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We Buy Junk Cars for Cash in Aurora

We buy junk cars in Aurora and we are an honest and trustworthy business that is the perfect solution for you. You should give us a call at (855) 587-0227 so we can gain your trust as well as show you that we're your top stop for selling your junk car in Aurora.

When you call us to scrap your car you will talk with one of our professional junk car buyers in Aurora, CO. They are in tune with the neighborhood market as well as what the going rate is for junk cars. All you are required to do is provide us with the year, make, and model along with the basic condition of your vehicle and we will then give you your quote and if needed come and tow your junk car free of charge.

If you prefer to donate your car to a neighborhood charity or just have it recycled give us a call and we can also assist you with that whole process. If you submit an itemized income tax return you could get a tax write-off for donating your junk car, however, it's not about the money it's that you are assisting others.

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Top rated junk car buyers.

How to Sell Junk Cars in Aurora, CO

Sell junk cars in Aurora, CO with our quick, easy, painless process. Get up to $300, $500, even $1,500 cash for junk cars, old cars, damaged cars, and used cars.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Get an Instant Offer Online or by Phone

We'll ask you a few basic questions about your car's condition, mileage, and whether you have the title.  It's a quick process that'll take less than 2 minutes to complete, and you'll get a fair market offer to junk your car.

Step 2: Accept Your Offer and Make Arrangements

After you accept your offer a representative will contact you to make arrangements for the removal of your junk car.  Towing and removal are free of charge.

Step 3: Get Paid More For Using Junk Car Medics in Aurora

Upon pick up, sign over the title, hand over the keys, and you'll get paid on the spot with a check for your car.

Steps to Use Junk Car Medics Cash for Junk Cars Service in Aurora

Why Junk My Car with Junk Car Medics in Aurora?

We Pay More

Junk Car Medics gets you more money than all the other places that buy junk cars.

Guaranteed Cash Offers

Your offer is valid for 5 days - Shop around if you like, you'll be back.

Title and Assistance

Junk Car Medics walks you through the whole process including how to sign over your title.

We Junk Cars Near You

Our cash for cars service covers Aurora and the entire Arapahoe County.

Green Vehicle Recycling

All of our junk car buyers recycle vehicles in a environmentally friendly way.

100's of Raving Reviews

The only thing we crush more than cars is our competition. We're revitalizing the industry.

Jon S. - Junk Car Medics Customer

I was trying to get rid of my 2008 GMC 1500 that needed a new transmission. Out of 8 different company's not only was there online quote fast and simple but they offered the best and highest price. When accepting the offer they made it easy with no complications. I scheduled my appointment and the driver came by the next day to remove it and pay me. If you are trying to get rid of your junk car they are the ones I recommend!

Showing Our Junk Car Removal Process in Aurora

Aurora Junk Car Prices

Over the last 12 months junk car prices in Aurora, CO increased 7% on average for vehicle year models 1998-2008, the most commonly junked years! Let's take a look at some of the numbers:

Most Common Junk Cars in Aurora

2006 Pontiac Grand Prix - $577.00
2005 Chrysler Pacifica - $480.00
2009 Ford Explorer - $906.67
1998 Toyota Camry - $308.33
2012 Ford Escape - $1,100.00
2000 Honda Accord - $440.00
2006 Pontiac G6 - $341.67
2000 Honda Civic - $435.00
2006 Toyota Avalon - $798.33
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee - $428.33

Junk Car Prices in Aurora by Year

1998 - $452.69
1999 - $368.46
2000 - $398.53
2001 - $500.25
2002 - $477.68
2003 - $440.94
2004 - $591.80
2005 - $607.39
2006 - $673.27
2007 - $831.88

10 Junk Cars Worth Over $500 in Aurora

2002 Ford F-150 - $1,400.00
2004 Lexus RX 330 - $2,650.00
2004 Toyota Sienna - $1,295.00
2006 Honda Accord - $750.00
2006 Jeep Commander - $840.00
2006 Lexus RX - $3,075.00
2007 Bmw 3-Series - $3,160.00
2009 Honda Civic - $1,025.00
2009 Lincoln Town Car - $630.00
2009 Mitsubishi Lancer - $1,095.00

The #1 Junk Car Removal Service in Aurora

I intend to sell my junk car in Aurora, when will you pick it up?
We attempt to provide same day service but occasionally we get backed up. If that was to happen we would promptly let you know.

Should I be with my car when you pick it up?
Yes, we can't grab the vehicle without you. We need you to give us the title and registration to make sure that it's your vehicle. We'll pay you when we pick it up, so it's important that you're there to receive your money, wherever you are located in Aurora, CO!

How long is your quote valid for?
The market has been fluctuating as of late so we will ensure our quote for 1 day, however, if you agree to do business with us we will stand by our quote until we pick your vehicle up. There are no bait and switch tactics here. Just pleasant junk car buyers in Aurora.

Junk Car Medics Cash for Junk Cars Service in Aurora, CO is the leading car removal service so act now to be rewarded for your junk car.

We buy junk cars in the following zip codes in Aurora: 80010, 80011, 80012, 80013, 80014, 80015, 80016, 80017, 80018, 80019, 80040, 80041, 80042, 80044, 80045, 80046, 80047

We service all surrounding cities including: Commerce City, Denver, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Welby, Castlewood, Centennial, Sherrelwood, Southglenn, Thornton, Federal Heights, Littleton, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood.

Junkyards That Buy Junk Cars in Aurora

Junk Car Medics works with the top junkyards in Aurora to get you the best price for your junk car.  View all the junkyards in Aurora, CO.

Recent Purchases By Our Junk Car Buyers in Aurora, CO

2004 Hyundai Elantra


2002 Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover

1997 Ford F-150


2004 Hyundai Elantra


2007 Audi A6


2007 Audi A6


2004 Ford F-150


2007 Toyota Avalon


2004 Hyundai Elantra


2005 GMC Yukon


2005 Honda Pilot


2007 Nissan Altima


2008 Ford Edge


2009 Lincoln MKZ


2009 Lincoln MKZ


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