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Starting with your VIN will get you the most accurate offer.

Helpful Tip:

Starting with your VIN will get you the most accurate offer.

Sell a Honda Accord for scrap with Junk Car Medics. Sell Honda Accord for the highest possible scrap value using our nationwide network of cash junk car buyers.  The current scrap value of the Honda Accord ranges from $65 to $3220.

The Honda Accord is the 1st most commonly junked car, according to Junk Car Medics.

Junk Car Medics network of car buyers purchases Honda Accord in all conditions. When the time to sell a Honda Accord, get a free offer online or by phone.

Sell a Honda Accord for scrap with Junk Car Medics. Sell Honda Accord’s for the highest possible scrap value using our nationwide network of cash car buyers. One can sell a Honda Accord for more money when it is drivable and in good condition.

Junk Car Medics’ network of car buyers purchases Honda Accords in all conditions. When selling a Honda Accord, get a free offer online or by phone.

According to the analysis of over 4.6 million car insurance applications at Insurify, Honda Accord is the number one most popular car in the United States. Production started in 1976 as a compact car, however, a shift into the mid-size car market allowed Honda Accord to dominate the US car market. Although production started as a foreign car, spare parts and assembly is now done here in the United States since 1982.

Honda Accord is known for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and affordability at the forefront. These factors have made the mid-size car the top-selling car in the United States. According to Honda Digital Factbook, as of 2020, over 18 million units have been sold since production started in 1976.

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One of the most similar models to the Honda Accord is the Toyota Camry, another popular compact car. Both the Honda Accord and the Camry are well known for their reliability, affordability and fuel efficiency and are often compared to each other by car buyers.

Conditions like the weight of the car, year of production, and physical condition influences the final scrap value. The overall value is also affected by any significant damage to the car as well as whether it is running.

Honda Accords are famous for their safety and have historically received maximum safety ratings. The 2022 Honda Accord revived an overall safety rating of five out of five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Honda Accords are popular cars to sell for scrap because they are common and have a high scrap value. Junk Car Medics offers a nationwide network of car buyers who are interested in purchasing Honda Accords in all conditions. You can get a free offer online or by phone to find out how much your Accord is worth.

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What Is A Honda Accord's Current Scrap Value?

The Honda Accord's current scrap value is $571, with a range of $65 - $2995 for the last 30 days, on average. Comparably, the current scrap value for all vehicles over the same time period is $659, a difference of -13 %.

What Is A Honda Accord's Yearly Scrap Value?

The Honda Accord's yearly scrap value is $550, with a range of $65 - $3220, on average. Comparably, the current scrap value for all vehicles over the same time period is $622, a difference of -12 %.

Here are the current average junk car values of comparable models to a Honda Accord:

What Is The Honda Accord Used Car Value?

Generally, the scrap value of Honda Accords is higher when the vehicles are in good condition and still drivable. Newer models tend to be in better shape and therefore command a higher scrap value.

Another factor that greatly affects the scrap value of Honda Accord is the weight. The weight of these cars varies by model and year. On average, a 2001 Honda Accord weighs around XXX while a 2010 Honda weighs XXX. This effectively means the scrap value of the heavier car will be higher.

Vehicle Recent Offers ($)
2020 Honda Accord 23,995
2010 Honda Accord 10,995
2005 Honda Accord 5,759
2001 Honda Accord 4,793

How Much Does A Honda Accord Weigh In Tons?

According to data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average weight of cars in 2019 was just above 4,000 pounds. However, mini-vehicles like the Honda Accord weigh less than SUVs and hatchbacks. Therefore, most Honda Accords weigh in at just above 3,106lbs.

The size and average weight of your car affect the scrap car prices. This is because the heavier your car is, the more scrap metal there is to reuse.

How Much Are Honda Accord Worth In Scrap By Year?

Are you in need of junking your used or old Honda Accord car? Understanding how much each model would cost matters. Although certain constant factors affect the price, such as its current state, Honda Accord's year of production, and the number of salvageable parts, you are assured of getting some money from the sale. Find out how much different year models cost.

Year-Vehicle Average Offer Price
2000 Honda Accord $369
2001 Honda Accord $396
2002 Honda Accord $421
2003 Honda Accord $507
2004 Honda Accord $523
2005 Honda Accord $551
2006 Honda Accord $609
2007 Honda Accord $641
2008 Honda Accord $934
2009 Honda Accord $1010
2010 Honda Accord $1093
2011 Honda Accord $1322
2012 Honda Accord $1098
2013 Honda Accord $2177
2014 Honda Accord $1989
2015 Honda Accord $2334

Here are 15 recent junk car values for Honda Accord.

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price
1997 Honda Accord 44035 04-10-2024 $305
1999 Honda Accord 37921 04-10-2024 $480
2008 Honda Accord 43223 04-09-2024 $660
1999 Honda Accord 91739 04-09-2024 $335
2016 Honda Accord 78753 04-09-2024 $3220
2004 Honda Accord 13210 04-09-2024 $525
2009 Honda Accord 43074 04-09-2024 $415
2006 Honda Accord 45223 04-09-2024 $495
1999 Honda Accord 45694 04-08-2024 $150
2000 Honda Accord 68138 04-08-2024 $480
2008 Honda Accord 33467 04-08-2024 $1075
2016 Honda Accord 95051 04-08-2024 $270
2003 Honda Accord 95118 04-08-2024 $560
2006 Honda Accord 85335 04-07-2024 $495
2002 Honda Accord 66205 04-07-2024 $510

What Are Common Problems Of Honda Accords?

Despite the fact that Honda Accords are a go-to option for Americans car-wise, the older variants of this compact car are well known for their many problems. This often makes them hard and expensive to fix. Some of these problems include:

  • Transmission failure: This is quite common in earlier Honda Accord models. It is also an expensive fix, costing close to $3000 to fix.
  • Excessive Oil Consumption: This is a popular problem in the earlier models. Multiple users reported cracked engine blocks.
  • Starter Issues: Common between the 2001-2004 models. This causes the car not to start up while making a grinding noise.
  • Airbag problems: Common in the 2005 Honda Accord models.

Serious vehicle problems like transmission failure and excessive oil consumption can lead to engine failure. This is often super expensive to fix and the vehicle could be better off being sold as a scrap.

What Are The Values Of Honda Accord Scrap Car Parts?

The car parts of the Honda Accord are not particularly in high demand, this is because it is a domestic vehicle. Since the establishment of the Honda Assembly plants in Indiana, Ohio, Mexico, and Ontario, spare parts became easily accessible. Therefore, multiple junkyards generally have an abundance of parts.

The price of your scrap Honda Accord can increase if it has valuable scrap car parts.

How Much Is A Scrap Catalytic Converter From A Honda Accord Worth?

Catalytic converters are valuable components on most vehicles, including the Honda Accord. It removes dangerous gas emitted from the combustion engine. California CARB-Compliant Universal Catalytic Converter is the commonest cat used in most earlier models of Accord.

The scrap price of a Honda Accord catalytic converter varies but is generally higher than the scrap price of other catalytic converters from similar cars. The national catalytic converter scrap price average is $140. Foreign cats seen on newer models can go as high as $436.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Catalytic Converter On A Honda Accord?

To replace a catalytic converter in a Honda Accord, you need an average of $600. This is because cats are generally higher than other similar parts. Foreign cats seen on newer models can go as high as $1000. The complete engine of an accord has a scrap value of $500.

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