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Has the broken-down vehicle in your driveway become an eyesore? Perhaps you’re looking to get rid of the old ride mom and dad gave you after graduating high school? Or maybe your family is growing and you want something more reliable for your changing lifestyle? There are a lot of reasons to consider getting rid of a junk car in Visalia, CA.

As convenient as they are, cars don’t last forever. They break down, lose efficiency, and unfortunately don’t grow with our changing lifestyles. So, when your car is no longer a convenience, selling it for cash is the next best solution. No matter how old, beat-up, or run down your car is you can make some extra cash from it.

Junk Car Medics® is a junk car buyer servicing Visalia, CA. We’ve been in the junk car buying business for years and know how to give our customers what they want – cash for their junk cars as quickly as possible. We’re not picky about what we’ll take either. We will buy your junk car with no title, a bad transmission, engine trouble, flood damage, and more. When you call us with the facts on your car, we’ll give you the best price possible for your junk car.

We Service All of Visalia

Junk Car Medics® is a junk car buyer near you. We are a nationwide service provider meaning we can buy your junk car for cash no matter where you live in Visalia. We have serviced Visalia neighborhoods like Castlewood, Mill Creek, Oval Park, Valley Oak, Stone Gate, College Acres, Cherry Meadow and more. Just let us know where you live and we’ll get a driver to complete the junk car removal in Visalia.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense to hold onto a car any longer. Whether it no longer operates efficiently, you’re tired of paying your mechanic, or there’s no room for child safety seats, you should be able to get something for your junk car in Visalia. After all, you’ve invested a lot of money into over the years. Why just pay to have it hauled off when you can make some decent cash for it?

We Are Experts at Buying Junk Cars in Visalia, CA

Junk Car Medics® has been doing this for a while. Which means that we have the necessary experience to help our customers get their junk car sold in Visalia, CA fast. From the moment you contact us, our appraisal experts will record information to determine how much we can offer you for your junk car. They can also help you in dealing with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to help you secure your title or vehicle registration to properly transfer ownership.

Here at Junk Car Medics®, we want to make this the most convenient experience possible. We don’t want you getting bogged down with paperwork, red tape, and a ton of questions. Our experts will walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure that you fully understand what is required of you to sell your junk car for cash in Visalia, CA. The process takes about ten minutes and the car can be removed from your property the same day or at the very least, the next 24 hours.

Contact us today for a free quote and further assistance on selling your junk car for cash in Visalia.

What information do you need to sell my junk car for cash in Visalia, CA?

We will need proof of ownership in the form of a title or registration. We will also require some background information on the car such as make, model, year and the condition of the car.

Do I need to be there for the junk car removal in Visalia, CA?

Yes. We need you present so that you can sign your title and transfer ownership of the car. You’ll also want to be there to get your cash payment.

What do I do with the plates?

Take the plates to your local DMV office.

Rather shop around?

No problem, we've put together a list of all the other auto salvage yards in Visalia, CA. You can also check out other buyers of junk cars in California.

Sell My Junk Car Near Me in Visalia for $50 - $15,777 Dollars

We buy cars in the following zip codes in Visalia: 93277, 93278, 93279, 93290, 93291, 93292.

We service all surrounding cities including Farmersville, Exeter, Tulare, Lindsay, Dinuba, Kingsburg, Hanford, Orange Cove, Reedley, Corcoran, Parlier, Porterville, Selma, Lemoore, Sanger.

How Much Are Junk Cars Going For in Visalia?

VehicleZipCodeOffer DateOffer Price
2013 Ford Fusion9327705-14-2020$935
2007 Kia Optima9327703-20-2020$70
1999 Toyota Camry9327701-14-2020$75
1996 Mercury Cougar9327706-20-2019$55
1994 Toyota Camry9327706-18-2019$80
2006 Toyota Scion xD9327706-06-2019$635
2009 Dodge Grand Caravan9327705-07-2019$650
1999 Chevrolet Cavalier9327703-06-2019$80
2006 Bmw 7509327701-24-2019$845
2005 Toyota Corolla9327701-18-2019$670
2005 Toyota Corolla9327701-17-2019$895
2011 Hyundai Sonata9327710-26-2018$845
2003 Dodge Neon9327710-18-2018$60
1996 Honda Civic9327709-04-2018$75
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