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We Pay Cash for Cars in Chicago

Chicago cash for cars services is a great way to dispose of an old car and get cash. Chicago cash for cars services keeps unwanted junk cars from sitting in the driveway and potentially at risk of incurring fines or being towed.  Instead sell your junk cars for cash in Chicago to a cash for cars service.  Cars potentially at risk of incurring fines or being towed, instead of selling it for good money? Junk car salvaging is big business in Chicago, offering surprising sums for old clunkers. 

Chicago junk car removal involves having a damaged car towed away and taken apart. Any working parts are sold to mechanics or people looking to fix their own vehicles. The remaining metal is sold as scrap metal. Chicago cash for junk cars is available for any old, wrecked, or inoperable car, even if it has severe mechanical problems or there are few working parts. 

Junk car recycling facilities are held to high standards in Chicago. The Illinois vehicle title is one of the most secure nationwide. Anyone buying clunkers in Chicago is responsible for ensuring the vehicle wasn’t stolen. Chicago has strict environmental laws regulating the junk car industry. Illinois Environmental Safety. (415 Ilcs 95/) Junkyard Act regulates how near junkyards are allowed to be to highways and waterways. It sets specific standards for keeping junkyards compliant with environmental regulations. 

We Buy Junk Cars in Chicago 

Junk Car Medics buys junk cars in Chicago and in the surrounding areas. Car buyers in Chicago might be junkyards, auctions, or individuals. Junk Car Medics makes them compete for your vehicle. This enables us to get the best possible price for junk cars.

Consult the thousands of positive reviews that Junk Car Medics has gotten online. We have extensive experience in the industry, having purchased over 200,000 vehicles and paid over 55 million dollars for clunkers nationwide. 

Selling a junk car in Chicago through Junk Car Medics is easy and completely painless. Follow three simple steps. First, get an instant quote online. Accept it immediately or compare it to other quotes. Second, schedule to have your old or damaged car picked up in Chicago at a time that works for you. Finally, get cash when the truck comes to tow your unwanted car away.

Chicago is a densely populated city with strict laws governing how decrepit cars are managed. Your junk car may not have been towed so far, but eventually it will be. Why let a jalopy be towed away when so much cash for junk cars in Chicago is available? 

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    What is the Chicago cash for cars program?

    The Chicago cash for cars program is a program that recycles abandoned, unwanted and damaged beyond-repair cars for cash. The program covers all of Chicago within city limits. Outside of Chicago, Illinois junk car laws apply. In Chicago, the cash for cars program is largely fueled by local car factories.

    According to “Recycling Becomes Parts and Parcel of Carmaking,” by Paul Lienert in a Special to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago car companies are focused on using recycled car parts as well as other recycled materials to make new vehicles.

    For instance, at the Taurus plant in Chicago, protective seat covers are collected from old and wrecked vehicles and brought back to the factories to be reused. Since Chicago is home to several car manufacturing plants, including Taurus, Ford, and Lincoln, the demand for recycled car parts from these factories is an important element in the Chicago cash for cars program. For anyone looking to sell junk car in Chicago, the cash for cars program here is a good incentive.

    How to sell a junk car in Chicago?

    It’s easier and more profitable to sell a car in Chicago than most people think, even if the car is totaled. To sell a car in Chicago, follow these steps.

    1. Find a junk car buyer in Chicago.
    2. Get offers to sell your junk car in Chicago.
    3. Get free junk car removal in Chicago.
    4. Sign over the vehicle title.
    5. Get paid cash for your junk car in Chicago.

    Do your research when selling a car in Chicago. To find the best junk car buyer offering cash for cars in Chicago, follow three steps. First, do a quick online search to see who buys scrap cars. Next, do some research on the top options to see if they have good reviews. Reject any companies with persistent bad reviews or without any reviews at all. Finally, complete essential paperwork and get the cash. Paying for damaged car removal is never necessary. A good scrap car purchaser always tows the car for free.

    There are a variety of decrepit car purchasers in Chicago. This abundance of jalopy buyers creates some challenges when it comes to choosing someone to buy your junk car. It's important to get the most money possible. However, the longer the car is left sitting, the more likely it is to violate Chicago junk car laws. To sell junk cars in Chicago, select a company offering instant quotes and quick pickup. After comparing the quotes, choose the company offering the most money for old and damaged cars in Chicago.

