idea to read these instructions, locate all the appropriate lines on the title, and read any instructions on the title before you start filling in information. Note that North Carolina titles must be notarized. This can be done at any Division of Motor Vehicles office or the office of a notary public. Don’t fill out the title until you get to the office, and bring photo identification with you. If you don’t, the notary will not be able to notarize your signature.

Turn to the back of your North Carolina car title and look near the top.

  1. On the first line, print the buyer’s name.
  2. On the next line, print the buyer’s address.
  3. On the left side of the page, look for the box that says “Odometer reading.” Enter the vehicle’s current mileage in the box.
  4. To the right of the odometer information is a line that says “Seller’s signature(s).” The seller should sign their name here. If two people are selling the vehicle, both people need to fit their signatures on this line.
  5. On the next line, the seller(s) should print their name(s).
  6. On the next line, the seller should print the date they signed their name, their county and the state they live in.
  7. Look for the line that says “Buyer’s signature(s).” The buyer should sign their name here. Again, if two people are buying the vehicle, both people need to fit their signatures on this line.
  8. On the next line the buyer(s) should print their name(s). To the left of that line, write in the date the vehicle was delivered to the buyer.

For more information about transferring a car title in North Carolina, visit the Division of Motor Vehicles website.

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Junk Car Stats in North Carolina

In North Carolina, we buy used cars, but we specialize in buying junk cars. Over the years we have gathered substantial statistics across the state.

View common features of junk and scrap cars in North Carolina:

Average Vehicle Year: 2005
Average Age: 18 Years Old
Average Mileage: 170,000
Average Value: $489.69
Popular Models: Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry

North Carolina Coverage Area

Below, explore nearby junk car buyers in North Carolina.

We service the United States including New York and North Dakota. It's time to get paid to get rid of your auto.

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We offer top value for junk cars today, ensuring excellent service. It's a quick, easy, and highly rewarding experience.

The best way to junk a car in North Carolina is by using a service that provides top dollar, free removal by a tow truck driver, and exceeds expectations. We offer all of these and more.

The place to sell your car online and get the most money will vary based on the vehicle and location. Different car buyers in North Carolina target different vehicles. Junk Car Medics makes you our best offer every time, no matter the vehicle.

To get the most cash for a junk car in North Carolina get offers from multiple buyers, have the vehicle title, and negotiate the best deal.

The five most commonly scrapped cars in North Carolina in 2023 are:

  1. Honda Accord
  2. Nissan Altima
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Ford Focus
  5. Honda Civic

These are generally old cars that we paid cash to buy.