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Get Top Dollar For Junk Cars in Peoria

Most methods of selling your junk car are tedious and not often very lucrative for junk car owners. The process can take weeks and sometimes months with no real solution. Junk Car Medics makes selling your junk car a lot easier. We buy junk cars in Peoria and only require a few moments of your time to get the job done and typically, within 24 hours, you can have payment in your hands.

Don’t sell yourself short. Your car is worth a lot more than you think. Unfortunately, most traditional buyers don’t see the potential in a junk car which is why the demand can be much lower. Our junk car buyers in Peoria, however, are aware of the value your car still serves and we’re willing to pay you generously for it.

Our expert drivers will arrive on time and safely secure and remove your junk car in Peoria, leaving you with a payment on the spot. All it takes is a bit of information on your junk car like the make, model, and year, along with proof of ownership like a bill of sale, title, or registration. Once you agree to the quote, we take care of the rest getting that junk car out of your hair before it causes you any more headaches.

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Cash for Junk Cars

How to Junk a Car in Peoria, AZ

Junk Car Medics makes selling a junk car for cash in Peoria, AZ quick, easy, and painless. Get up to $1,500 to junk cars and up to $5,000 for used cars.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Get an Instant Offer Online or by Phone

We'll ask you a few basic questions about your car's condition, mileage, and whether you have the title.  It's a quick process that'll take less than 2 minutes to complete, and you'll get a fair market offer to junk your car.

Step 2: Accept Your Offer and Make Arrangements

After you accept your offer a representative will contact you to make arrangements for the removal of your junk car.  Towing and removal are free of charge.

Step 3: Get Paid More For Using Junk Car Medics in Peoria

Upon pick up, sign over the title, hand over the keys, and you'll get paid on the spot with a check for your car.

Why Junk Your Car to Junk Car Medics?

We Pay More

Junk Car Medics gets you more money than all the other places that buy junk cars.

Guaranteed Cash Offers

Your offer is valid for 5 days - Shop around if you like, you'll be back.

Title and Assistance

Junk Car Medics walks you through the whole process including how to sign over your title.

We Junk Cars Near You

Our cash for cars service covers Peoria and the entire Maricopa County.

Green Vehicle Recycling

All of our junk car buyers recycle vehicles in a environmentally friendly way.

100's of Raving Reviews

The only thing we crush more than cars is our competition. We're revitalizing the industry.

Jon S. - Junk Car Medics Customer

I was trying to get rid of my 2008 GMC 1500 that needed a new transmission. Out of 8 different company's not only was there online quote fast and simple but they offered the best and highest price. When accepting the offer they made it easy with no complications. I scheduled my appointment and the driver came by the next day to remove it and pay me. If you are trying to get rid of your junk car they are the ones I recommend!

Recent Junk Car Offers in Peoria, AZ

2004 Nissan Xterra

Zip: 85383
Offer Price: $790
Offer Date: 08-17-2021

2001 Bmw X5

Zip: 85382
Offer Price: $585
Offer Date: 05-17-2021

2008 Chevrolet Equinox

Zip: 85387
Offer Price: $700
Offer Date: 05-08-2021

2007 KIA Sportage

Zip: 85381
Offer Price: $775
Offer Date: 05-05-2021

2008 Chevrolet Equinox

Zip: 85387
Offer Price: $620
Offer Date: 04-23-2021

2005 Honda Civic

Zip: 85381
Offer Price: $870
Offer Date: 04-13-2021

2005 Mercedes-benz SL

Zip: 85382
Offer Price: $5570
Offer Date: 04-05-2021

2007 Nissan Pathfinder

Zip: 85381
Offer Price: $575
Offer Date: 04-03-2021

2011 Audi Q7

Zip: 85382
Offer Price: $7660
Offer Date: 02-10-2021

2012 Land-rover LR4

Zip: 85382
Offer Price: $6280
Offer Date: 01-08-2021

Peoria, AZ October 17, 2021

Junk Car Prices and Resources for Peoria, AZ

Top 7 Used Cars in Peoria, AZ

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Top 7 Junk Cars in Peoria, AZ

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Try as you may, the only way it seems you’re going to get rid of your junk car in Peoria, AZ, is if you pay someone to take it off your hands. Outside of paying a tow truck company to haul it off to a junkyard, you’ve tried everything you can think of to sell your junk car. Inquiries through online classifieds lead to dead end after dead end, and to be quite frank, you just want this car gone. can be of some assistance. Not only can we remove your junk car in Peoria, AZ, but we will pay you for your junk car. When no one else wants to make you an offer on your car, Junk Car Medics does. We’ve bought some of the most beat up, run down, damaged cars you could think of for hundreds of dollars. We see the value in your junk, even if it’s currently stranded in your driveway.

We buy cars any make, model, and year. We buy cars that have mechanical issues, transmission trouble, water damage, rust, and even junk cars that are just old and taking up space.

We Buy Junk Cars All Over Peoria

Tired of being low-balled on your car’s value? Have you had enough of thinking you have a buyer only to find out it was a scam? Sick of scheduling appointments to view the car? Are you simply tired of the entire process of selling your junk car in Peoria? Before you decide to pay a junkyard to haul your problems away, give Junk Car Medics a chance.

We see potential in your car well beyond its years of usefulness. Since we’re an auto recycling company, we’re interested in recycled materials like steel which can be pretty prominent in junk cars. Based on your car’s weight in tons, we will make you an offer no matter what your car may look like or how poorly it may operate.

Do I have to pay for junk car removal services in Peoria?

While many of our customers don’t have to pay for junk car removal services, we will let you know ahead of time if you will need to pay a very minimal fee.

How can I obtain proof of ownership?

If you own your car without any loans or co-owners on the title, you can simply provide us with your vehicle title and registration. If you do not have a title, we can still buy your junk car, you will need to obtain a bill of sale or registration from your local DMV office.

How much can I get for my junk car in Peoria, AZ?

The amount you get will be greatly determined by the vehicle’s weight and the going value for recycled materials at the present time.

For more information, questions, or concerns on selling your junk car in Peoria, AZ give Junk Car Medics a call.

We buy cars in the areas of: Avondale, Glendale, Sun City, Sun City West, Surprise.

And zip codes of: 85301, 85342, 85345, 85373, 85380, 85381, 85382, 85383, 85385, 85387.

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