    Did You Know

    Junk Car Medics has a helpful guide on how to sell a junk car for cash.

    What do I need to sell my junk car in Chicago?

    Wondering, “What do I have to do to get cash for cars near me?” To sell a jalopy in Chicago, only two things are necessary. A certificate of title, salvage certificate, certificate of purchase, or accepted out-of-state document of ownership is required to prove the legal right to sell the vehicle. Identification information is necessary for proving your identity.

    Don't be tempted into going with a company that doesn't require these things. Chicago has strict junk car laws. Not providing everything required to legally sell a jalopy creates a risk of fines or liability for you.

    What is the difference between junking a car for cash and selling it in Chicago?

    Junking a car for cash in Chicago is the same as selling it. When a junkyard or auto recycling facility in Chicago junks a car, they are buying an old car or one that has been wrecked and then dismantling it for parts and selling the metal. Therefore, whether someone says they are junking or selling an old car, they mean the same thing.

    Sometimes junkyards buy a hoopty from a private owner. Sometimes a damaged or old car ends up in the junkyard after being towed at the request of the city of Chicago. In these cases, the junkyard may not pay for the vehicle at all. 

    Can I sell my junk car with no title in Chicago?

    Yes, a car can be junked in Chicago without a title. The certificate of title, salvage certificate, certificate of purchase, or another acceptable out-of-state document of ownership prove that a junk vehicle belongs to you, according to Illinois compiled statutes, ch. 625 — motor vehicles sec. 5/3-117.1. 

    Legitimate car owners who don't have any of this paperwork may be able to receive an acceptable document from the Chicago Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Contact the DMV to find out if a new title or salvage certificate can be made. Keep in mind that you may get less cash for cars without title paperwork. 

    Can I sell my car for parts in Chicago?

    Yes, you can sell car parts in Chicago. However, you'll need to know how to take off the most valuable parts without damaging them. Mechanics or hobbyists with mechanic knowledge can take car parts off of old cars. They can then sell the parts for more money or use them for fixing up vehicles. This is a clever way to get more cash for junk cars in Chicago. 

    To sell a car for parts, follow four steps. First, find somewhere to sell car parts. Why spend time carefully taking off the transmission or catalytic converter if there's nowhere to sell it? Second, take off the part and clean it. More money is available for parts that look newer. Third, sell the car parts to the buyer. Fourth, sell whatever shell of the scrap car that’s left to a metal recycling facility or junkyard that buys scrap metal. 

    Before selling your hoopty, ask yourself whether you or anyone you know can take the car apart themselves. For people with mechanic skills, there's no reason to sell a car for parts. Taking the car apart themselves is likely more profitable, albeit more time-consuming.

    What are the laws regarding junking a car in Chicago

    Listed below are the eight main laws for recycling cars in Chicago.

    • Chicago Streets And Sanitation Abandoned Vehicle Policy - States abandoned vehicles are brought to an auto pound 3s or 3n. Vehicles that aren't redeemed are sold for scrap. 
    • Chicago Relocated & Towed Vehicle Information - Explains the applicable fines if a vehicle is towed
    • Illinois Environmental Safety. (415 Ilcs 95/) Junkyard Act - Describes the conditions under which a junkyard is legally opened and operated, particularly in regards to proximity to highways and waterways. 
    • Illinois Certificate Of Title, Salvage Certificate Or Junking Certificate - Clarifies how the title incorporates 10 separate security features, including a three-dimensional watermark, security thread, and fluorescent fibers. 
    • Illinois Vehicles. (625 Ilcs 5/) Illinois Vehicle Code. Examines the conditions under which law enforcement has old cars towed and the situations in which they’re sold or junked. 
    • Illinois Statutes Chapter 625. Vehicles §-117.1.When Junking Certificates Or Salvage Certificates Must Be Obtained. Sates the kinds of documents of ownership that must be provided when a junk vehicle is sold 
    • Illinois Chapter 10.76 Abandoned or Junked Vehicles. Describes how unwanted cars are handled in Chicago and defines abandoned or junk vehicles.
    • Illinois Compiled Statutes, Ch. 625 — Motor Vehicles Sec. 5/3-117.1. Explains how a junking certificate is obtained and what information is provided by the person selling and buying the vehicle. 

    For people living in Chicago who want to junk a car, it's important to examine the conditions set by Illinois Compiled Statutes, Ch. 625 — Motor Vehicles Sec. 5/3-117.1. These statutes lay out the documentation and procedure required to sell a vehicle. Of all the junk car laws in Chicago, this is the most important for people intending to junk a car.

    On the other hand, for individuals who want to keep a junk vehicle on their property, it's important to look into the Chicago Streets and Sanitation Abandoned Vehicle Policy to avoid having a car with mechanical problems towed.

    Is it a requirement to notify the DMV when you junk a car in Chicago?

    Yes, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Illinois must be notified when you sell, junk, donate, or trade a junk car in Chicago because of the procedures laid out in Illinois Compiled Statutes, Ch. 625 — Motor Vehicles Sec. 5/3-117.1. It states anyone in possession of a junk vehicle must pass the appropriate paperwork to the secretary of state along with a junking certificate application. Paperwork is required within 15 days of acquiring the vehicle.

    How to get a duplicate/ replacement title when junking a car in Chicago?

    Follow these three steps to fill out the Application For Vehicle Transaction(S) (VSD 190) to get a duplicate title in Chicago. First, check the box in the top section indicating “duplicate title.” Second, fill in the vehicle identification number and the odometer reading. Lastly, sign the document and turn it in to the secretary of state's office with a fee of $50. 

    What is the best way to sell a car for cash in Chicago?

    The best way to sell a car for cash in Chicago is by using Junk Car Medics. Junk Car Medics works with the best decrepit car buyers in Chicago as well as top car auctions and independent car buyers to junk your car for more money.

    Junk Car Medics makes selling a junk car in Chicago quick, easy, and painless.

    What are the factors that impact junk car prices in Chicago?

    The factors that impact junk car prices and the value of junk cars are:

    1. The vehicle year, make, and model affect the value of a junk car in Chicago.
    2. The condition of the vehicle and if it is driveable.
    3. Whether or not the vehicle’s valuable parts are still intact and in demand in Chicago.
    4. The vehicle’s weight in scrap metal.
    5. Chicago scrap metal prices.
    6. Whether or not you have the vehicle title. Chicago requires a title but there are other ways to verify ownership of a vehicle. However, the value greatly decreases without a title in Chicago.
    7. The location of your vehicle in Chicago.

    Don't assume you won't get good money for your clunker because it’s a heavy, old car. In fact, this kind of jalopy often brings in the most money in Chicago when scrap metal prices are high. Junk car values depend on the vehicle's weight in scrap metal as well as what working parts it has.

    How does Junk Car Medics calculate junk cars prices in Chicago?

    Junk Car Medics uses the seven values listed above to appraise junk cars. A proprietary system calculates appraisals and determines how much cash for cars in Chicago to offer. Entering information online or over the phone couldn’t be easier. Provide vehicle details and conditions and Junk Car Medics instantly offers a cash deal. To develop the offer, this quote system takes into account both the value of an individual old or damaged car and how prices for junk cars are fluctuating in Chicago.

    How do junk car prices in Chicago compare to other cities?

    Yes, Chicago does pay more for junk cars than other states. The average amount that junk buyers pay for scrap cars in Chicago is $615. Comparatively, the national average for junk cars is $482. This means that inoperable cars in Chicago are worth $133 more than in other states. States paying more for junk cars than Chicago include New Jersey, New York, And Florida. 

    Junk car prices vary depending on the year, make, condition, and whether the title is available.

    What are scrap car prices in Chicago?

    The current average scrap car price in Chicago is $615.

    Below is a table with recent scrap car prices offered in Chicago through our instant offer form.

    Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price
    2004 Nissan Titan 80203 09-24-2022 $830
    2008 Ford Escape 80202 09-22-2022 $725
    1999 Cadillac Escalade 80205 09-18-2022 $600
    2004 KIA Magentis 80211 09-18-2022 $510
    2006 Volkswagen Jetta 80220 09-15-2022 $515
    2007 Cadillac SRX 80223 09-09-2022 $515
    2003 Honda Accord 80204 08-29-2022 $785
    2011 Volkswagen Jetta 80227 08-25-2022 $635
    2011 Volkswagen Jetta 80227 08-24-2022 $595
    2000 Honda CR-V 80209 08-15-2022 $535
    2008 Dodge Nitro 80204 08-12-2022 $800
    1998 Ford Expedition 80221 08-10-2022 $500
    2007 Hyundai Elantra 80226 08-05-2022 $535
    2006 KIA Sorento 80221 07-29-2022 $525
    2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 80222 07-14-2022 $500

    View nationwide and junk car prices by city.

    What are the most valuable junk car parts?

    The most valuable parts of a junk car in Chicago are listed below.

    • 1. Engine

      A working engine is the most valuable part of a junk car in Chicago. A working engine allows mechanically minded people to repair even a completely decrepit car. Even an engine that doesn't work is valuable since the aluminum is sought out by metal scrappers in Chicago.

    • 2. Transmission

      After the engine, the transmission is the most valuable part on junk cars in Chicago. The transmission system is made up of 85% aluminum, so even it it doesn't work, it still has a lot of value.

    • 3. Catalytic Converter

      Catalytic converters are highly valued in Chicago and nationwide. Opportunistic thieves stealing catalytic converters from vehicles is a serious problem throughout the country. Catalytic converters contain platinum, palladium, and rhodium, which are worth targeting even though they are present in only small amounts.

    Knowing the value of junk car parts in Chicago enables people skilled in taking cars apart to make a lot of money. Even for people who don't want to take apart the vehicle themselves, understanding what the most valuable junk car parts are makes it easier to get a great price when the vehicle is sold.

    Can I sell my junk car for $500 cash in Chicago?

    Yes, you can sell a junk car for $500 cash in Chicago. Junk car prices are high right now due to factors that impact the value. Here are 5 junk cars that sold for $500 cash in Chicago recently.

    Vehicle Offer Price
    2010 Nissan Altima $620
    2015 Chevrolet Malibu $990
    2015 KIA Forte $755
    1997 Ford F-150 $585
    2011 Dodge Grand Caravan $735
    2003 Subaru Impreza ts $765
    2008 BMW 5-Series $685
    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer $500
    2005 Toyota Matrix $605
    2007 Mitsubishi Galant $575

    Does it come as a surprise that junk cars can be so valuable? Once they realize how much money can be gotten for a car that is damaged or inoperable, most people are unwilling to let that old car sit in the driveway and rust. Get $500 cash for junk cars or more in Chicago, even for totaled or extremely old cars.

    Who buys junk cars in Chicago?

    Listed below are seven junk car buyers in Chicago.

    1. Junk Car Medics (best overall)
    2. Cash For Junk Cars Chicago - Smart Tow Inc
    3. Cash For Junk Cars Llc
    4. The Clunker Junker
    5. Cash Auto Salvage
    6. Kedzie Cash Junk Cars Llc
    7. Mr. Towing Cash For Junk Cars

    Wondering, “Who buys junk cars near me?” There are plenty of options available for people to sell junk cars in Chicago. The trick is to choose the right jalopy buyer. Before making a selection, be sure that the junk car buyer tows for free and offers competitive prices. The best places that buy junk cars don't nickel or dime or try to change their offer once they arrive with a tow truck.

    How to choose a junk car buyer in Chicago?

    Look for the following characteristics to choose a good junk car buyer in Chicago. 

    • Received all essential licensing in Chicago
    • Shows respect for and is reputable in Chicago communities
    • Offers great prices based on the value of parts and metal in Chicago
    • Pays upon junk car removal 
    • Picks up the vehicle promptly in Chicago
    • Provides free towing and junk car removal 
    • Makes you feel comfortable
    • Handles the paperwork required in Chicago

    Pick a junk car buyer with all the proper licensing, insurance, and other documentation. Choose someone who has spent years in the scrap car removal industry in Chicago and is well-known in the community and respected for practicing good business ethics. Naturally, you want a buyer who offers competitive prices for junk vehicles based on the value of parts and metal in Chicago.

    Choosing the right junk car buyer in Chicago is extremely important to ensure compliance with Chicago junk car laws and to get best deal possible for your inoperable car. Experienced and reputable junk car buyers offering a good price who pay as soon as the decrepit car is removed are worth seeking out.

    What is the best junk car buyer in Chicago?

    The best junk car buyer in Chicago is Junk Car Medics. Junk Car Medics works with local junkyards, towing services, online car auctions, and other car buyers to get the best price for your junk car in Chicago.

    Do junkyards in Chicago buy junk cars for cash?

    Yes, junkyards and auto salvage yards in Chicago buy junk cars. It is still best to call each junkyard and ask.

    Do wrecking yards in Chicago buy cars for cash?

    Yes, wrecking yards in Chicago buy cars. It is still best to call each wrecking yard and ask.

    What is the best junkyard in Chicago?

    The best junkyards in Chicago offer a variety of you-pick and available-to-order options. 

    1. Aero Auto Parts - Fast, affordable parts, and good customer service like calling a ride service for customers
    2. U-Pic-A-Part - Paved where the cars are located, allows customers to pick their own parts
    3. Torrence Auto Wreckers & Parts - Good reputation in the area, helps customers find the parts they need
    4. Frank's West Side Auto Parts - Convenient location, great customer service

    Chicago allows for pick-your-part junkyards so mechanically minded people get the parts they need incredibly cheaply. A wrecker like Torrence Auto finds the part for you, which is a good option if you don't have time to search for it yourself. They may even have it waiting when you get to the store. The best junkyards in Chicago are a wealth of parts to save money in fixing a vehicle.

    Does Junk Car Medics salvage cars in Chicago?

    Yes, Junk Car Medics salvages cars in Chicago. Junk Car Medics buys salvage cars for cash and properly recycles them. Get the best price to sell a salvage car with Junk Car Medics. Don’t wait for Chicago's strict towing policy to clear out a junk car you could get good money for. In this heavily populated city, your junk vehicle won't go unnoticed and unreported for long. Cash it in before it's towed away. It’s possible to get over $500 cash for junk cars in Chicago.

    Does Junk Car Medics require vehicle titles to junk a car in Chicago?

    According to Illinois Statutes Chapter 625. Vehicles §-117.1, a vehicle title isn't required to junk a car in Chicago. A salvage certificate, certificate of purchase, or a similarly acceptable out-of-state document of ownership is appropriate instead of a certificate of title. 

    To sell an unwanted car without a title, do three things. First, identify what kind of ownership documentation is available for the car. Second, contact the DMV to see if the documentation is sufficient to sell the car. Third, contact Junk Car Medics to verify the available documentation is all that's needed to sell junk cars in Chicago.

    While it is possible to sell a junk car with no title in the City of Chicago, it's best if a title is available. There's as much as a $132 difference between a junk car being sold with the title or without. To increase the money you'll get from selling a junk vehicle, apply for a duplicate title with the DMV. Fill out the Application For Vehicle Transaction(S) (VSD 190), completing every applicable section and checking the box for a duplicate title at the top.

    Does Junk Car Medics require vehicle registration to junk a car in Chicago?

    No, vehicle registration isn't necessary for junking a car in Chicago. All that's necessary is the vehicle title or another appropriate document. You also need your driver's license to verify your identity. 

    Does Junk Car Medics provide free pick-up and junk car removal in Chicago?

    Yes, Junk Car Medics offers free junk car removal and junk car pickup in Chicago and all surrounding areas. Junk Car Medics’ coverage area includes all suburbs/neighborhoods of Chicago, including the following. 

    • Lincoln Park - designated community on the North Side bordering Chicago's largest park. It is known for being among the most affluent neighborhoods in Chicago.
    • Old Town - beautiful neighborhood with Victorian-era buildings, tree-lined streets, and some of the oldest structures in Chicago. 
    • West Loop - once industrial, this Chicago neighborhood is now known for its nightlife. It's home to trendy restaurants built in the remaining warehouses.
    • Logan Square - lovely art galleries and music venues line wooded streets in this community which is home to a large artistic population. 
    • Andersonville - charming neighborhood famous for its 19th-century row houses, filled with antique shops and Swedish bakeries and restaurants. 
    • Lower West Side - unique neighborhoods bordering the Chicago River, with international restaurants from Italian to Mexican. A suburban feel to the neighborhood tends to attract families.

    Junk Car Medics offers towing services and provides good money for junk cars throughout all of Chicago's neighborhoods. Whether you’re in the Lower West Side or Old Town, Junk Car Medics offers free junk car removal.

    Does Junk Car Medics Pay Cash for Cars in Chicago?

    Yes, Junk Car Medics pays cash for cars in Chicago. Junk Car Medics is known to pay more cash for cars and junk cars in Chicago compared to other junk car buyers. Sellers of scrap cars will be paid with a guaranteed check at the time of vehicle removal.

    Get Cash for Junk Cars by Junk Car Medics

    What to know about the junk car industry in Chicago

    According to Illinois Secretary Of State Active Registration Counts - City Of Chicago County Report dated 09/16/2022, there are 1,162,921 registered vehicles in Chicago. This was determined based on the count of vehicle plates offered by the city of Chicago. 

    It is estimated that about 1-2% of registered vehicles make up junk cars.

    The average age of a junk car in Chicago is 14 to 24. The average mileage on a junk car in Chicago is 200,000. There are at least 20 junk car buyers in Chicago. Anyone who wants to sell junk cars in Illinois, regardless of how old or decrepit it is, can find a buyer in this competitive market.

    Is the junk car industry big in Chicago?

    Yes, the junk industry in Chicago is robust. There are over 1,160,000 vehicles registered in Chicago. Since not all junk cars are registered, that number may be even higher. Chicago has a population of more than 2.7 million people, which is over half the population of the entire state of Illinois. 

    Junk cars are more recyclable than any other item in the USA. Chicago is a huge city with a lot of vehicles on the road, so it should come as no surprise the junk car industry in Chicago is substantial. Eventually, every vehicle becomes a scrap car, or end-of-life vehicle.

    Scrap cars are highly demanded in the auto manufacturing and steel industry, which is why the junk car recycling market is so lucrative. The individual parts of these cars are also highly desirable. Since Chicago is home to many vehicle manufacturing plants, including Ford, Taurus, and Lincoln, the industry that exists to buy and process each decrepit car here is robust.

    How many junk cars are recycled a year in Chicago?

    It isn't clear exactly how many junk cars are recycled in Chicago each year. However, it is reasonable to assume the number is significant, since eventually all vehicles reach the end of their lives. 

    According to an article by Claire Bushey in the Chicago section of the Financial Times on September 30, 2021, Victory Auto Wreckers in Chicago could count on buying over 400 cars and trucks a week. There are 20 junk car buyers in Chicago. It’s reasonable to expect 8000 junk cars are bought a week in Chicago if all hoopty purchasers have a similar level of success. There are about 52 weeks in a year, so it is likely that approximately 416,000 vehicles are junked each year in Chicago. 

    What are the top 10 junk cars in Chicago?

    The top 10 most common junk cars in Chicago are:

    1. 2003 Nissan Altima
    2. 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    3. 2009 Dodge Journey
    4. 2008 Dodge Avenger
    5. 2012 Ford Focus
    6. 2007 Ford Edge
    7. 2005 Nissan Altima
    8. 2006 Nissan Altima
    9. 2004 Nissan Armada
    10. 2008 Honda Accord

    How does Chicago define a junk vehicle?

    According to Chicago, the definition of a junk car is a vehicle in a state of disrepair. It is unable to be driven in its current condition, or it would violate local or state laws if it was driven. A vehicle that appears to be abandoned, junked, or deserted is presumed to be a junk vehicle. Junk cars are also called decrepit cars, scrap cars, junkers, and jalopies.

    On public property, any vehicle that hasn't been used for 72 hours and appears to be junked, abandoned, or deserted meets the junk car definition. On private property, a vehicle meeting this description that hasn’t moved in seven days and is in public view is considered to be a junk vehicle.

    Most scrap cars are 15 years old or older unless they have been wrecked and rendered inoperable. Any car that’s damaged, has mechanical problems not worth fixing, has been abandoned or wrecked, or is simply old and in poor condition is typically considered to be a junk car.

    What is the penalty for breaking the relocated & towed vehicle laws in Chicago?

    According to Chicago’s relocated & towed vehicle information, significant fees apply for the owner of a junk vehicle that has been towed. The cost for towing is between $250 and $650, depending on the weight and type of the vehicle. Storage is between $25 per day and $50 per day, depending on the vehicle size. The maximum charge for storage is $1,000. You’re responsible for the debt to the city from the tow, even if you never claim the vehicle and let the city junk it.

    How to shield a junk vehicle from public view in Chicago?

    According to Illinois Chapter 10.76 Abandoned Or Junked Vehicles, a vehicle is only considered to be junk or abandoned if it is in public view, regardless of its condition. As long as it's not within public view, the city of Chicago is unlikely to do anything about it. The city's goal is to maintain a sightly yard within public view. They’re not concerned about a vehicle kept in a garage or yard with a privacy fence. 

    When should you junk a car in Chicago?

    In Chicago, junk a car when it is no longer operable or would violate local or state laws if it were driven. The clunker needs to be junked within 72 hours if it’s parked on public property. On private property, you have a week to junk the car, according to Illinois Chapter 10.76 Abandoned or Junked Vehicles. 

    You should also junk a car when you no longer feel safe driving it and it is damaged beyond repair. When a car is no longer functional enough to be sold as a working vehicle, it’s time to junk it. 

    Is it possible to junk a car with a lien in Chicago?

    It's not possible to junk a car with a lien in Chicago. The vehicle isn't in your name until it is paid off. The financial institute that made the loan still owns the car until you pay off the remaining balance. Only then can you hope to get your piece of Chicago cash for cars. 

    Information about city of Chicago and junk vehicles

    Chicago is among the most densely populated cities in the nation, with a population of 2,746,388 as of the 2020 census. Chicago is an important city internationally for culture, finance, commerce, and more. It has a diverse economy, with no more than 14% of the workforce employed in a particular area. The most common careers in Chicago are in labor and freight, office work, and general and operations managers. 

    The mayor of Chicago is Lori Lightfoot. Under her leadership, the Chicago office GDP grew 2.8% in the last year. Exported goods from Chicago are on the rise. The most common exports are chemicals, computer and electronic products, and transportation equipment. 

    There are approximately 1,162,921 registered vehicles in Chicago. There is a booming junk car industry here, especially due to Chicago's history and current role in vehicle manufacturing.

    You can junk a car in any city in Illinois including the ones listed here.

    Only standard vehicles like cars and trucks are included in junk vehicle removal in Chicago. Junk car buyers won't buy boats, campers, motorcycles, or bicycles. These kinds of vehicles don't fit into the careful process junk car buyers must follow.

    No, the Cash for Clunkers program doesn't exist in Chicago anymore. This old program was designed to replace old vehicles with newer ones that were better for the environment because they have fewer emissions.

    To buy junk cars in Chicago, check the local classified ads and websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Typical car purchasing outlets like dealerships don't sell junk cars unless they are operational. In some cases, such as a car smash fundraiser, exceptions may be made. 

    Looking for a part to fix your own car or want a junk car for the purpose of fixing it up yourself? Look into classified ads, local forums, and sell and trade websites. Junkyards are an excellent place to look for any part you need.

    Vehicle recycling in Chicago helps the environment because it turns hundreds of unwanted cars into new, useful products. Over 80% of a car can be recycled, so not recycling it is truly a waste. When you consider much of what is recycled from cars are metals that would otherwise have to be mined from the earth, it's clear why Chicago vehicle recycling and disposal is important for the welfare of the environment.

    Since Chicago has such a massive population and a corresponding number of cars, vehicle recycling and disposal in Chicago is even more important than in other US cities. After all, Chicago is the third-largest city in the US, so a successful vehicle recycling program here makes a huge difference in national recycling.

    Furthermore, every car recycled in Chicago is a vehicle not left to rust and pollute the local environment. Car recycling companies carefully follow environmental laws and best practices to ensure rust and fluids from the vehicle don't end up in the ground or water supply in Chicago. 

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